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Age of Sigmar is the new Warhammer Fantasy Battles rules. In this section you can find all the articles relating to Warhammer Age of Sigmar and associated tactics.

AoS Destruction Grot Moonclan Shaman

Moonclan Grot Shamans are wizards and mushroom lover. As they are goblins they are not strong on their own. The first rule of battling with Grot is that you need numbers!

Strength and Weapons

Ok, don’t think that you will put up much of a fight in combat. If you do hit with your Moon Staff then it will do D3 damage. The Moon Staff does have a 2″ reach. You can use this reach to make sure there is a line of Grots between your Shaman and the attackers.

Moonclan Shaman Abilities

Ok, so if they are not great in combat so why take them? For the magic of course! And Moonclan Shamans are quite good at magic too. They can cast one spell and dispel another spell a turn.However the Shaman can take a magic mushroom each Hero Phase. If he does there is a 5 in 6 chance that you can add 2 to your casting roll. You need to decide if you want to take the mushrooms and roll for their results before you roll to cast your spell. On the whole it is worth the risk.

Moonclan Shaman Signature Spell: Curse of the Bad Moon

This spell is much like Arcane Bolt with a casting value of 8 (instead of 5) but if it is successful you can pick a second unit within 6″ of the first unit and on  a roll of 4+ that unit gets D3 mortal wounds too. This means that it makes sense to pick a target unit that is close to a second one that you want to wound too.


Just Relesed: AoS Desciples of Tzeentch Battletome

Warhammer AoS Tzeench Herald on Burning Chariot

Great news for Age of Simar Tzeentch Daemon players. New Age of Sigmar Battle Tome, Battle Tome: Desciples of Tzeentch has been released.

With new units for the followes of Tzeentch, new Allegiance Abilities, Battle Traits,  Warband Tables,  and a full set of Pitched Battles Prifes and points for the more seriouse gamer.



AoS Destruction Moonclan Grot Warboss

The Moonclan Grot Warboss is the meanest nastiest Grot around.  The thing is is that a mean nasty Grot still dosen’t amount to much. Grot Warbosses work best when backing up and surrounded by their grot underlings.

Grot Warboss Weapons

The Grot Warboss is not the strongest fighter. He does have a few weapon options. Of all the options I would rscommend the Moon Prodder. This is the weapon that Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks had.

If you have the Night Goblins from the ‘Battle for Skulls Pass’ box set then the Night Goblin Warboss in that set was supposed to be Skarsnik, however the Squig on that model is far too small to be called a ‘Great Cave Squig’. So here is a ‘house rules’:

Some Moonclan Warbosses have a Moon-prodder and junior squig.

Melee Weapons Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
Junior Squig 1″ 2 4 3 -1 1

Junior Squig Abilities:
Junior Squigs have no special abilities.

Grot Warboss Abilities

The Grot Warboss comes wih a special rule that adds an extra chance of survivability.

Dead Tricksy

The ability of Grot Warbosses to dodge blows, or to place another grot in the way is legendary. This special rule means that any rolls to hit of 6 ( on the dice roll before any modifiers ), are treated as rolls of 1. This usually means that they miss.

Grot Warboss Command Ability

I would only recommend using the Grot Warboss as your General if you are playing a Moonclan Grot only army. Otherwise there are usually other, better Generals available.

‘I’m Da Boss, Now Stab Em Good’

If you do make the Grot Warboss your general then you can pick a Moonclan unit in 20″ and that unit will do double damage on unsaved wounds where the wound roll is a six.

A few points to note about this Command Ability. First is that this will work with stooting and combat attacks, but not magic. You do not roll to wound with  Mortal Wounds. The second point is that units that do a random amount of damage, say D6, you roll for damage and double the result and don’t roll 2 D6 dice (D6*2 not 2D6 !). The next point is that you can pick the Grot Warboss as the target unit if you expect your Watboss to get in to combat.


AoS Destruction Moonclan Grot Squigs, Mangler Squigs, and Squig Hoppers

Age of Sigma Night Goblin Squig Hoppers

‘Squigs’ or Squiggly Beasts are fungus based life forms that the Moonclan Grots use as beasts of Burden and some time food. Squids come in all sizes and a variety of shapes, however they all tend to be bipedal with a mean attitude.

