Games Workshop kills Warhammer Fantasy and releases Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

Yes, Games Workshop have pulled the plug on Warhammer 8th Edition as we know it. In it’s place comes the much more simplified Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. What is more, to kick off this new war game Games Workshop are giving the first edition of the rules away free!

And what if you do not like the new rules? Well the 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy still exists, and you can still get the rule books and army books from independent stockists. However the old rules will not be available forever so if this is what you want to do, stock up on the army books and cards now while they are still available.

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So what’s happening here?

As for this site the Warhammer Fantasy web pages will still be up for a while yet, but the updates on those pages will be slowing down. In the meantime I will be adding Warhammer age of Sigmar Tactics on the website too, just as fast as I get to grips with the new rules!


Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy Skaven Tactics

In this section we will look at the Skaven Warhammer Fantasy army and the Skaven tactics.

The Skaven are the rat people of the underworld. What they loose in size, they more that make up in numbers, and formidable warpstone weapons.

To get the most out of these pages you will need to have, or have access to the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Rule Book, and the 2009 Skaven Army Book.

General Skaven Tactics

The Skaven tactics are about quantity over quality. When you face enemies like the high elves you will see that you will have many more models on the table, however you will also see that the stats lines of your opponents are greater than the Skaven ones. The fact that the Skaven army is a swarm army, you will expect that a number of your models will be lost during the game. This means that you will need to focus on the outcome of the game and not get too attached to individual models.

The usual Skaven tactics is to swarm your appoint with numbers. This does not mean that this is the only tactic open to you. The Skaven army has some big weapons available to them too. You will find that most of these weapons are short ranges, like the Screaming Bell. The trick here minimise the losses as far as you cans so that you get in to combat with a significant number of troops left.

Skaven Special Rules

The Skaven have a few army wide special rules that will help when you are playing the Skaven army. For this reason alone I would recommend that you get very familiar with them.

Skaven Scurry Away

The Scurry away special rule gives you just a little extra distance then it is time to run. This is not much of a bonus, so you can not rely on it, but at least is consistent. Remember that you cannot rally the unit if they are down to 25% or less (except with insane courage).

Skaven Strength In Numbers

The Skaven have a low leadership value. As Warhammer Fantasy is a leadership based game, this puts the Skaven at a disadvantage. there are several ways to improve this. The easiest of these is to have plenty of rats in your units or that this special rule kicks in.

The downside of this rule is that it does not encourage you to increase the width of your units. However having an extra column or two on the fount line can mean that you can have a few extra attacks during close combat.

Skaven Lord Tactics

As usual, the Lords section is where you will find the biggest & toughest Skaven to lead your army. And as usual I will warn that you over spending on the Army Generals and Heroes will leave you short of points to spend on the rank and file troops. This is even more true when you are playing an army that relies on the force of numbers.

Skaven Lords Special Characters

In this section we will look at the named Skaven Special Characters available to your army. These named characters have more special rules, but the have a higher points coast too. If you are planning to field one of these Special Characters, be sure that you are familiar with these special rules, or you will be point points for features that you do not use.

As you will need to make full use of these characters, I recommend that those who are still learning how to play the Skaven army wait until they have a basic competency with the army before looking to field named characters.

Lord Skrolk

Lord Skrolk is the most expensive of the Skaven Lords in terms of points. For this you get a level 3 Wizard, with respectable stats, and a number of special rules / equipment.

Monks as Core

If you have Lord Skrolk as your Lord then you can have Plauge Monks as core choices. This basically means that you can field a Plauge Monk Skaven army.

Thanquol & Boneripper

Ikit Claw

The Skaven lord Ikit Claw is part warrior and part magic user. The Skaven are not great warriors so you will need to rely on cunning and troop numbers. Ikit Claw has a number of special items that will help you out. The first gives Ikit Claw a decent armour and a half decent ward save too.

The second device is a one shot warp fire thrower. This a weapon that has a random range, but if it hits it will is quite nasty. The warp fire weapon uses a flamer template so is can cover a number of rank and file troops. Remember that this is a flaming attack so you want to aim for targets that are vulnerable to flaming attacks like trolls and skeletons.

The third special item that Ikit Claw comes with is a close combat weapon that gives Ikit Claw a +1S and ignores armour saves. In addition to this the halberd can also fire off a magic missile each turn. This can be a useful bonus as you approach the enemy.

Ikit Claw and magic

As well as having his toys Ikit Claw is a L3 magic user too. He uses the spells of ruin which tends to have destructive spells.

Throt the Unclean

Queek Headtaker

Skaven Vermin Lord Tactics

The Vermin Lord is a Daemon.

