AoS Order Aelf Swordmaster Tactics

The Swordmasters are the heavy armour heavy hitting foot solders of the Aelf army. Thier great swords hit often and cut deep. General Swordmaster Tactics Swordmasters are elite units this means that you will want them to take on the more difficult enemy units. The crunch is that the enemy will do thier best to avoid getting thier best units sliced by the Swordmasters and may try to tie them up will large cheap units. As the Swordmasters are on foot you will need to engineer situations where the Swordmasters get in to combat with the right targets. Swordmaster Weapons and Abilities The Aelf only has one weapon, a double handed sword, however they are experts using these swords. First foff they have 2 attacks each wounding 44.44% per attack each. They also re-roll 1’s to hit  so will wound almost once per combat round per so there are 2 extra 1/6th chances of hitting at 44.44%. This means the total chance of hitting is 103.69% per swordmaster (just over 1 chance of wounding each) befor saves. When saves are rolled the Greatswords get -1 rend too. Deflect Shots This is an unexpected bonus ability. In the enemies shooting phase…

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AoS Order Free Peoples Tactics

The Stormcast Eternal are not the only humans fighting to restore order in the Age of Sigmar realms. There are also the forces of Bretonnia and the also the Empire / Guilds. In this section we will have a look at the tactics for Free Peoples! The two Human forces have opposing styles of play. The Bretonnia army consists of Elite Knights backed up by low quality serfs and archers. The Empire and Guilds army usually consists of larger units of pike men and musketeers backed up with a few elite units of magic users and horsemen. To really mix things up have a think about fielding the best of each army to create really effective force! Forces of the Freeguilds The forces of the Freeguilds seem to be styled on the armies of the Renaissance Wars that raged through Italy between 1494 to 1559. The Freeguilds are models from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles where it was a well developed army. This means that you should be able to find units to fulfil most needs. Freeguild General on Griffon Freeguild General on Horse and Foot Demigryph Knights Freeguild Outriders Freeguild Pistolers Freeguild Greatswords Freeguild Guard Freeguild Handgunners Freeguild Crossbowmen Freeguild Archers…

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AoS Order Aelf Shadowblades Assassin

A Games Workshop Mordheim model posing as a AoS Aelf Shadowblades Assassin

As the Daemon Prince swooped down on the Aelf Spearmen. Raising his mighty axe the Daemon Prince was surprised by a black cloaked Shadowblades Assassin leaping out and slashing him half a dozen times. “Oooh, they sting like paper cuts! “. But what the Daemon Prince really didn’t see coming was the black poison on the blade that would be his downfall. Assassins are delicate tools that need careful use and handling. The Aelf Shadowblades assassin are an example of this.  Used correctly they can strike down your opponents warlord and win the game, used with a heavy hand and they will be swept aside without a second thought. General Shadowblades Assassin Tactics With your assassin you will need to pick your target before the game starts, as you set up your units. This is because you need to pick which unit you are going to add your assassin to. It also helps if you are setting up your units second. Once you have picked your target you can place your assassin in a unit that will get him there. Remember that you do not have to place the model on the table, just mark down which unit he is…

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AoS Stormcast Eternals Tactics

Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celerant on Dragoth from

These guys are creepy! OK so they are humanities, and all that in good in the world’s last chance, but when you read of a crazy magic user sucking the souls out of warriors to infuse bronzed effigies and bring them to life, I find it very creepy!  .. even if they are the good guys! So in games terms you are in charge with units of these humanoid living metal warriors. They tend to be above average abilities with better weapons, however you will find that you have less models on the table that other armies. This means that you will be siding quality over quantity. Also see: Lord-Celestant on Dragoth Tactics Also buy: Discount Stormcast Eternals from Wayland Games


AoS Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celestant on Dragoth Tactics

Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal Lord-Celerant on Dragoth from

The Lord-Celestant is a  major character in the Storm cast Eternal army. The Lord-Celestant is strong, highly skilled and well armed. With this model he rides a Dragoth. This gives him extra speed and more attacks. The Lord-Celestant on Dragoth is one of the models that are included in the Age of Sigma starter box so you can be sure that you will see a number of these models in Age of Sigma battles. This means that even if you do not play Stormcast Eternals you will need to know it’s strengths and weaknesses. So with that let’s look at… Lord-Celestant General Tactics The Lord-Celestant does not have any shooting weapons so he is best getting stuck in the fight. However without support your Lord-Celestant will be easy pray for any sizeable mob of enemy. This means that you will need to use him in coordination with other units. This is specially true if your Lord-Celestant is your general. This is because your Generals Abilities have a range limit and if he is out on his own then he will be less effective. Also be aware that the Lord-Celestant’s weapon has a big effect on the best way to use…

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AoS Duardin Thunderers & Duardin Quarrellers Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Thunderers