In this article we will have a look at all the different Squids and how to use them in Age of Sigma games!

AoS Destruction Moonclan Grot Cave Squigs and Squig Hurders

AoS Desstruction Moonclan Grot Squig Hurders and Cave SquigsSquigs are cheap harassing units that can use to disrupted your opponents manoeuvres and ability to catch objects. They are not strong or tough so don’t expect them to delay the enemy long, but a well placed speed bump can make all the difference!

Oh for a Squig Hurder!

Squigs have quite a bite causing D3 wounds with -1 rend, however they only hit on a 5+ wounding on 3+. This means that you wound 22.22% of the time, or just over 1 in 5 times. The way to improve this is to have a Squig Hurder.

With a Squig Hurder within 5″ the chance of hitting comes down to 4+. This means that you will wound 33.33% of the time. That’s much better!

The other benefits of having a Squig Hurder near your Squigs is that they can push them into running and charging further by allowing you to re-roll run and charge rolls.

AoS Destruction Moonclan Grots Squig Hoppers

Age of Sigma Night Goblin Squig Hoppers

Age of Sigma. Every unit is a skirmishing unit!

Forget your Wolfs! Forget your Spiders! Squig Hopping is where the fun is! Oh yes and forget about using a weapon too. You may get the odd jab in with your slitta knife, but usually you will be hanging on to your Squig Hopper for grim life and letting it do all the damage!

Squig Hoppers are the cavalry of the Moonclan Grots.  They are fast, moving at an average of 7″ in the movement phase. But beware, the movement distance is random.

While most cavalry units rely on the rider to cause damage with the horse’s hoves just adding a bonus attack, but with the Squig Hoppers it’s Squig that causes most damage. However this does’nt effect in game tactics. So Squigs get 2 attacks normally with each with 33.33% chance of wounding, so 2 wounds for every 3 Squigs attacking before saves.

Squig Hoppers Ability – Boing! Boing! Boing!

More fun with Squig Hoppers come with the Boing Boing Boing Special Ability. This rule gives the Squig Hoppers 4 attacks in the first round of combat if you roll a double for the charge distance. So no bonus if you get assaulted, or if you stay it combat. Also remember that you can choose your target after you roll for charge distance. This means that you will know if you are about to get double attacks before you pick your target!

AoS Moonclan Grot Mangler Sqigs

AoS Destruction Moonclan Grots Mangeler SquigWhere riding Wolfs is fun, and riding hopping squigs is an extreme sport, then charging around on Mangler Squigs is just totally insane!

Mangler Squigs are enomouse cave squigs that take a number of the bravest or most stupid Night Goblins / Moonclan Grots prodding them in the right direction like a hurtelling commet.

General Moonclan Mangler Squigs Tactics

Mangler Squigs Are monsters, and as monsters thier abilities reduce as they take wounds. This means that you will want to get your Mangler Squigs in to combat as soon as possible. This should not be a problem as they start with a 3D6″ move. This works out at 3″ to 18″ move with an average of 10.5″.

All the Mangler Squigs weapons are melee weapons, so there are no reasons to hang back. If you don’t pile in then you won’t get value for points.

Another point is that in a Grot / Goblin only army you are a bit short on heavy hitting units. If you have a Mangler Squig it will stand out and be a target, but it also will be a bit hammer to crack some tough nuts. Just don’t get stuck fighting massed troop units that your other units could deal more efficiently.

Mangler squids have 10 wounds but only a 5+ save. This means that the Mangler Squids will loose wounds quickly, specially from shooting attacks. With this in mind aim for close combat troops. Fortunately your opponent will probably place these at the front of the army, maybe within first turn charge range!

Modelling Grot Mangler Squigs

Squigs are fairly easy to scratch build as they are balls with legs and teath!

If you don’t want to make your own Mangler Squigs, then Games Workshop do a very detailed dynamic model, however it is difficult to build. There’s one big mangler squig balanced precariously on top of another. If you are going to build the double-decker mangler then you will need to get busy with some quality pinning! Another popular option is to split the double-decker mangler in to two separate manglers. This is much easier, and you get two models for the price of one!