Skaven Warlord Tactics

The Skaven Warlord is the standard choice for the Skaven army General.

Skaven Grey Seer Tactics

The Grey Seer is the most powerful magic user in the Skaven army. he is a L4 wizard that has access to both books of Skaven magic.

The Screaming Bell

Having a Grey Seer in your army is the only way to have a Screaming Bell. This means that the Screaming bell will cost at least 440 points to filed! This is a lot of points to spend on one model, specially with the warning about not over pending on your Lords and Heroes.

Skaven Hero Tactics

Skaven Heroes Special Characters

Just as you can have Skaven Lord Special Character, you have some hero choices that are Special Characters too. As these generally have a lower points cost than the Lord Special Character options, you will be able to have more of them, or have more points for the rest of the army, or be able to use them in smaller games.

Deathmaster Snikch

Tretch Craventail

Skaven Assassin Tactics

Sakven Warlock Engineer Tactics

Skaven Chieftain Tactics

Skaven Plague Priest Tactics

Skaven Core Unit Tactics

In the Skaven army you will want to stock up on core units. A large number of core units is the core of the usual Skaven tactic.


Clanrats are the standard warriors of the Skaven army. They are cheap as a standard model. Armed with a spear and shield, they are 1 point cheaper than a similarly equipped Empire spearman.

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Stormvermin are armed with Halberds and wear heavy armour. This makes them a surprisingly hard hitting unit. Remember that S4 attacks reduce the enemy’s armour save by 1 as well as making it easier to wound.

Stormvermin can take a magic standard. There are 6 different banners available at different points costs. Most of these only affect the Stormvermin, but the most expensive banner at 50 points provides cover from missile attacks for the whole army. If you are facing a missile heavy army like Elves, then this will be well worth the


Cheap cannon fodder is a must for swarm armies, and the Skavenslaves are the cheapest units available to you. I recommend keeping these units as cheap as possible, so skip the shield and weapon options. These units are designed to soak up the cannon balls and allow your more expensive units get in to combat.

Games Workshop do not have models for Skaven slaves, so most players use Clanrats painted to portray Skavenslaves

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Night Runners

The Night Runners are the most junior of the assassin Skaven Clan. The inclusion of the army choice in the Core Troop section means that you can field a full Assassin Clan Eshin army!

Skaven Night Runners are very similar to basic Clanrats with a few bonuses. The first is they have one point higher initiative. They also have a pint higher leadership, and they get a couple of additional special rules.

Special Rule Slinking Advance

The Slinking advance gives the Night runners a extra move at the start of the game. You must remember to use it,
or the advantage is lost. This extra move can be very useful to give you a head start to capture an objective or position

Special Rule Dodge

Dodge gives the Night Runners a slim of surviving anything, missiles, close combat, or even magic. It is only a slim chance, but over the course of many saves, the dodge save does add up.

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Giant Rats

Most armies have hounds or a similar fast cheap squad that can be used to harass the enemy. In the Skaven army to have the option to field Giant Rats. The only issue is that the Skaven slaves are even cheaper per model than the Giant Rats are! This leads me to think that you are better off with the Slaves.

You can not buy Giant Rats on their own, but they come in a box set with some a couple of Rat Ogres, and some Clan Moulder Packmasters.

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Skaven Rat Swarm

They are only Strength 2, but they can still take down a dragon with enough 6’s

Skaven Special Unit Tactics

Gutter Runners

Rat Ogres

Loads of smaller troops may be good for most things, but sometimes you need a unit with more stomp! This is where the Rat Ogres come in.

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Skaven Plague Monk Tactics

Skaven Plague Censer Bearer Tactics

Skaven Warplock Jezzail Tactics

Skaven Poisoned Wind Globadiers Tactics

Skaven Rare Unit Tactics

Skaven Hell Pit Abomination Tactics

Skaven Doomwheel Tactics

Shaven Warp Lightning Cannon Tactics

Skaven Plagueclaw Catapult Tactics

For the most part the Skaven army needs to get up close to cause damage. So it is a great release when you come across an option where you can force the enemy to move instead. The Plagueclaw Catapult is a stone thrower so you get a good range with the usual random accuracy. The main difference between is that you are lobbing a large ball of toxic goo in stead of a rock.


Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Hero Tactics

In addition to the Lords Dwarf heroes are a good way to bolster the army. Be careful not to over spend points on your heroes, you will need plenty of points for your core troops.


Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Lord

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Lord

If you can not afford the points for a Dwarf Lord, or you have filled all your Lord slots, then the Dwarf Thane is a good option.


