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Games Workshop kills Warhammer Fantasy and releases Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

Yes, Games Workshop have pulled the plug on Warhammer 8th Edition as we know it. In it’s place comes the much more simplified Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. What is more, to kick off this new war game Games Workshop are giving the first edition of the rules away free!

And what if you do not like the new rules? Well the 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy still exists, and you can still get the rule books and army books from independent stockists. However the old rules will not be available forever so if this is what you want to do, stock up on the army books and cards now while they are still available.

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So what’s happening here?

As for this site the Warhammer Fantasy web pages will still be up for a while yet, but the updates on those pages will be slowing down. In the meantime I will be adding Warhammer age of Sigmar Tactics on the website too, just as fast as I get to grips with the new rules!


Warhammer Fantasy Orc Lord Tactics

Lords are the biggest and mightiest characters that you can have in your Orc an Goblin army. Your choices of Lord will often set the theme for the whole army.

Be careful not to spend too many points on your Lord. For a truly all conquering army you will need good sized units to back them up. This is amplified in smaller games of 2000 point and less.

Orc and Goblin Lord  Special Characters

In the Orc and Goblin Army you have the option to take a named Lord to lead your army. Named Lords normally come with a number of extra rules to give them extra thump in the battle field.

Be careful when you think about taking a named Lord. They come at a higher points cost to cover the special rules, but if you do not use the special rules during the game, then the points have gone to waste.

Gorbad IronClaw

Gorbad has the best stat’s line of any of the Orc war bosses but he does come with one major flaw.

The main bonus that Gorbad has is his high leadership. Orc and specially goblins have a low leadership score. This means that placing Gorbad in the centre of the army will give your troops a well needed leadership boost.

As I mentioned earlier, Gorbad has one flaw. This is that he is the armies battle standard bearer too. This great that you have all the benefits of the general and battle Standard Bearer in one place, but if the squad that the standard bearer is in runs, the standard bearer automatically dies. This means your opponents will not have to kill Gorbad in battle or in a challenge if they can the unit to run.


Gorbad’s weapon ‘Morglor the Mangler’ is a fearsome weapon. You will be able to strike first against all comers except High Elves. It also will slice though most armour can case a few wounds per hit, and it is a chop so you get the first round bonus.


Gnarla is Gorbad’s War boar with attitude. With a strength and toughness of 4 Gnarla can do a fair amount of damage on his own. You need to remember to include Gnarla’s attacks in the combat rounds.

Gnarla is a war boar, so he gets the usual tuska charge and Thick Skinned war boar rules.

Grimgor Ironhide

Grimgor is a Black Orc Lord special character. The Black Orcs are the biggest and toughest of all the Orcs so you can expect a Black Orc Lord to have a big impact, and Grimgor Ironhide does not disappoint!

Special Character lords often have a points cost that prohibit their use in regular games of 1500 to 2000 points. However, with carefull use of points in the rest of the army, You can squeeze Grimgor in. What is better is that is skills and abilities will work well at this level too.

Black Orcs

If you field Grimgor Ironhide, then you must take a take a unit of black Orcs. This means that taking Grimgor is more suited for platers who like to field smaller harder hitting armies. By the time you have Paid the points for Grimgor, and a unit of Black Orcs, you will not ave enough points left to pay for a hord army.

Grimgor Ironhide’s Special weapons and rules

Grimgor has a number of special rules and equipment.

Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet

Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet is a level 4 Shaman magic user.

Wurrzag if frenzied, comes with a Choppa, 2nd weapon, and can be mounted on a boar. This means that for a magic user, this shaman can go toe to toe with most heroes and Orc Big Bosses in close combat.

Wurrzag’s Revenge

Wurrzag is a Level 4 magic user, so he gets 4 spells from the Big Waaargh book of spells. On top of this Wurrzag gets a 5th spell the Wurrzag’s Revenge. This spell affects enemy wizards and short ranged. So the more wizards the enemy that you can get in to combat with the more valuable Wurrzag becomes.

Wurrzag’s Sepcial Equipment and Rules

Wurrzag gets a number of special items and rules. It is well worth getting to know these rules.

Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountains

Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks

Orc Warboss Tactics

Orc Warbosses are the biggest toughest Orcs in the army.


One of the defining characteristics of the Orc (and not Goblin) army is the Waaagh! This is a temporary mental state that the Orcs enter in the heat of the battle. The rules for the Waaagh! are one of the rules that change most between each revision of the Orc army books.

