AoS Chaos Slaves to Darkness Battalion – Godsworn Champions of Ruin

Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

The Godsworn Champions of Ruin can be seen as the default battalion for the Age of Sigmar Slaves to Darkness army. The basics of this battalion is that you have a general and 3 to 8 Slaves to Darkness units. Using this battalion organisation you can create well rounded army lists that are both flexible and decimating.

Organisation Units

The organisation options for the Godsworn Champions are quite open. You need a general. The General could be a Daemon Prince, Lord of Chaos, or a Sorcerer Lord. The last two could be mounted on a manticore. My suggestion would be to o with the Daemon Prince, or as a second choice the Lord of Chaos. This is because you can take a Sorcerer Lord in the main body of the battalion.

For the main body of the battalion you can take one to eight units that can be selected from the slaves of darkness list. Most of the slave to darkness units are listed with notable exception of the Chaos Marauders in any form (on foot, horse or chariot).

The openness in the battalion organization gives you a great deal of flexibility. Of course there are some units that you will want to add in all the time, like at least one unit of Chaos Warriors and a Sorcerer Lord, however this still gives you plenty of slots to add in other units to make in your army. I do highly recommend adding a unit of Chaos Knights. This will add speed to your army.

Battalion Abilities – Unholy Challenge

The benefit of this battalion is that you can pick a unit from the battalion that is within 3″ of a Hero or Monster, for example in combat, and that unit can have a free assault round. Now the warscroll is written with the expectation that you will assault the Hero or Monster that you are near, but the rules are not explicit on this.


AoS Chaos Tzeentch Blue Scribes of Tzeentch Tactics

Warhammer Fantasyt and Age of Sigmar Chaos Tzeentch Blue Scribes

The Blue Scribes of Tzeentch are one of those trick options that you can add to your army that shows that Tzeentch is not only the god of lies and deceit, but is also a prankster!  In this section we will look at how to use Blue Scribes in a Age of Sigmar game and the tactics you can use.

“Oooh”, “arrr!” as the scribes watched the brilliant green firework show emitted from the Orruk Shaman’s eyes “I want that one!” P’tarix shouted with glee as he furiously scribbled on a new page. “Let me have a go!” Xirat’p exclaimed looking over his twins shoulder. All of a sudden another florescent green firework display emitted from Xirat’p fingers catching the Orruk Shaman and a couple of other Orruk units by complete surprise.

General Blue Scribes of Tzeentch Tactics

The Blue Scribes of Tzeentch is a model with two blue horrors on a disk of Tzeentch. They can fly, they are Daemon Horror Heroes, and they are Wizards.

It is easiest to start with what not to do with Blue Scribes, and that is close combat. Do not get in a fight with these guys if you can help it! What they are good at is magic, and what they are brilliant at is making other wizards in your army much more powerful!

Blue Scribes of Tzeentch are fast! They have a basic 16″ move, and because they fly they can leap over units and obstacles.  Use this to keep your Blue Scribes out of trouble, and in the right place to support your other wizards.

Blue Scribes of Tzeentch Abilities

OK, the good stuff! The Blue Scribes are wizards and can cast and dispel as usual. They also have a neat signature spell that I will go through later. However that is not the really trickery part of this models abilities ( yes really!). It best feature of the Blue Scribes is that they can learn spells from the Wizards around them! And YES that is FRIEND OR FOE!  These guys vacuum up spells like I don’t know what, working really really hard!

Blue Scribes Frantic Scribbling

Each time a Wizard successfully casts a spell ( ie rolls high enough) within 18″ of the Scribes, you get to roll a dice. On a 4+ the Blue Scribes learn that spell and can use it in their Hero Phase for the rest of the battle. As you are within 18″ you can then attempt to dispel the opponents spell.

Remember that the Blue Scribe can only cast one spell per Hero phase. This ability just means that you have a wider choice of spells to choose from.