AoS Order Aelf Swordmaster Tactics

Age os Sigmar Order Aelf Swordmasters of the Eldrich Council

The Swordmasters are the heavy armour heavy hitting foot solders of the Aelf army. Thier great swords hit often and cut deep.

General Swordmaster Tactics

Swordmasters are elite units this means that you will want them to take on the more difficult enemy units. The crunch is that the enemy will do thier best to avoid getting thier best units sliced by the Swordmasters and may try to tie them up will large cheap units. As the Swordmasters are on foot you will need to engineer situations where the Swordmasters get in to combat with the right targets.

Swordmaster Weapons and Abilities

The Aelf Swordmasters only has one weapon, a double handed sword, however they are experts using these swords. First off they have 2 attacks each wounding 44.44% per attack each. They also re-roll 1’s to hit  so will wound almost once per combat round per so there are 2 extra 1/6th chances of hitting at 44.44%. This means the total chance of hitting is 103.69% per Swordmaster (just over 1 chance of wounding each) befor saves. When saves are rolled the Greatswords get -1 rend too.

Deflect Shots

This is an unexpected bonus ability. In the enemies shooting phase you can re-roll saves. This will not help is you do not get a save to re-roll, but can be useful when you do get a save.

Standard Bearer

The Aelf Swordmastrer’s Bravery is high at 7, and you get a bonus for being at 10 models, however this is increased by another 1 if you have a Standard Bearer. There is an interesting clause in the rules that says that if you are in 8″ from another Eldrich Council unit with a Standard Bearer then you get +2 bonus instead ( so you don’t get +3 bonus). However the other unit could be another unit of Aelf Swordmasters. Indeed at the time of writing the Swordmastters are the only Eldrich Council units that can take a Standard Bearer!

Swordmaster Hornblower

You can have one or more hornblowers in a Swordmaster unit. This will allow you to re-roll run or charge rolls of 1. This means that the average run and charge distance jumps from 7 to 8 and a bit. On top of this you almost eradicates those 3″ failed charges.


AoS Chaos Spawn Tactics

Warhammer 40k, and Age of Sigmar Chaos Spawn.

Chaos Spawn where humans that have been so warped by the forces that thwy are more animal than human. This warping also leads to the destruction of rational thought. This means that a couple of key abilities (movement and number of attacks), are random, and as you may have read elsewhere, I see randomness as the enemy of good tactics.

You can get Chaos Spawn in two different ways. The first is to have the Chaos Spawn as part of the starting army list as usual. The second is if a model (friend or foe) is warped bymagic are mishap and changed in to a Chaos Spawn.

General Chaos Spawn Tactics

Chaos Spawn are a bit of a wild card with random movement distance and number of attacks. If tou have some good rolls then they can cause a lot.of damage, however with a coupe of poor rolls your plans will fall apart!

The randomness that cause you so much hartache also is the Chaos Spawns strength. This is because although you don’t know quite what the Chaos Spawn will do, neither will your opponant! The difference is that you are the controling player so you can make best use of whatever the roll is.

So here is the key. The Chaos Sparn is a disruptor rather than a game winner in it’s own right. Use the Chaos Spawn to keep your enemy gussing and keep them havingto guard thier flanks and rear. It can really slow down  an army if you have to cover many different possible counter attacks.

With the Chaos Spawns (eratic) speed you may be able to flank, or break through the enemys lines and threten softer units at the back.

Chaos Spawn Special Ability Writhing Tenticals

Chaos Spawn get 2D6 attacks per turn. That averages out at 7 attacks per combat round. That works out at 1.75 wounds a round. However the Chaos Spawn has another trick up it’s sleave. If you roll a double (which will happen 1 in 6 rolls)  then you wound on a 3+ which nudges the average to 1.86 wounds a round before save rolls. The thing is is that the range of possible rolls is a much wider than many units, so use with care.


AoS Order Free Peoples Freeguild General

The Freeguild General is a natural General to choose if you are fielding a Free Peoples army. He comes either on foot or on horse and can be armed in a number of ways.

In the Warhammer Fantasy Battles game the Freeguild models made up the Empire army. If you have, or can get hold of some Warhammer Empire models then you will have the core of a Freeguild army.

The first point at note is that the Freeguild General comes either on horse or on foot and the two play quite differently.

