AoS Chaos Spawn Tactics

Warhammer 40k, and Age of Sigmar Chaos Spawn.

Chaos Spawn where humans that have been so warped by the forces that thwy are more animal than human. This warping also leads to the destruction of rational thought. This means that a couple of key abilities (movement and number of attacks), are random, and as you may have read elsewhere, I see randomness as the enemy of good tactics.

You can get Chaos Spawn in two different ways. The first is to have the Chaos Spawn as part of the starting army list as usual. The second is if a model (friend or foe) is warped bymagic are mishap and changed in to a Chaos Spawn.

General Chaos Spawn Tactics

Chaos Spawn are a bit of a wild card with random movement distance and number of attacks. If tou have some good rolls then they can cause a lot.of damage, however with a coupe of poor rolls your plans will fall apart!

The randomness that cause you so much hartache also is the Chaos Spawns strength. This is because although you don’t know quite what the Chaos Spawn will do, neither will your opponant! The difference is that you are the controling player so you can make best use of whatever the roll is.

So here is the key. The Chaos Sparn is a disruptor rather than a game winner in it’s own right. Use the Chaos Spawn to keep your enemy gussing and keep them havingto guard thier flanks and rear. It can really slow down  an army if you have to cover many different possible counter attacks.

With the Chaos Spawns (eratic) speed you may be able to flank, or break through the enemys lines and threten softer units at the back.

Chaos Spawn Special Ability Writhing Tenticals

Chaos Spawn get 2D6 attacks per turn. That averages out at 7 attacks per combat round. That works out at 1.75 wounds a round. However the Chaos Spawn has another trick up it’s sleave. If you roll a double (which will happen 1 in 6 rolls)  then you wound on a 3+ which nudges the average to 1.86 wounds a round before save rolls. The thing is is that the range of possible rolls is a much wider than many units, so use with care.


AoS Chaos Warhound Tactics

Age of Sigmar Chaos Warhounds

Chaos Warhounds are an often overlooked simple but very effective unit.

As dawn rose we faced the black armour shield wall of the Chaos Warriors. We expected them to march straight towards us at which point we would  spring the trap and wipe them out. However just as they moved off a great howling came from behind the chaos lines and packs of black snarling hounds leaped through the lines towards us. Whith a shout of dispair our general realized that the hounds would spring the trap early and block the route of our cavelry to come to our aid. With that the Chaos Warroirs crashed in to our lines. Withiout support we where out numbered and out classed. The luck ones turned and fled the field, many where not so lucky.

General Warhound Tactics

Age of Sigmar Chaos WarhoundsThe main strength of the warhounds is their speed. Moving at 10″ a turn and run 6“ and not D6“

With this speed they can keep up with cavelry units and drive a wedge between enemy units which makes for move bit sized targets for your other units. Remember that enemy units can not come closer than 3“ except when assaulting.

Warhound Weapons

This is easy, they just have claws and teeth. They get two attacks a turn with a 25% chance of wounding each. This means that you get a 50% chance of a wound each hound. A pack of hounds can inflict a godd number of wounds a turn.

Wounds, Saves and Bravery

Ok, this is where Warhounds are weak. With bravery 4, 1 wound and a 6+ save, your Warhounds will quickly disappear if they come under conserted attack.

Warhounds and the Generals Handbook

Warhounds are lusted in the Monsters of Chaos section. They are not battle line so the Warhounds should be added after you added your main units. The low points cost for the unit make it very desirable.

Chaos Warhounds: min:10 max:30 points:80