Scrolls of Sorcery

Warhammer Chaos Daemon Soul Grinder found in WH40k, 8th ed, and Age of Sigmar

Chaos Demon Soul Grinder

OK, if you think that the Frantic Scribbling was Chaos enough, the Blue Scribes have another trick up their sleeves. This ability allows the to cast one spell per game on a 2+ regardless of the spell difficulty. In addition to this, this casting can only be dispelled on a roll of 9+ on 2D6 ( plus any dispel bonus ).

As this spell is almost certain to go off, use it for something big. Like summoning a Soul Grinder (difficulty 10), and if you are doing something big you may as well do it early in the battle too!

Where can I buy Blue Scribes of Tzeentch?

Games Workshop do not sell an official Blue Scribes of Tzeentch model at the moment, however if you but the Herald of Tzeentch model, there are enough bits inside to create a Herald of Tzeentch, a Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch, and The Blue Scribes too! You will need to find bases for the Exalted Flamer and Blue Scribes separately, but it can be done with very little modelling skills.


AoS Chaos Exalted Hero of Chaos

Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Exalted Hero of Chaos

General Exalted Hero of Chaos Tactics

The progression for a mortal in the Slaves to Darkness army is: Marauder -> Chaos Warrior -> Chaos Chosen -> Exalted Hero -> Chaos Lord -> Daemon Prince. This means that you can expect your Exalted Hero to be a good fighter, but be careful not to bite off more that you can chew!

The Exalted Hero is a good close combat leader. He has a good armour save ( 4+), a decent number of wounds (5). He has a variable number of attacks (D6) and an average chance of wounding ( 4 to hit, 3 to wound, with -1 rend), but there are ways to improve this. You will find details on how to do this later in the post.

Exalted Hero of Chaos Abilities

The Exalted Hero has a number of Abilities. You will want to be coversant with them all.

Trail of Red Ruin

The Exalted Hero’s main skill is that he can attack twice in one combat phase. This can be against two different units if they are in range (3″). More about this later too!

The best use of the Exalted Hero is to use him to ‘mop up’ any stray Heroes or wounded Monsters that have survived or escaped a previous combat with your Chaos Warriors.


AoS Chaos Sorcerer Lord Tactics

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Chaos Sorcerer Lord

In this post we will have a look at the Chaos Sorcerer Lord and how to use them in Age of Sigmar tactics.

General Chaos Sorcerer Lord Tactics

The Sorcerer Lord does have some close combat skills, but hand to hand combat is not the best use for the Sorcerer Lord. The main reason you would field the Sorcerer Lord is for his magic ability.

The Sorcerer Lord usually is on foot, but you can find models, or create models where the Sorcerer is mounted. If you can find or create a mounted Sorcerers then you will find them much more useful. The extra speed means that you can dash around the board supporting your front line troops where the support is needed most.

It doesn’t matter if your Sorcerer Lord is mounted or on foot he will need a bodyguard. If the Sorcerer Lord is mounted the bodyguard will need to keep up so a mounted bodyguard like a unit Chaos Knights. A unit of Chaos Warriors make for a good bodyguard for Sorcerers on foot.

A great use for the Sorcerer is to bolster the strength and toughness of you front line troops. There are 3 different ways that the Sorcerer can bolster your troops. I have detailed these bellow. The other use for any wizard it to be there to dispel any enemy magic.

Chaos Sorcerer Lord Abilities

Age of Sigmar Chaos WizardThe Chaos Sorcerer Lord has two special abilities, Oracular Vision and Mark of Chaos.

Oracular Visions

In the command phase you can pick a unit ( or the wizard ) and that unit can re-roll save rolls of 1. This can be for incoming shooting attacks or for close combat. It follows than that you pick a unit that is about to get thumped big style!

Note that this ability is not a command ability or a spell. This means that you can use this ability even if you cast a spell or if the Sorcerer is not your general.