Master Engineer

Dragon Slayer


Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Lord Tactics

The Dwarf Lords are the most battle hardened of the Dwarfs. Dwarf Lords can also have the most magic items. In this section we will have a look at the Dwarf Lords and the Warhammer Dwarf Lord Tactics.

As armies go there are not many Dwark Lord choices. Only 3. The Dwarf lord, The Runelord, and the Daemon Slayer. There are no named lords to choose from. This means that both you and most of your opponents will be very familiar with the choices.

The options that you have to mix it up to allow for some surprises is the magic items. Dwarf Lords have access to quite an array of magic items as these are mondaine items with a combitation of up to three runes. As there are a number of runes to choose from, your opponent will not know what they are facing until the first blow lands.

As the magic runes are your only chance for a surprise, you may want to earmark extra points to pay for these runes. This is contrary to my usual advice of being cautious about spending too many points on your Lords.

Dwarf Lord

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Lord

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Lord

Dwarfs Lords are good options an your army leader. With the right equipment that are a match for most opponents if they have to answer a challenge.

Dwarf Lord vs Black Orc Warboss

The Dwarf Lords are a near equal match with the Black Orc Warboss. The points cost is the same, but the Warboss has a point more strength, and a point more speed. The Dwarf Lord get a point more ballistic skill and leadership. As I do not think much to giving your best fighter a firearm instead of a big axe, this leaves you with a small advantage with the leadership.


Dwarf don’t have magic, so they don’t have Magicians, they have rune smiths instead.

Rune Lords have another bonus. They come with two dispel dice.

Daemon Slayer

The Daemon Slayer is the toughest of the Slayer style Dwarfs. Ther are still loners though, so they can not join normal units.

The Daemon Slayers stats are very similar to the Dwarf Lords with a point better initiative, but 35 points cheaper.

Look out sir!

Daemon Slayers can still benifit from the ‘Look Out Sir’ rule even though they can not join a unit. This is at the lower 50% chance of survival. This means that it is a good idea to keep the Daemon Slayer near, and may be behind a squad so he can not be targeted as easily by ranged weapons.


Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Lord
Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Lord

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Lord

Dwarfs are the miners of the Warhammer underworld. They are tough, stubborn, and have no magic. In This Section we will be looking at the Fantasy Dwarf army and their tactics.

In many ways the Dwarf army is a good choice for beginners. Their uncomplicated tactics make it easy for beginners to the game. In this section we will have a look at the Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Tactics that cover the whole army.

General Dwarf Tactics

The Dwarf army has a few well used tactics. Be aware that although these tactics are effective, your opponent will be expecting them.


Dwarfs are slower than most armies. This means that you will not be able to rush around the table. You will need to get to enemy to come to you.

Dwarfs are slow, but they are purposeful. Dwarfs are never march blocked. This means when the forces get bunched up, the dwarfs may end up being faster than other armies!

Runes, Not Magic

Dwarfs do not have magic in the normal way. This means that you will not have a magic phase. What Warhammer Dwarfs do get instead are Runes. These are magical markings that can be engraved on weapons, armour and equipment to improve their qualities.

One advantage of Runes is that they can not be dispelled. This makes them very predictable, and remember that perdicability is the corner stone of tactics and strategy.

The trick to using runes is to remember that they do not affect the enemy directly, like a fire ball would, but they are used to enhance armour and weapons. An example would be to make a cannonball a flaming attack.

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Warhammer Fantasy High Elf Tactics

In this section we will look at the High Elves, and the High Elf tactics. The High Elves are an organised elegant army, defiantly not for someone who likes grunge.

You will need the main Warhammer rule book and the High Elf army book to play this army. These pages are a companion to these books and not a replacement.

Special Rules

The High Elf army only has two army wide special rules. They will be easy to remember.

Valour of Ages

This is a special rule that benefits the High Elves when they are fighting Dark Elves. Depending on how often you are fighting Dark Elves, the benefit of this rule will vary.

Speed of Asuryan

High Elfs get a special ‘Always goes first’ special rule. This is special because the always always go first. By this I mean that they get to stike first in combat regardless of the weapons they carry, or if the opponent has a ‘always go first ‘ weapon.

General High Elf Tactics

High Elves do not have much in the way of War machines. In fact they only have one choice, the Repeater Bolt Thrower. To make up for this you will have to use Bowmen and magic.

Be careful not to over spend on your Lord Choices. If you spend too many points on your leader, you will not have enough rank and file troops. This will mean that your opponent will only have to kill one model to win the game, and even the toughest Lord will quickly fall to a well placed lobed stone.