Savage Orc Warboss Tactics

Black Orc Warboss Tactics

Goblin Warboss Tactics

Night Goblin Warboss Tactics

Orc Great Shaman

Savage Orc Great Shaman

Goblin Great Shaman

Night Goblin Great Shaman


Warhammer Fantasy Orc Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar Orcs ( Oruks ) Shaman on boar runs with a mob of Boarboyz

In this section we will have a look at the trick tips and tactics for the Warhammer Fantasy Orc and Goblin armies. These tactics are based on the 2011 army rule book.

The 2011 Orc and Goblin Army Book has been updated for the Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy rule book. If you want to play Orcs or Goblins armies you will need a copy of this army book as well as the main rule book.

These pages are written with the expectation that you have the Orc and Goblin Army book and the main Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition rule book to hand.

Why Play Warhammer Orcs and Goblins?

The Orcs and Goblin army is a fun army to play, but more that this is that you actually three armies for the price of one. These are an Orc only army, a Goblin only army, and an army that comprises of a mix of the two. And all three of these armies have a different style of play.

Playing a Warhammer Orc only Army

Orcs are big and brutal. This means that fielding an army purely of Orcs means that you will end up with a few squads of quite heavy hitters. Be aware that the are not invulnerable. Slamming a unit of Goblins in to a similar sized unit of Chaos Warriors will end up with a mess, for you. However they will do a lot of damage to most rank and file units.

Adding units of Big’uns and Black Orcs do make an army with punch.

Playing a Warhammer Goblin only Army

Goblins are weedy. On their own they will not put up much of a fight with anyone. However they are cheap. Goblins make a great horde army whose numbers will absorbed any the damage bigger foe can cause, and then win the combat with overpowering numbers.

Goblins also come with a number of unique, and fun to use units. These include Doom Divers that a great at taking out Giants, Squig hoppers that are fast and can take down units of Ogres if they can flank them, Wolf riders and spider riders that can harass the enemies rear units. Mind you, adding one or two of your own Giants wont hurt either.

Playing a Warhammer Army with both Orcs and Goblins

Having a mix of both Orcs and Goblins is defiantly the most flexible option. As flexibility is one of the cornerstones of tactics, then this is usually the option to go with. The usual tactics is to use the Goblins to slow down the enemy and then move the Orcs in to the flanks, But slamming the Orcs in to units and flanking with goblins works quite nicely too.

Orc and Goblin Special Rules

Orcs and Goblins have a handful of special rules. It will be well worth reading them and getting to know them.

For those who know the 2006 Army book, you will see that the Waaagh special rule has moved to the individual Lord and heroes, rather than being a army wide rule.


This is the main Orc and Goblin special rule, and the rule that make the Orcs and Goblins quite random in their actions.

For those that knew the 2006 Army book may breath a sigh of relief that the Orc and Goblins are only subject to random events 1 in 6 times, half as often as they use to.


The Orcs (but not the Goblins) get hand weapons called Choppa’s. These give the Orcs an added advantage on the first on the first round of combat.

As the advantage is only on the first round, if you can orchestrate it so that you have a convincing win in the first round, you will gain yourself a major advantage.

The Orc and Goblin Army

Orc and Goblin

Magic and Magic items

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz Orcs and Goblins do not get the usual spells to choose from. Instead the Orcs get one unique spell book (the Big Waaagh spell) and the Goblins get a different spell book (the Little Waaagh spells).

As usual, Orcs and Goblin characters can have common magic items and they have a selection of their own Orc magic items too.

Shiny Stuff

The Orc and Goblin specific magic items are shiny Stuff. There are only 8 items in the shiny stuff list. this is a much shorter list than the 2006 Orc and Goblin Army Book shiny stuff list. this is because the Warhammer v8 addition rule book has a much larger common items list to make up.


Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Tactics

In this section we will look at the Skaven Warhammer Fantasy army and the Skaven tactics.

The Skaven are the rat people of the underworld. What they loose in size, they more that make up in numbers, and formidable warpstone weapons.

To get the most out of these pages you will need to have, or have access to the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Rule Book, and the 2009 Skaven Army Book.

General Skaven Tactics

The Skaven tactics are about quantity over quality. When you face enemies like the high elves you will see that you will have many more models on the table, however you will also see that the stats lines of your opponents are greater than the Skaven ones. The fact that the Skaven army is a swarm army, you will expect that a number of your models will be lost during the game. This means that you will need to focus on the outcome of the game and not get too attached to individual models.