Mark of Chaos

You can select a Mark of Chaos for your Sorcerer when you place him on the table. A Mark of Chaos shows that he is following one of the 4 Chaos Gods. This dos not have a direct effect on your Sorcerer , but there may be other rules in play that may have an effect. Examples may be Battle Plan, Time of War, or Scroll Rules from other units. Otherwise you may want to pick a mark of chaos just because it adds to the battle story line!


The best reason for adding a Sorcerer to your army is because you want access to magic. Sorcerers are Wizards so they can attempt to unbind one spell a turn and cast one spell in your command phase. The 3 spells that Sorcerers know by default are the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield spells and thier own signature spell Daemonic Power!

Daemonic Power

Daemonic Power has a casting value of 5. If cast a whole unit with one model within 18″ and within line of sight can re-roll rolls of 1 for hits, wounds, and saves. Note that if you RE-roll a 1 you just have to except that the gods are not flavouring you at the moment! However this spell us a big bonus to the affected unit. To make the most of this spell select a unit that will be shooting and assaulting this turn, or a unit where a little push will make a big difference! I am sure that you can think of situations where 1 or 2 extra wounds would have turned the game.

Chaos Familiars

One of the best add-ons to a Chaos Army with a Sorcerer you can add is a Chaos Familiar. Familiars are not useful by themselves, but they they do add one to any casting or unbinding rolls to any wizard within 6″. Note that having two familiars nearby does not improve the bonus. Plus one is the best you can get from your Familiars.

Arcane Scenery

If you are rolling for Mysterious Landscapes look out for Arcane Scenery. Being near Arcane Scenery adds 1 to casting and unbinding rolls. This is in addition to any bonuses from being near a Chaos Familiar or any other bonus.


AoS Skaven Tactics

AoS Chaos Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon Battery

Skaven are Chaos warped rat creatures that mainly live in the underworld of the Age of Sigmar realms.In this section we will have a look at the 4 main Skaven clans and what Skaven Tactics are available in Age of Sigmar games.

General Skaven Tactics

Skaven are rat creatures and follow some characteristics that are associated with rodents,specifically they work better in large numbers, and they prefer to run away to fight another day.

Backing up the troops the Skavens have a number of artillary and special units. Many of these have specific functions. Add these units to your army with care.

If you wish to start a Skaven army, start with a good number of troop units. Get use to there strenghts and weaknesses and ghen add in special units as you develop your play style. At the time of writing, Games Workshop have a ‘Clan Pestilance’ starter box set out. This gives a good value for money way of starting a Skaven army, and while stocks last  you can get even  better value for money by buying the Skaven Clan Pestilance box set from Wayland Games

Skaven Clans

There are countless different clans and subcultures in the Skaven high Archy, however there are 5 clans that dominate Skanen culture. The main clans are Clan Moulder, Clan Pestilens, Clan Eshin, Clan Skryre, Clan Eshin. In gaming terms, have a read through the back stories for each of the clans and pick the one than closest matches your favourite battle style and focus on learning that clan’s style and tactics first, and then, if you wish, expand to other clans tactics.

Skaven Master Clan

AoS Chaos Skaven Screaming BellThe Skaven Master Clan are the leaders of the Skaven race. The Master includes the vermin Lords and the Vermin King Lord Skreech, and the famous Screaming Bell.

  • Grey Seer
  • Lord Skreech Verminking
  • Screaming Bell
  • Thanquol and Boneripper
  • Verminlord

Skaven Clan Skryre Units

AoS Chaos Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon BatteryClan Skryre are the Techno-Wizards of the Skaven race, and by wizards I do mean magic users!

Skaven Clan Moulder Units

Clan Moulder specialise in herding the smaller rat creatures and bio-enginering Monstrous Creatures.

You may want to add Clan Moulder units to your army if you need a swarm of smaller rates creatures or some heavy mussel like Rat Ogors.

Skaven Clan Verminus Units

AoS Chaos Skaven Skryre and Moulder StormfeindsClan Verminus place numbers above science and magic. You would add Clan Verminus units to your army if you need large blocks of Skaven. This is a good idea for the core elements of your army.

