AoS Destruction Grot Doomdiver Catapult

Twang, whoosh, “Wee!” the sounds of another moonclan grot launched towards the Chaos army.  You may have thought that the Grot war engine crew would have difficulty finding Grots to send on a one-way trip in to the enemy lines, but this was not the case. Around the war machine where a throng of willing Grots wanting to fly high over their Orruk overlords, even if it was just the once. Bubby was next in line to be hurled into oblivion. With his wing harness strapped on he flop landed in to the launch seat. The catapult groned under the weight but it held firm as the crew pulled back the bungie cord.All of a sudden the cord was released, Bubby felt himself catapulted forward at a tremendus rate just before blanking out. Bubby woke up, still in the air hurtling towards the enemy. “No one warned me of that” he thought, but as noone had come back from one of these trips, it was no surprise! “Oh bother, I have over shot the Barron and his Guard. I will just have to hit something else. Bubby set is eyes on a Chaos Giant right in his flight path. Gob…

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AoS Destruction Grot Moonclan Shaman

Moonclan Grot Shamans are wizards and mushroom lover. As they are goblins they are not strong on their own. The first rule of battling with Grot is that you need numbers! Strength and Weapons Ok, don’t think that you will put up much of a fight in combat. If you do hit with your Moon Staff then it will do D3 damage. The Moon Staff does have a 2″ reach. You can use this reach to make sure there is a line of Grots between your Shaman and the attackers. Moonclan Shaman Abilities Ok, so if they are not great in combat so why take them? For the magic of course! And Moonclan Shamans are quite good at magic too. They can cast one spell and dispel another spell a turn.However the Shaman can take a magic mushroom each Hero Phase. If he does there is a 5 in 6 chance that you can add 2 to your casting roll. You need to decide if you want to take the mushrooms and roll for their results before you roll to cast your spell. On the whole it is worth the risk. Moonclan Shaman Signature Spell: Curse of the Bad Moon…

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AoS Destruction Grot Mangeler Squigs

Where riding Wolfs is fun, and riding hopping squigs is an extreme sport, then charging around on Mangler Squigs is just totally insane! Mangler Squigs are enomouse cave squigs that take a number of the bravest or most stupid Night Goblins / Moonclan Grots prodding them in the right direction like a hurtelling commet. General Moonclan Mangeler Squigs Tactics Mangler Squigs Are monsters, and as monsters thier abilities reduce as they take wounds. This means that you will want to get your Mangler Squigs in to combat as soon as possible. This should not be a problem as they start with a 3D6″ move. This works out at 3″ to 18″ move with an average of 10.5″. All the Mangeler Squigs weapons are melee weapons, so there are no reasons to hang back. If you don’t pile in then you won’t get value for points. Another point is that in a Grot / Goblin only army you are a bit short on heavy hitting units. If you have a Mangler Squig it will stand out and be a target, but it also will be a bit hammer to crack some tough nuts. Just don’t get stuck fighting massed troop units…

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AoS Destruction Grot Squig Hoppers

Age of Sigma Night Goblin Squig Hoppers

Forget your Wolfs! Forget your Spiders! Squig Hopping is where the fun is! Oh yes and forget about using a weapon too. You may get the odd jab in with your slitta knife, but usually you will be hanging on to your Squig Hopper for grim life and letting it do all the damage! Squig Hoppers are the cavalry of the Moonclan Grots.  They are fast, moving at an average of 7″ in the movement phase. But beware, the movement distance is random. While most cavelry units rely on the rider to cause damage with the horse’s hoves just adding a bonus attack, but with the Squig Hoppers it’s Squig that causes most dammage. However this does’nt effect in game tactics. So Squigs get 2 attacks normally with each with 33.33% chance of wounding, so 2 wounds for every 3 Squigs attacking before saves. Squig Hoppers Ability – Boing! Boing! Boing! More fun with Squig Hoppers come with the Boing Boing Boing Special Ability. This rule gives the Squig Hoppers 4 attacks in the first round of combat if you roll a double for the charge distance. So no bonus if you get assaulted, or if you stay it combat….

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AoS Orruk Black Orc Big Boss Tactics

Age of Sigmar Orruk Black Orc Big Boss

In Age of Sigmar Black Orcs are called Ironjawz. so Really this model should be the Ironjawz Big Boss, but as hew was left out of the Ironjawz army book we will keep to how he is known in the Age of Sigmar App, the call him the Black Orc Big Boss. Black Orcs and Ironjaws are bigger tougher cousins of the regular Orruks. Also they tend to have better weapons and armour. The Black Orc Big Boss is the biggest and badest of the mob that earned respect and following by beating up anyone that argued with him! Also see: AoS Orruk Ironjaws Tactics General Black Orc Big Boss Tactics There is nothing subtle about the Black Orc Big Boss. He is designed to get stuck in to the close combat wielding his Deff Choppa and lobbing of heads left right and centre. The Black Orc Big Boss can make a very acceptable general. If you do have him as your general then he works best in mob or two of Black Orcs and Ironjaws. However there are usually better options available as an Orruk General, so the main role for the Black Orc Boss is as a secondary…

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AoS Orc Ironjawz Orruk Ardboys Tactics