General Freeguild General on Foot Tactic

AoS Human Freepeoples General on foot woth 2 handed weaponThe Freeguild General on foot was the Battle Standard Bearer in the 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The Freeguild General on foot is a great general to have supporting your rank and file units. He can be armed with a great weapon that will aid the troops if you are faced with a monstrous creature. The Freeguild General’s Command ability will be useful keeping the rank and file troopers in order.

Another option is to arm the General on foot with a sword and war banner. This improves the battleshock rolls for all Free peoples units in 24″ range. 24″ is quite a reach, however this improves if you control the centre of the table, and the centre of your table.

General Freeguild General on Warhorse Tactic

On a horse the Freeguild General has the advantage of additional speed. The General on a Warhorse can move up to 12″ per movement phase, although his run and charge range are not affected. The addition of a horse also adds the horse’s attacks and the option to take a lance.

With the extra speed the Freeguild General is able to move up and down the battle line bolstering and supporting whichever area needs the most support. Other options though include moving away from the front lines to strike at the enemy flanks or small abandoned units. Be aware though that your general will not stand long if he is caught unsupported be a sizeable enemy unit. You will need to pick your targets carefully.

The Freeguild General with warhouse can take a lance instead of the sigmarite sword. The lance gives an advantage on the charge in to a new assault. This means that if you get stuck in a protracted combat you loose any benifit after the first round, and you don’t even get that benifit if the enemy charges you. This means that if you arm, or have a model with a lance, your best option is to pick out targets that you can wipeout in one round, and probably with a bodyguard of horseman to make up a fast response strike force.



AoS Order Free Peoples Tactics

The Stormcast Eternal are not the only humans fighting to restore order in the Age of Sigmar realms. There are also the forces of Bretonnia and the also the Empire / Guilds. In this section we will have a look at the tactics for Free Peoples!

The two Human forces have opposing styles of play. The Bretonnia army consists of Elite Knights backed up by low quality serfs and archers. The Empire and Guilds army usually consists of larger units of pike men and musketeers backed up with a few elite units of magic users and horsemen. To really mix things up have a think about fielding the best of each army to create really effective force!

Forces of the Freeguilds

The forces of the Freeguilds seem to be styled on the armies of the Renaissance Wars that raged through Italy between 1494 to 1559. The Freeguilds are models from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles where it was a well developed army. This means that you should be able to find units to fulfil most needs.

AoS Human Free Peoples General on foot with 2 handed weapon

AoS Free Peoples General on foot with 2 handed weapon

  • Freeguild General on Griffon
  • Freeguild General on Horse and Foot
  • Demigryph Knights
  • Freeguild Outriders
  • Freeguild Pistolers
  • Freeguild Greatswords
  • Freeguild Guard
  • Freeguild Handgunners
  • Freeguild Crossbowmen
  • Freeguild Archers

Forces of the Bretonnia

The forces of Bretonnia seem to be based on a romanticised version of the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and specially the quest for the Holy Grail (which as far as I can tell, never happened!). What we are left with is an army rich with Knights is armour, Maidens wielding magic, and foot solderers up from up from the untrained ( and unwashed ) serfs ( that’s blue collar worker in today’s terms).

Although the Bretonnians where created for the Warhammer Fantasy Battles game they had not received an update for many years. In many ways the release of Age of Sigmar has brought new life to this army and many players are dusting off their old Bretonnian models and seeing how they perform in this new game.

  • King Louen Leoncoeur
  • Bretonnian Lord
  • The Green Knight
  • The Fay Enchantress
  • Damsel of the Lady on Foot, Horse, and Pegasus
  • Pegasus Knights
  • Paladin Standard Bearer
  • Grail Knights
  • Questing Knights
  • Knights of the Realm
  • Knights Errant
  • Mounted Yomen
  • Men-at-arms
  • Peasant Bowmen
  • Field Trebuchet

Forces of the Collegiate Arcane

Age of Sigmar Order Collegiate Arcane Battlemage Wizard HeroThe magic users of the Free Peoples can be found in the Collegiate Arcane.  This section also includes the wagon contraptions that the Collegiate have created too.

Ironweld Arsenal

The Ironweld Arsenal includes both Human and Duardin artillery units. Adding artillery to your forces adds an extra punch that can floor monstrous creatures. However you need to be careful with artillery units too. They are not overly mobile. Be sure to give your artillery units a body guard or else fast enemy units may flank you and take out your precious artillery.