  • Verminlord Warbringer
  • Skaven Warlord
  • Stormvermin
  • Clanrats

Skaven Clan Eshin Units

TThe Skaven Clan Eshin are the sneaky assassin creed of the Skaven race. Even then, who is the big dood at the front. Doesn’t he know that being 20 foot high is not very stealthy!

  • Verminlord Deceive
  • Skaven Deathrunner
  • Gutter Runners
  • Skaven Assassin
  • Night Runners

Skaven Clan Pestilence Units

Skaven Clan Pestilence is the closest to Nurgle that the Skaven have.

  • Vermin Corrupter
  • Plague Priest
  • Plague Monks
  • Plague Censer Bearers
  • Plague Furnace
  • Plague Claw

AoS Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch Tactics

Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch Tactics

Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

A Chaos Prince makes for a great Cohort of Tzeentch leader.

The Daemon Prince ErfAn stepped out of the mist and on to solid ground. Sniffing the air ErfAn thought to himself “Yes this will be a good place to wave mischief for the Lord of Fate”. Letting out a blood curdling cry he called forth the Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch. In reply Tzeentch Daemons came flooding through from the mists behind him. “Yes the presence of Tzeentch is strong here. We will cause much mischief!”

The Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch is a Force Organization for Tzeentch in Age of Sigmar games. In this post we will have a look at the tactics you can use when playing a Cohort of Tzeentch organization.

You can find the rules for the Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch in the Age of Sigmar app available for Apple and Android devices. If you have an Apple or Android device I highly recommend installing this free app!

What units make up a Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch?

The Cohort of Tzeentch consists of heroes, troop units and fast units. Together they make up a useful core force that can be used in a Chaos Grand Alliance army.

Possible units for the Cohort Organization are:

What abilities do the Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch have?

In addition to the abilities that individual units have on their warscrolls, The Cohorts of Tzeentch units get two further abilities. Note that other Tzeentch units on the table that are not specifically with the Cohort do not get these abilities.

The Great Sorcerer’s Boon

The power of Tzeentch is washing over the Cohort during the game. This allows each ‘Wizards’ unit in the Cohort to cast one extra spell in your hero phase. This means that most units will be casting two spells a turn.

Note that the Boon does not grant extra unbinding attempts Tis means most units will only be able to attempt one unbinding per enemies hero phase.

The Vagaries of Fate

‘Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water….’

The trickster Tzeentch strikes again! Just as the last model from the Cohort is removed you get a chance to set the whole organization back on the table again! Ok, there is only a 1 in 6 (16.666%) chance that this will happen, but the despair that this will cause in your opponent if it does happen will be priceless.

How to use the Cohort of Tzeentch in a battle

The Cohort of Tzeentch can be used as stand alone army or as a core or sub-set of a larger force. If you do use a Cohort of Tzeentch within a larger force make sure that your opponent can easily distinguish the Cohort units from other units in your army.

Regardless of the composition of your army, the main strength of the Cohort formation is magic. At least 5 unit from this force organization can cast spells, and each of these get to cast an extra spell in each of your hero phases. That is a lot of spells! As most spells have an 18″ range there is no need to rush on to hand to hand combat. For this reason I would recommend holding back as long as possible.

So what spells should you weave? Well if you have none cohort assault units, beef them up with Mystic Shield spells and send them in to the enemy. Otherwise summoning other Daemon units is always popular ( OK not popular with your opponents, but that’s the point!). If you are running a Cohort of Tzeentch as a stand alone army, blast the enemy forces with Arcane Bolts and the Herald’s Tzeentch’s Firestorm spell. The idea is to ‘soften up’ the enemy before they can get in assault with you. Once the enemy units have been decimated, use the Screamers and clean up!


AoS Daemon Prince Tactics

Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

AoS Daemon Prince Tactics

Daemon Princes come in different configurations. Some with wings, some with axes and some with swords.

