AoS Gargant Tactics

Age of Sigmar Giant Gargant

Gargants or ‘Aleguzzlers’ are Giants. All giants are monsters too. Gargants appear in several armies so if you play Chaos, Orcs, Ogors, then they can be a flexible addition to your model collection.

Chaos Gargants do not have the ‘Chaos’ keyword, however it is quite reasonable to have a Chaos Gargant as part of a Chaos army.

Gargants are monsters but they are not invulnerable. Like most monsters they start dropping in speed and hitting power as they take on wounds. You only have to take.2 wounds before the giant starts slowing down.

Special Rule – Drunken Swagger

I am glad to see that the unstable nature of giants has made the transition from Warhammer 8th edition to Age of Sigmar. In AoS this is captured in the ‘Drunken ‘Swagger’ special rule. Basically on the roll of a double when charging the giant falls over. This could potentially squash friendly units near by. The cure fir this is to give the giant a wide birth before you let them charge in!

Special Rule – Stuff’Em In Me Bag

This is a great rule to use if you are in hand to hand combat with lots of little creatures ( Chaos Warriors and smaller ). Basically just before you make your normal attacks you see if you can grab a model and take it out of play ( treat it as a combat casualty ). You can do this both in your turn and your opponents turn if you are still in combat. Bag Stuffed casualties count for battle shock too.

The best bit about this rule is that you get to choose who gets stuffed! The model chosen has to be in 1″, but as giants are so big there will be plenty of choice. The natural choice will be to pick the boss man of which ever unit is attacking you. If the chosen model has 1 wound normally ( not the number of wounds left after taking damage ) then you have 4 in 6 chance of Stuffing them. If the model starts with 2 wounds then you will stuff them half the time ( 3 in 6 chance ). Models with 3 wounds will only get stuffed occasionally ( 1 in 6 times ).

YouTube video featuring an AoS Gargant


AoS Orruk Great Shaman Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz

 AoS Orruk Great Shaman and Orc Great Shaman tactics in Age of Sigmar.

AoS Orruk Great Shamans are the wizards of the Ork or Orruk army. They draw energy from frenzied Orruk Boys around them and focus it in to magic energy. Be warned though, Great Shaman magic can be unpredictable. If there’s too much wild energy the Great Shamans head may explode! ( don’t worry the head exploding bit did not get in to the Age of Sigmar rules ).

Orruk Great Shaman Magic

AoS Great Shamans can cast one spell in your hero phase. This spell could be one of the two basic spells in the main rules, or the Orurk Shamans own spell ‘Gaze of Mork’.

Mork is one of the two Orruk gods. The other is Gork.Mork is the Orruk god of cunning, but knowing this does not help in the game. It’s just part of the back story.

The Gaze of Mork spell can be very powerful, but a bit erratic. First off, it only has a cast value of 6 which is fairly easy to cast. The second bonus is that you can target up to 3 different enemy units ( you can not target the same unit twice), and these target units can be up to 20″ away. This means you can target enemy wizards from outside the unbind range. Do beware though, the amount of damage could range from no damage up to D3 mortal wounds.

Orruk Great Shaman Waaargh Energy

As I mentioned at the beginning Orruk Great Shaman’s feed off the energy emitted by frenzied Orruk Boys. This is represented by this special rule. If the Orruk Great Shaman is within 8″ of 20 Orruks then the Great Shaman gets +1 to his magic roll. This can be improved further if the Great Shaman is near Arcane scenery too.


AoS Orruk and Grots Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz

In Age of Sigmar Orcs and Goblins have been renamed to Orruks and Grots. I think that this is partly because this sounds more in keeping with the mobish nature of the army, and partly because it makes searching for AoS stuff easier, You don’t have to wade through all that Tolkin stuff to find articles on your favourite game! – But that just my guess.

Orruks and Grots are the fun army in the Age of Sigmar game. They are erratic and unpredictable. They are colourful and specially the Orruks, loud!

Playing Orruks and Grots can be like playing two different armies at the same time. In fact you do not need to play both Orruks and Grots together. You could play a pure Orruk army or a purely Grot army. If you are playing a Grot only army be prepared to field a large number of models. This is because they die quickly and run away frequently!

General Orc / Orruk Tactics

Age of Sigmar Orruk Black Orc Big BossOrruks are big brutish creatures that thrive on destruction and mayhem. At first looks there does not seem to be room for tactics in this army, just charge, beat-up anyone that stands in the way, and then leave! However if you look a bit closer you will see that their twin Gods of Gorka and Morka also have their cunning tricky side too!

Age of Sigmar Goblin / Grot Units

Goblin / Grots are smaller in size than their Orruk cousins, however what they lack in size they make up for in numbers. Grots are not brave by nature so you will find that their bravery score is low. To fix this you need to field units of 30 to 40 Grots. If you do this you will benefit from the ‘+1 bravery for each 10 models in a unit’ rule. A unit of 30 Grots will add 3 to your bravery. Look for other ways to improve your bravery score too. Inspiring Scenery and command abilities are good sources.

Grots have a number of artillery choices too. use these to take wounds of monsters and heroes before your infantry units get stuck in.

Grot magic tends to be a bit weaker than Orruk magic, but it is still very useful.

Moonclan Grots

Hiding in the underworld of most realms you can find a particular breed of goblin called the Moonclan Grots. Hating the sunlight they lurk in cave systems and venture out in the dark. Even then they ware cloaks with big hoods just in case they get caught in the open at daybreak.  Skulking in the dark has made these Grots particularly tricky, fond of psychotropic mushrooms and a fondness for a biped fungus evolved creatures called squigs ( short for squiggly beasts ).

Troll and Giant Units

Age of Sigmar Giant GargantTrolls and Giants are neither Orcs or Goblins. However they do hang around Orruk and Grot armies so it is common to see Trolls and Giants in Orruk and Grot armies.

Other Troll and Giant units include:

  • Trolls
  • Stone Trolls
  • River Trolls

AoS Destruction Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz


Some times you just want to make destruction for the fun of it! If that is you then your in the right place my lad! Come join the screaming Orruks, the back stabbin Gotts, and the ale guzzeling Giants! The forces of destruction are neither good nor evil. Forces of destruction are just out to party!

In this section we will have a look at tactics for the forces of Destruction in the Age of Sigmar games.

The forces of destruction consists of  Orcs & Goblins; Ogres; and destructive monsters. It is quite reasonable to have units from any of these factions in the save army. It is also reasonable to have units in a army of Good or Evil.

Other Destruction Factions

There are other destruction factions that I have not written tactics for yet. These include:

Additional General’s Handbook Rules

If you form an army with just units with the Destruction key word and you are playing a game using the General’s Handbook extra rules then your units gain a Battle Trait, and the General gains an extra Command Trait. Also 1 Hero character (if you have one) can take an Artefact of Destruction. You do need to write down or otherwise indicate which model has what artefact so your opponent knows that you haven’t changed your mind part way through the game.