Warhammer AoS Orruk Ardboys / Bloack Orc weapon types

Ardboys are bigger tougher Orc that instead of leading their own mobs. These Ardboys mobs are usually hard enough to deal with any opposing elite units. If you wondered where the 8th edition Black Orcs went in Age of Sigmar, well you have found them! General Orruk Ardboys Tactics You may notice that Ardboys move an inch a turn less than Orruk Boys. This should mean that the Orruk boys get in to combat first. This is good. It means that the Orruk boys will act as a natural shield holding back the enemy rank and file troops while your Ardboys seek out bigger targets. Orruk Ardboys have 2 wounds an extra point of bravery and a 4+ save from the extra armour the Ardboys wear. Also see: Orruk Black Orc Big Boss Tactics Also see: Orruk and Arra Boys Tactics Also buy: Irongawz Orruk Ardboys from Wayland Games Orruk Ardboys Weapons Orruk Ardboys get a wider weapon choice than the first Black Orc warscroll offered. If you have not built your models yet have a look at the different 3weapon choices and think about how they match your style of play. None of the weapon options are massively better…

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AoS Orruk and Arrer Boyz Tactics

Age of Sigmar Orruk Orc Boys including boss, banner and drummer

Ere’ we go boyz! There’s the the pointy eared gits. Let’s run ‘um off and show’um who’s boss! A mob of boys gathered around. Orc Boyz are the rank and file troop unit for a Orruk army.  Orc Boyz come armed with a choppa (hatchet) and shield, two choppas, or a ‘Pigstikka’  spear and shield. If you have the old Orruk page with out the graphics, update your app. The new page also allows Orruk Arrer Boyz in the same unit. Orc Boyz are rough and tough, but with a quite average bravery score. To improve on this keep them in larger groups so that they will benefit from the +1 bravery every 10 models in a unit rule found in the main rules. Mobs of 20 to 40 are common. Orruk Boyz Weapons The main weapon of the Orc Boyz is the Choppa. This is a basic weapon so you only get one attack per Orc, you do get a +1 rend per hit though. If you arm your Orc Boyz with 2 choppas then you can re-roll 1’s to hit. Orcs normally hit on 4+. The re-rolls move the chance of hitting from 50% to 58.333%. This may…

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AoS Gargant Tactics

Age of Sigmar Giant Gargant

How to use Gargants in Age of Sigmar Games Gargants or ‘Aleguzzlers’ are Giants. All giants are monsters too. Gargants appear in several armies so if you play Chaos, Orcs, Ogors, then they can be a flexible addition to your model collection. Chaos Gargants do not have the ‘Chaos’ keyword, however it is quite reasonable to have a Chaos Gargant as part of a Chaos army. Gargants are monsters but they are not invulnerable. Like most monsters they start dropping in speed and hitting power as they take on wounds. You only have to take.2 wounds before the giant starts slowing down. Also buy: Discount AoS Giants from Wayland Games Special Rule – Drunken Swagger I am glad to see that the unstable nature of giants has made the transition from Warhammer 8th edition to Age of Sigmar. In AoS this is captured in the ‘Drunken ‘Swagger’ special rule. Basically on the roll of a double when charging the giant falls over. This could potentially squash friendly units near by. The cure fir this is to give the giant a wide birth before you let them charge in! Special Rule – Stuff’Em In Me Bag This is a great rule…

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AoS Orruk Great Shaman Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz

 AoS Orruk Great Shaman and Orc Great Shaman tactics in Age of Sigmar. AoS Orruk Great Shamans are the wizards of the Ork or Orruk army. They draw energy from frenzied Orruk Boys around them and focus it in to magic energy. Be warned though, Great Shaman magic can be unpredictable. If there’s too much wild energy the Great Shamans head may explode! ( don’t worry the head exploding bit did not get in to the Age of Sigmar rules ). Orruk Great Shaman Magic AoS Great Shamans can cast one spell in your hero phase. This spell could be one of the two basic spells in the main rules, or the Orurk Shamans own spell ‘Gaze of Mork’. Mork is one of the two Orruk gods. The other is Gork.Mork is the Orruk god of cunning, but knowing this does not help in the game. It’s just part of the back story. The Gaze of Mork spell can be very powerful, but a bit erratic. First off, it only has a cast value of 6 which is fairly easy to cast. The second bonus is that you can target up to 3 different enemy units ( you can not…

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AoS Orruk and Grots Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz

In Age of Sigmar Orcs and Goblins have been renamed to Orruks and Grots. I think that this is partly because this sounds more in keeping with the mobish nature of the army, and partly because it makes searching for AoS stuff easier, You don’t have to wade through all that Tolkin stuff to find articles on your favourite game! – But that just my guess. Orruks and Grots are the fun army in the Age of Sigmar game. They are erratic and unpredictable. They are colourful and specially the Orruks, loud! Playing Orruks and Grots can be like playing two different armies at the same time. In fact you do not need to play both Orruks and Grots together. You could play a pure Orruk army or a purely Grot army. If you are playing a Grot only army be prepared to field a large number of models. This is because they die quickly and run away frequently! General Orc / Orruk Tactics Orruks are big brutish creatures that thrive on destruction and mayhem. At first looks there does not seem to be room for tactics in this army, just charge, beat-up anyone that stands in the way, and…

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