By default Daemon Princes are not aligned to any one god of chaos. There is an option to select a chaos god for your Daemon Prince at the start of the game. On the whole no one option is better than another. The choice to keep your Daemon Prince undivided of to follow one of the chaos gods will depend more on your style of play and the story line than the Daemon Princes abilities.

Wings and Flying

If you have a chance to model your Daemon Prince, I highly recommend adding wings. Wings allows you to move at 12″ a turn and have the fly special rule too.


The Daemon Prince can be aligned to on of the four gods of chaos, or choose to be unaligned. Your choice will determine what special rules the Daemon Prince has. You may want to select a chaos god ( or no god ) based on the special rule you get, or you may want to choose a god based on some special rule that other models have.

Unaligned Chaos Special Ability – Cursed Soul-Eater

The cursed Soul-Eater special rule allows the Daemon Prince to heal wounds on it’s self if it kills some one that turn. By kill you need to take the last wound if the model had several wounds. So the tactic here would be to have other units whittle down characters wounds so that the Daemon Prince can finish them off. Also note that you only repair one wond or one D3 roll per turn, no matter how many characters the Daemon Prince kills. With this in mind you may want to spread out your kills if you can!!

Khorne Special Ability – Veins of liquid fire

Khorne Daemon Princes get +1 to the hit rolls. This is always useful specially as they have 7 attacks. Not much in the way of tactics here. Get in to assault, and kill stuff!

Nurgle Special Ability – Bloated with Disease

Nurgle Daemon Princes get a 3+ save instead of the usual 4+. This is useful because you get the benefit on on the way in to combat from missile weapons ( but not Mortal Wounds ). Because the Nurgle Daemon Prince can soak up damage you could hide more vulnerable units behind him.

Slaanesh Special Ability – Impossibly Quick

This special rule allows the Slaanesh Daemon Prince to pile in out of order, if you are in the right place at the right time. The trick here then is to be in the right time. Use the Slaanesh Daemon Prince as a support  unit for your other assault units. This does mean that the Daemon Prince needs to keep up with the other units. Watch the movement speeds.

Tzeentch Special Ability – Nimbus of Magical Lights

In my mind the Tzeentch special rule is the most powerful of the lot. However I am very pro Tzeentch anyway. The reason that I think that upgrading the Daemon Prince to a wizard is so good is that it gives him ranged Mortal Wound Arcane Bolt tacks, or you can toughen up your saves, or a unit near by, or you could summon up other daemons. What’s more you can do this while zipping around the table at 12″ a turn ( with wings ). The Tzeentch Daemon Prince is truly a great all-round fighter!


AoS Chaos Mortal Tactics

Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Exalted Hero of Chaos

In this section we will have a look at the AoS Chaos Mortals in Age of Sigmar and Chaos Tactics. As usual you will need a copy of the rules and access to the units warscrolls to make the best use of these pages.

Warriors of Chaos, Monsters of Chaos, Warherd units, Dragon Ogors, and similar units make up for forces of chaos. It is quite reasonable to mix and match these units it the same army.

As with most armies there are a number of organizations available if you purchase the extra battletombs. These include extra abilities and special rules if you field the forces listed in the organization. If you have purchased a battletombe with a organisation that fits models you have,then you will find that fielding that organisation as part of your force will help.

Warriors of Chaos Tactics

AoS Chaos Everchosen Archaon on DorgharThe Warriors of Chaos are where you can find many of the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition characters

  • Archaon The Everchosen
  • Crom The Conqueror
  • Sigval the Magnificent
  • Wulfrik the Wanderer
  • Exalted Hero with Battle Standard
  • Khorne Exalted Hero
  • Galrauch
  • Lamnasu
  • Throgg
  • Chaos Ogres
  • Chaos Trolls
  • Chaos Familiar
  • Khorne Exalted Hero
  • Forsaken
  • Great Taurus
  • Hellcannon
  • Also buy; Discount Warriors of Chaos at Wayland Games

Slaves to Darkness Tactics

If you are looking for Chaos Warriors, then you need to look here in the Slaves to Darkness list!