The usual Skaven tactics is to swarm your appoint with numbers. This does not mean that this is the only tactic open to you. The Skaven army has some big weapons available to them too. You will find that most of these weapons are short ranges, like the Screaming Bell. The trick here minimise the losses as far as you cans so that you get in to combat with a significant number of troops left.

Skaven Special Rules

The Skaven have a few army wide special rules that will help when you are playing the Skaven army. For this reason alone I would recommend that you get very familiar with them.

Skaven Scurry Away

The Scurry away special rule gives you just a little extra distance then it is time to run. This is not much of a bonus, so you can not rely on it, but at least is consistent. Remember that you cannot rally the unit if they are down to 25% or less (except with insane courage).

Skaven Strength In Numbers

The Skaven have a low leadership value. As Warhammer Fantasy is a leadership based game, this puts the Skaven at a disadvantage. there are several ways to improve this. The easiest of these is to have plenty of rats in your units or that this special rule kicks in.

The downside of this rule is that it does not encourage you to increase the width of your units. However having an extra column or two on the fount line can mean that you can have a few extra attacks during close combat.

Skaven Lord Tactics

As usual, the Lords section is where you will find the biggest & toughest Skaven to lead your army. And as usual I will warn that you over spending on the Army Generals and Heroes will leave you short of points to spend on the rank and file troops. This is even more true when you are playing an army that relies on the force of numbers.

Skaven Lords Special Characters

In this section we will look at the named Skaven Special Characters available to your army. These named characters have more special rules, but the have a higher points coast too. If you are planning to field one of these Special Characters, be sure that you are familiar with these special rules, or you will be point points for features that you do not use.

As you will need to make full use of these characters, I recommend that those who are still learning how to play the Skaven army wait until they have a basic competency with the army before looking to field named characters.

Lord Skrolk

Lord Skrolk is the most expensive of the Skaven Lords in terms of points. For this you get a level 3 Wizard, with respectable stats, and a number of special rules / equipment.

Monks as Core

If you have Lord Skrolk as your Lord then you can have Plauge Monks as core choices. This basically means that you can field a Plauge Monk Skaven army.

Thanquol & Boneripper

Ikit Claw

The Skaven lord Ikit Claw is part warrior and part magic user. The Skaven are not great warriors so you will need to rely on cunning and troop numbers. Ikit Claw has a number of special items that will help you out. The first gives Ikit Claw a decent armour and a half decent ward save too.

The second device is a one shot warp fire thrower. This a weapon that has a random range, but if it hits it will is quite nasty. The warp fire weapon uses a flamer template so is can cover a number of rank and file troops. Remember that this is a flaming attack so you want to aim for targets that are vulnerable to flaming attacks like trolls and skeletons.

The third special item that Ikit Claw comes with is a close combat weapon that gives Ikit Claw a +1S and ignores armour saves. In addition to this the halberd can also fire off a magic missile each turn. This can be a useful bonus as you approach the enemy.

Ikit Claw and magic

As well as having his toys Ikit Claw is a L3 magic user too. He uses the spells of ruin which tends to have destructive spells.

Throt the Unclean

Queek Headtaker

Skaven Vermin Lord Tactics

The Vermin Lord is a Daemon.

Skaven Warlord Tactics

The Skaven Warlord is the standard choice for the Skaven army General.

Skaven Grey Seer Tactics

The Grey Seer is the most powerful magic user in the Skaven army. he is a L4 wizard that has access to both books of Skaven magic.

The Screaming Bell

Having a Grey Seer in your army is the only way to have a Screaming Bell. This means that the Screaming bell will cost at least 440 points to filed! This is a lot of points to spend on one model, specially with the warning about not over pending on your Lords and Heroes.

Skaven Hero Tactics

Skaven Heroes Special Characters

Just as you can have Skaven Lord Special Character, you have some hero choices that are Special Characters too. As these generally have a lower points cost than the Lord Special Character options, you will be able to have more of them, or have more points for the rest of the army, or be able to use them in smaller games.

Deathmaster Snikch

Tretch Craventail

Skaven Assassin Tactics

Sakven Warlock Engineer Tactics

Skaven Chieftain Tactics

Skaven Plague Priest Tactics

Skaven Core Unit Tactics

In the Skaven army you will want to stock up on core units. A large number of core units is the core of the usual Skaven tactic.


Clanrats are the standard warriors of the Skaven army. They are cheap as a standard model. Armed with a spear and shield, they are 1 point cheaper than a similarly equipped Empire spearman.