“Present, Aim, Fire!” Bormore shouted to his musketeers. Another clean volley ripped though the approaching daemon horde. Some where turning tail (or tails he thought) and running. “Load” he shouted, one more volley should do the trick, “Present, Aim, Fire!” “There they go lads!” A cheer went up from the ranks. “Don’t drop your guard yet, there’s more to come!” General Duardin Thunderers Tactics Thunderers are often the core of the Duardin army. Duardin are not fast so being able to knock out the enemy from a distance is an advantage. Thunderers can often be seen working in conjunction with Cannons. The main reason to take a unit of Thunderers is for their main weapon, the Duardin Handgun. This is a musket type weapon with 16″ range, regular ( 4+,3+) chance of hitting, and a very useful -1 rend. So where does this leave your tactics. Well I recommend getting your Thunderers somewhere that your enemy wants and form a gun line. When your opponents come for you shoot, and shoot again. Once the opposition has been thinned out enough have your Warriors close in and finish them off. General Duardin Quarrellers Tactics Quarrellers have all the same qualities that…

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AoS Stormcast Eternal Liberator Tactics

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormcast Liberators. Picture copyright Games Workshop

In this post we will have a look at the Liberators from the Stormcast Eternal Age of Sigmar army and how to use them in Age of Sigmar games. Liberators are the core warriors of the human forces for good found in the Realm Gates wars starter box set. The basic tactics used for the Liberator are nice and simple, engage the enemy as soon as possible or form a wall of warriors that stops your opponent getting to where they want to get them. Stormcast special rule – Lay low the Tyrants This special rule allows you to add 1 to the hit rolls when you attack a model with 5 wounds or more. This gives the Stormcast a role, specially if your are fielding Stormcast Liberators with other human forces. Have your regular forces defending or claiming objectives, and have your Liberators going for the big guys! Stormcast Eternal Liberator Weapons The Liberators can be armed with either hammer/sword and shield, two hammers/ swords, or some big two handed hammers/ swords. I group hammers and swords together because 3 to hit and 4 to wound weapons have exactly the same chance to wound as weapons that have 4…

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AoS Duardin Miner Tactics

Age Of Sigmar Duardin Miners

General Duardin Miner Tactics In this section we will have a look at the Duardin Miners and Duardin Miner tactics. The Duardin army on the whole is quite slow. The main way to beat this is to get the enemy to come to you. The second option is to pop up behind the enemy lines and attack weak spots. The Miners allow you to pop up during any of your turns and just about anywhere on the battle table. Duardin Miner Strength and Weapons Duardin Miners are armed with pickaxes. These have a nice -1 rend, but other than that they are fairly basic. Where you can add a punch to your miners if if you add a Mining Cart. With a mining cart all the miners get a 6″ ranged attack too. These Blasting Charges hit as usual but get -2 rend. This means that they can be useful as close support troops. For example if you have a row of Duardin Warriors and a unit of Miners just behind the warriors, the Miners can throw blasting charges in to an assault during the shooting phase. Just remember to leave a small gap between each of the Warriors so…

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AoS Duardin Warden King Tactics

Age of Sigmar Warden King on Grudge Stone

Warden Kings are the heroes and the natural leaders of the Duardin army. Duardin Warden King Strength and Weapons The Warden King Rune Weapon carries a Rune Weapon. Armed with the Rune Weapon the Warden King makes a powerful close assault character, but not a super hero. This means that your Warden King will work better if he has a bodyguard of Duardin warriors around him. Armour and Special Rules. The Warden Kings 4+ save is good but not exceptional. His armour does nothing to stop mortal wounds either. As the Warden King only has 5 wounds you may want to keep him away from units that cause mortal wounds. Regular wounds are a much easier to deal with than mortal wounds, The Warden King’s Ancestor Shield allows you to re-roll failed saves. This should allow him to save twice as many saves than usual. Oath Stone The Warden King has an ‘Oath Stone’ special rule. This means that if the Warden King stays still for the turn Dispossessed Duardin near him can use the Warden Kings Bravery score that turn for battle Shock tests etc. The Oath Stone rule is a double edge sword. If you use it then…

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AoS Aelf Ellyrian Reavers Tactics

On this page we will look at the Aelf Ellyrian Ravers and the Elllyian Ravers Tactics. The Ellyrian Ravers are good all round units. They are fast , they have bows for ranged attacks, and they have spears for close assault. The down side is that they are not specialists in any one area. This means that the Ellyian Ravers make better support units rather than core units. Another use for the Ellyrian Ravers is to dash down the flanks to grab objectives or hit a weak rear area. Ellyrian Riders Strength and Weapons The Ellyrian Riders have an array of weapond that allows them to have a more tactical, all round role. The first weapon to get use to is the Reaver Bow. This gives the Ellyrian Riders a chance to take on units from a distance without getting in to combat. This is useful if the target unit is much bigger and one that will likely kill you off in combat. Think monsters, war machines, and big mobs. The reaver cavelry bow has a 16″ range. This means that you may just be in charge range of slower units (5″ move plus 12“ charge), but usually you will…

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