Chais Slaves to Darkness units are usually neutral when it comes to being followers of one of the four Chaos Gods. Frequently though the unit special rules will allow you to choose to follow a specific God. This is useful if you want to have a themed army or use that Gods special rules.

Khorne Bloodbound Tactics

Khorne is the most popular of the four chaos gods so there are a whole section of units that are Khorne specific. These are the Khorne Bloodbound.

  • Valkia the Bloody
  • Mighty Lord of Khorne
  • Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut
  • Scyla Anfingrimm
  • Skaarac the Bloodborn
  • Skarr Bloodwrath
  • Skullgrinder
  • Exalted Deathbringer
  • Aspiring Deathbringer
  • Bloodsecators
  • Slaughterpriest
  • Bloodstokers
  • Blood Warriors
  • Mighty Skullcrushers
  • Bloodreavers
  • Skullreapers
  • Wrathmongers
  • Khorgoraths
  • Also buy; Discount Khorne Bloodbound at Wayland Games

Nurgle Rotbringer Tactics

  • Morbidex Twiceborn
  • Bload Rotspawned
  • Orghotts Daemonspew
  • Harbringer of Decay
  • Gutrot Spume
  • Festus the Leechlord
  • Lord of Plagues
  • Rotbringer Sorcerer
  • Purid Blightkings
  • The Glottkin
  • Battalion: Blightguard

Hosts of Slaanesh Tactics

For the most part the Hosts of Slaanesh are Daemons. Because of this I will add tactics for the Hosts of Slaanesh in the Chaos Daemon Tactics section. However there are a couple of Mortal units in the Hosts of Slaanesh that I have added here.

  • Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount
  • Hellstriders of Slaanesh

Monsters of Chaos Tactics

Age of Sigmar Giant GargantThere are more than just corrupted humans in the forces of chaos. In many armies you will find monsters of nightmares too!


AoS Chaos Tactics

Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

Chaos forces are everywhere in Age of Sigmar. AoS Chaos units can be split in to two main groups. The first are mortals, usually human, that have turned to chaos. The second group consists of Daemons, stuff of pure chaos pulled in to physical realm.

All the Chaos units have warscrolls. These warscrolls are (usually) one page documents that have all the rules for that unit. You can download the warscrolls for older units on the Games Workshop site, or by installing the Age of Sigmar app on an Apple or Android device. However if you play Chaos armies regularly you will want easy access to the warscrolls. For easy reading Games Workshop have released a Grand Alliance Chaos book.with all the warscrolls for the Chaos Alliance.

The Four Gods Of Chaos

The first thing that you need to be aware of when playing AoS Chaos is that there is not one chaos army, but five. That is one for each of the four gods of chaos and one for those that are not aligned to any single chaos god. The four Chaos gods are Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh.

Each of the four chaos gods have specific characteristics that get passed on to the units that follow them. The Khorne units are blood thirsty, but have no magic. Nurgle units tend to be tough but slow. Tzeentch units are soaked with magic but are weak in close combat. The Slaanesh units are sleek and fast but are vulnerable to counter attacks.

Chaos and Skaven

Age of Sigmar Chaos Skaven Skeyer Arch-Warlock EngineerThe Skaven Rat god has joined the Parthenon of Chaos gods and the Chaos Grand alliance now also includes the Skaven rat folk.

AoS Chaos and the General’s Handbook

If you have the Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook on page 160 there are new rules that you can add on if you are playing a Chaos only army ( i.e. an army where every unit has the Chaos keyword).

Chaos Battle Trait

AoS Chaos Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon Battery

Heroes supporting Artillery massively benefits from +1 to hit bonuses!

The first bonus you get if you have a Chaos army and using the General’s handbook rules is a battle trait. This is and extra rule that affects your whole army (for the better). With this trait , for each unit within 8″ of your General ( regardless to if he/she/it is a Hero), or any of your Hero models you roll a dice. If you roll a 6 then that unit gets +1 to hit in that phase. This means that it affects the shooting and combat phases. Also remember that Heroes are always within 8″ of themselves!