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Stormvermin are armed with Halberds and wear heavy armour. This makes them a surprisingly hard hitting unit. Remember that S4 attacks reduce the enemy’s armour save by 1 as well as making it easier to wound.

Stormvermin can take a magic standard. There are 6 different banners available at different points costs. Most of these only affect the Stormvermin, but the most expensive banner at 50 points provides cover from missile attacks for the whole army. If you are facing a missile heavy army like Elves, then this will be well worth the


Cheap cannon fodder is a must for swarm armies, and the Skavenslaves are the cheapest units available to you. I recommend keeping these units as cheap as possible, so skip the shield and weapon options. These units are designed to soak up the cannon balls and allow your more expensive units get in to combat.

Games Workshop do not have models for Skaven slaves, so most players use Clanrats painted to portray Skavenslaves

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Night Runners

The Night Runners are the most junior of the assassin Skaven Clan. The inclusion of the army choice in the Core Troop section means that you can field a full Assassin Clan Eshin army!

Skaven Night Runners are very similar to basic Clanrats with a few bonuses. The first is they have one point higher initiative. They also have a pint higher leadership, and they get a couple of additional special rules.

Special Rule Slinking Advance

The Slinking advance gives the Night runners a extra move at the start of the game. You must remember to use it,
or the advantage is lost. This extra move can be very useful to give you a head start to capture an objective or position

Special Rule Dodge

Dodge gives the Night Runners a slim of surviving anything, missiles, close combat, or even magic. It is only a slim chance, but over the course of many saves, the dodge save does add up.

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Giant Rats

Most armies have hounds or a similar fast cheap squad that can be used to harass the enemy. In the Skaven army to have the option to field Giant Rats. The only issue is that the Skaven slaves are even cheaper per model than the Giant Rats are! This leads me to think that you are better off with the Slaves.

You can not buy Giant Rats on their own, but they come in a box set with some a couple of Rat Ogres, and some Clan Moulder Packmasters.

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Skaven Rat Swarm

They are only Strength 2, but they can still take down a dragon with enough 6’s

Skaven Special Unit Tactics

Gutter Runners

Rat Ogres

Loads of smaller troops may be good for most things, but sometimes you need a unit with more stomp! This is where the Rat Ogres come in.

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Skaven Plague Monk Tactics

Skaven Plague Censer Bearer Tactics

Skaven Warplock Jezzail Tactics

Skaven Poisoned Wind Globadiers Tactics

Skaven Rare Unit Tactics

Skaven Hell Pit Abomination Tactics

Skaven Doomwheel Tactics

Shaven Warp Lightning Cannon Tactics

Skaven Plagueclaw Catapult Tactics

For the most part the Skaven army needs to get up close to cause damage. So it is a great release when you come across an option where you can force the enemy to move instead. The Plagueclaw Catapult is a stone thrower so you get a good range with the usual random accuracy. The main difference between is that you are lobbing a large ball of toxic goo in stead of a rock.


Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Rare Unit Tactics

As with most armies, the rare units are where the weird and wonderful options are. In thi section we will have a look at the Dwarf Rare unit choices and the the Dwarf Rare unit tactics

Dwarf Organ Gun

Didma rubbed the rune of firing extra hard for luck. He had every faith in old bessy, but the extra luck would not go amiss. Landing the four barrels he looked over at Binma who had been keeping an eye on the battlefield for the best targets. “She’s all yours. Time to do pay back those green skins for the insulting graffiti drawn on burks passage”. Binma humphed and swang Bessy to face the Goblins charging across the grand hall. BANG. 

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Organ Gun

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Organ Gun

Dwarf Organ Guns are great because you do not add the artillery dice to the range. This means that they are much more accurate.

You opponents will know that the organ gun needs to be avoided. This will mean that they will set up over 24″ away and try and slip around the organ gun to assault your forces. You can use this trait to your advantage. Remember, whenever you can predict your opponent’s moves, you can create a tactic to exploit it!

Dwarf Flame Cannon

I have never used one of these in a game as I am very sceptical on their abilities.

Dwarf Gyrocopter

Dwarfs do not have cavalry or Flying dragons. The Gyrocopter is the fasted unit they have, and very useful it is too!

The Gyrocopter has some very useful characteristics, it is small, fast, highly manoeuvrable, and it has a flamer template weapon! This means that the Gyrocopter can be a pain for the enemy, you can keep out of line of site and cause quite a few wounds on massed light troops (Goblins?).

Dogs of War

There was a ‘Dogs of War’ army book. This has now disappeared, but there is one army that is still a ‘Dogs of War’ choice – the Ogre’s!