The human units in the Ironweld Arsenal are:

  • Gunmaster
  • Hellblaster Volley Gun
  • Hellstorm Rocket Battery
  • Steam Tank

AoS Orruk Black Orc Big Boss Tactics

Age of Sigmar Orruk Black Orc Big Boss

In Age of Sigmar Black Orcs are called Ironjawz. so Really this model should be the Ironjawz Big Boss, but as hew was left out of the Ironjawz army book we will keep to how he is known in the Age of Sigmar App, the call him the Black Orc Big Boss.

Black Orcs and Ironjaws are bigger tougher cousins of the regular Orruks. Also they tend to have better weapons and armour. The Black Orc Big Boss is the biggest and badest of the mob that earned respect and following by beating up anyone that argued with him!

General Black Orc Big Boss Tactics

There is nothing subtle about the Black Orc Big Boss. He is designed to get stuck in to the close combat wielding his Deff Choppa and lobbing of heads left right and centre.

The Black Orc Big Boss can make a very acceptable general. If you do have him as your general then he works best in mob or two of Black Orcs and Ironjaws. However there are usually better options available as an Orruk General, so the main role for the Black Orc Boss is as a secondary Hero. He is great at adding extra mussel to the front line.

Black Orc Big Boss Weapons and Abilities

With 6 Wounds and a 4+ save, the Black Orc Big Boss can take some punishment. If you have him with a Tusker Shield we re-rolls failed Combat saves too ( not failed saves from shooting attacks though). This means that he is great at taking on units of regular foot troops. I would recommend that you give him some backup though so he does not get overwhelmed!

Most Black Ork Big Bosses are armed with Deff Choppas. These are 1″ range weapons that have 6 attacks, with each attack having 44.44% chance of wounding ( 2.66 wounds per combat phase before saves ) with -1 rend and 1 damage. The Slaughter-choppa is a two handed affair that has 3 attacks, each with the same chance of hitting, but you get -2 rend and D3 damage. Given the option you would use the Slaughter-choppa against more heavily armoured opposition.

I’m Da Best Special Rule

The Black Orc Big Boss is always out to prove that he is the best. Because of this he gets +1 to hit if he is within 10″ of another Orruk Hero when it comes to his turn to fight. This means that he makes a good body guard for another hero, and that you should choose to fight with him first if the other hero is likely to die this combat round!

If he does use this ability a 2+ will be good enough to hit, meaning that the Deff Choppers will cause 3.33 rounds per combat phase (before saves).

Black Orc Big Boss and the Generals Handbook

The Black Orc Big Boss comes in at 100 points. This makes him good value for the point. This is specially true if you can use him correctly in conjunction with another Orruk Hero. And remember that could be another Black Orc Big Boss that are egging each other on!


AoS Order Aelf Shadowblades Assassin

A Games Workshop Mordheim model posing as a AoS Aelf Shadowblades Assassin

As the Daemon Prince swooped down on the Aelf Spearmen. Raising his mighty axe the Daemon Prince was surprised by a black cloaked Shadowblades Assassin leaping out and slashing him half a dozen times. “Oooh, they sting like paper cuts! “. But what the Daemon Prince really didn’t see coming was the black poison on the blade that would be his downfall.

Assassins are delicate tools that need careful use and handling. The Aelf Shadowblades assassin are an example of this.  Used correctly they can strike down your opponents warlord and win the game, used with a heavy hand and they will be swept aside without a second thought.

General Shadowblades Assassin Tactics

With your assassin you will need to pick your target before the game starts, as you set up your units. This is because you need to pick which unit you are going to add your assassin to. It also helps if you are setting up your units second. Once you have picked your target you can place your assassin in a unit that will get him there. Remember that you do not have to place the model on the table, just mark down which unit he is with so your opponent knows that you don’t change your mind half way through the game.

Notice that if you use the hidden set-up rule that the assassin moves at the rate of the unit he is hiding in, even if this is faster than the 6″ a turn that he usually moves at. So if you place him with a cavalry unit he could move across the table at 12″. When he is revealed he will return to moving at 6″ per turn.