When using this Battle Trait during the game try to have multiple Heroes on the table and space them out to cover as many of your units as possible. This Trait also means that having multiple smaller units makes more sense that a few larger ones. This is because you roll for each unit. If you have more units, you will have more rolls, and there is a greater chance of rolling a 6!

Allegiance Chaos Command Traits

As well as the Battle Trait, in a Chaos only army you can give your General an additional Command Trait) from the 6 listed. This is different from any Command Abilities that he may have. Command Abilities are used in the Command Phase. Command Traits are ‘always on’.

As mentioned, there are 6 command traits to choose from. You need to pick one, and you need to do it before the game starts.  You can roll a dice to select an ability, but why add an extra element of risk? The best plan is to see what forces your opponent will field and choose the ability that will aid you the best!

Artifacts of Chaos

The last category of bonuses you can have with a Chaos Alliance are the artifacts of power.


AoS Daemon Tactics

Warhammer AoS Tzeench Herald on Burning Chariot

Daemons are the stuff of chaos made physical. If you like to play the bad guy fielding awesome monsters then I imagine the AoS Daemon army may be the army for you!

Because Daemon are magic made manifest they can often be conjured up by chaos wizards. Different require different casting values. The more useful a unit is the easier it is to conjurer up.

May of the models in the Chaos Daemon army can be used in the Warhammer 40k and Warhammer 8th edition games too. If you play several different games then you can use the same models in all three games.

Daemons of Chaos Undivided

Warhammer Chaos Daemon Soul Grinder found in WH40k, 8th ed, and Age of SigmarThere are a number of units that are not aligned with any of the four chaos gods by default.

Daemons of Tzeentch

AoS Herald of Tzeench. A major magic user in the Age of Sigmar gamesTzeentch is the chaos god that excels in magic. As such you will find the highest concentration of daemon magic users here. Be careful though, magic users are rarely good in hand to hand combat. This means that you will want to team your Tzeentch units up with ones that can handle a fight like Khorne or mortal chaos units.

Get Familiar with Your Familiars

In the Warriors of Chaos section you will find an entry on ‘Familiars’ . Familiars do not have either the Mortal or Daemon key phrase, but for Chaos Wizards, including most of the Tzeentch units, Familiars are very useful. If you have a familiar within 6″ of a Chaos Wizard when he attempts to cast a spell, or attempts to unbind a spell, then you can add 1 to your roll score. Again Familiars are highly recommended! Do what you can to get one near your wizards.

There are no Familiar models available from Games Workshop at the moment so you will have to create your own. I created 3 using the blue horror models left over from a Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot box. Lone Pink Horrors make good familiars too. Just let your opponent know what they are.

Tzeentch Units

Tzeentch Force Organizations

Daemons of Khorne

Khorne is the Blood god. Nothing pleases him more than to see the carnage of battle. It follows then that the followers of Khorne, including the Daemons of Khorne are the most blood thirsty of the Chaos armies.

  • AoS Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne Tactics
  • Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne
  • Daemons of Khorne
  • Blood Throne
  • Bloodcrushers
  • Bloodletters of Khorne
  • Bloodthirster of Insensate
  • Bloodthirster of Unfettered
  • Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
  • Flesh Hounds
  • Karanak
  • Skarbrand
  • Skull Cannon
  • Skulltaker
  • Daemons of Nurgle
  • Great Unclean One
  • Epidemius
  • Herald of Nurgle
  • Plague Drones of Nurgle
  • Plaguebearers of Nurgle
  • Beasts of Nurgle
  • Nurglings
  • Beasts of Nurgle

Daemons of Nurgle

  • Great Unclean One
  • Epidemis
  • Herald of Nurgle
  • Plaguebearers of Nurgle
  • Plauge Drones of Nurgle
  • Nurglings