Warhammer Fantasy High Elf Tactics

In this section we will look at the High Elves, and the High Elf tactics. The High Elves are an organised elegant army, defiantly not for someone who likes grunge.

You will need the main Warhammer rule book and the High Elf army book to play this army. These pages are a companion to these books and not a replacement.

Special Rules

The High Elf army only has two army wide special rules. They will be easy to remember.

Valour of Ages

This is a special rule that benefits the High Elves when they are fighting Dark Elves. Depending on how often you are fighting Dark Elves, the benefit of this rule will vary.

Speed of Asuryan

High Elfs get a special ‘Always goes first’ special rule. This is special because the always always go first. By this I mean that they get to stike first in combat regardless of the weapons they carry, or if the opponent has a ‘always go first ‘ weapon.

General High Elf Tactics

High Elves do not have much in the way of War machines. In fact they only have one choice, the Repeater Bolt Thrower. To make up for this you will have to use Bowmen and magic.

Be careful not to over spend on your Lord Choices. If you spend too many points on your leader, you will not have enough rank and file troops. This will mean that your opponent will only have to kill one model to win the game, and even the toughest Lord will quickly fall to a well placed lobed stone.

High Elf Lord Choices

The Elf Lords are the toughest of the Elves. Not only do they have better stats than the rank and file Elves, but they get access to all the magic item goodies too.

Named Lords

Like most armies, the High Elf army book lists a number of named characters. As usual you can only have up to one of each character in you army at a time. This becomes a little more complicated if you are playing with multiple player on each side. You will have to decide on house rules to if you can have one a specific named character once per side or once per player.



Eltharion The Grim

The High Elf lord Eltharion is the character that the lord in the Island of Blood box set is baced on. This means that if you have this box set you could field this named lord.

Alith Anar


The Prince is the best warriors that are available to the High Elf army.


The Archmage is the most powerful magic user available to the Elf army. As the High Elf depends on it’s magic to a few amount, you may need to have a Archmage in your army on a regular basics.

High Elf Hero Tactics

Aiding the Lord, you will usually have one or two Heroes to aid the Lord. The High Elf army has a good selection of heroes to choose from.

Named Heroes



High Elf Noble

High Elf Mage

Dragon Mage of Caldedor

High Elf Core Unit Tactics


The High Elf army does not have much in the way of artillery. In the High Elf the archers fill this role.

The High Elf bowmen are armed with the long bow. This is the longest ranged hand weapon available, and you should be able to cover 2/3rds of the table.

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The High Elf Spearman usually form the front ranks of the High Elf army. You will usually need two or three Spearmen units in a 2K game. These units will take the brunt of the enemy attacks while your specialist units can do their jobs.

Lothern Sea Guard

The Lothern Sea Guard are the Marine force of the High Elf army.

The advantage of the Lothern Sea Guard is different because they come armed with swords, spears and bows as standard. This makes them very versatile troops.

High Elf Special Units

The High Elf army a has quite a few special units. This is because the High Elf army is quite a bit of a specialist army. By that I mean that he High Elf units are more suited to specific roles, and the skill is using the right units for the right tasks.

Sword Masters of Hoeth

The great thing about the Swords Masters of Hoeth is that they have great weapons and still strike first!

Phoenix Guard

White Lions of Chrace

Silver Helms

Dragon Princes of Caledor

Ellyrian Reavers

Shadow Warriors

Tiranoc Chariot

Lion Chariot of Chrace

High Elf Rare Unit Tactics

There are two Rare choices available to the High Elf army. Out of these the Bolt thrower is a favourite.

The High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower

The High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower is the only artillery option in the army.

The High Elf Great Eagle

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