AoS Stormcast Eternal Liberator Tactics

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormcast Liberators. Picture copyright Games Workshop

In this post we will have a look at the Liberators from the Stormcast Eternal Age of Sigmar army and how to use them in Age of Sigmar games. Liberators are the core warriors of the human forces for good found in the Realm Gates wars starter box set.

The basic tactics used for the Liberator are nice and simple, engage the enemy as soon as possible or form a wall of warriors that stops your opponent getting to where they want to get them.

Stormcast special rule – Lay low the Tyrants

This special rule allows you to add 1 to the hit rolls when you attack a model with 5 wounds or more. This gives the Stormcast a role, specially if your are fielding Stormcast Liberators with other human forces. Have your regular forces defending or claiming objectives, and have your Liberators going for the big guys!

Stormcast Eternal Liberator Weapons

The Liberators can be armed with either hammer/sword and shield, two hammers/ swords, or some big two handed hammers/ swords. I group hammers and swords together because 3 to hit and 4 to wound weapons have exactly the same chance to wound as weapons that have 4 to hit and 3 to wound ( 1/3rd of the time or 33.333% ).

Sword/Hammer and Shield

This is the normal configuration for a Liberator. It gives a good balance of attack and defence. The Liberator get a very useful 4+ save, so a full half normal wounds will be saved. The shield allows you to re-roll rolls of 1 too, so half of them will be saved too. Note that if you roll a 1 the 2nd time you have to keep it, You can not keep re-rolling 1’s! Also note that having some extra cover from trees and etc is still useful.

Paired Weapons

Having a pair of weapons means that you give up the extra save in favour of re-rolling 1’s to hit. It will make a small difference in the number of times you land a wound, An extra 8.33% to be precise, so don’t get too excited by it!

So, which should you choose, weapon and shield, or two weapons? Well as the performance is so close, just choose  which ever looks good for you! Or a mixture of both!

Stormcast Liberators and Great Weapons

One in 5 Liberators can carry a great two handed weapon. These warriors give up the extra saves you get from having a shield in favour of causing an extra point of damage and the ability to slice through / crush armour more easily. It game terms this is very useful. I would highly recommend taking these weapons when you can.