High Elf Lord Choices

The Elf Lords are the toughest of the Elves. Not only do they have better stats than the rank and file Elves, but they get access to all the magic item goodies too.

Named Lords

Like most armies, the High Elf army book lists a number of named characters. As usual you can only have up to one of each character in you army at a time. This becomes a little more complicated if you are playing with multiple player on each side. You will have to decide on house rules to if you can have one a specific named character once per side or once per player.



Eltharion The Grim

The High Elf lord Eltharion is the character that the lord in the Island of Blood box set is baced on. This means that if you have this box set you could field this named lord.

Alith Anar


The Prince is the best warriors that are available to the High Elf army.


The Archmage is the most powerful magic user available to the Elf army. As the High Elf depends on it’s magic to a few amount, you may need to have a Archmage in your army on a regular basics.

High Elf Hero Tactics

Aiding the Lord, you will usually have one or two Heroes to aid the Lord. The High Elf army has a good selection of heroes to choose from.

Named Heroes



High Elf Noble

High Elf Mage

Dragon Mage of Caldedor

High Elf Core Unit Tactics


The High Elf army does not have much in the way of artillery. In the High Elf the archers fill this role.

The High Elf bowmen are armed with the long bow. This is the longest ranged hand weapon available, and you should be able to cover 2/3rds of the table.

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The High Elf Spearman usually form the front ranks of the High Elf army. You will usually need two or three Spearmen units in a 2K game. These units will take the brunt of the enemy attacks while your specialist units can do their jobs.

Lothern Sea Guard

The Lothern Sea Guard are the Marine force of the High Elf army.

The advantage of the Lothern Sea Guard is different because they come armed with swords, spears and bows as standard. This makes them very versatile troops.

High Elf Special Units

The High Elf army a has quite a few special units. This is because the High Elf army is quite a bit of a specialist army. By that I mean that he High Elf units are more suited to specific roles, and the skill is using the right units for the right tasks.

Sword Masters of Hoeth

The great thing about the Swords Masters of Hoeth is that they have great weapons and still strike first!

Phoenix Guard

White Lions of Chrace

Silver Helms

Dragon Princes of Caledor

Ellyrian Reavers

Shadow Warriors

Tiranoc Chariot

Lion Chariot of Chrace

High Elf Rare Unit Tactics

There are two Rare choices available to the High Elf army. Out of these the Bolt thrower is a favourite.

The High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower

The High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower is the only artillery option in the army.

The High Elf Great Eagle

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Warhammer Fantasy Empire Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy Empire General

Warhammer Fantasy Empire General

The Empire is the world of men in the Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy world. In this section we will investigate the armies of the empire and Empire Tactics.

Why play a Empire army?

So what are the key points of an Empire Army? There are several strong reasons to play Empire, they are the arm where you have the broadest range of options. You can have an army of many troops, or you can have a Brittonian mounted Army, or a magic heavy army, the options are huge!

The empire army has the look and feel of the European middle ages, with the odd fantasy item thrown in, wizards, dragons, and steam tanks.

Empire Lord Tactics

The Lords selection of an army is where you can find the biggest toughest warriors for your army. And to be honest, with the Empire army, having a hero that packs a punch is really useful.

Named Lords

The Empire army has a number of named Lords that you could field. These lords have extra special rules that the standard Lord choices do not have. To beware! These extra rules come with a cost, and if you do not know or use the special rules then you may end up spending points on your lord that you do not use, and could be better spent elsewhere!

The Emperor Karl Franz

Kurt Helborg

Grand Theogonist Volkmar

Balthasar Gelt

General of the Empire

Fantasy-Empire-Hero-Captin-of-the-Empire-thumb100x144The General of the Empire of the Generic Empire General. You can tool him up with weapons and magic. Be careful to remember what type of opponent you will be facing when choosing the upgrades. When you are facing Goblins you will want weapons that will kill lots of little creatures, but when you are fighting Ogres you will want a fewer harder hitting punches.

Temple Grand Master

Arch Lector of Sigmar

Wizard Lord

Magic is an important part of the Warhammer 8th Edition Empire army. This is because magic is one area where the
puny human bodies are not out matched by bigger more brutish creatures that inhabit the Warhammer world.

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Empire Hero Choice Tactics

Named Heroes

Ludwig Scharzhelm

Luthor Huss

Captain of the Empire

Warrior Priest

Battle Wizard

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Master Engineer

Empire Core Unit Tactics

The Empire Army has a good number of core units to choose from. This will allow you to design any type of arm that matches your style of play. If you favour a swarm army, then the Spearmen are cheap. If you want to pay a gun line, then there are hand gunners, archers and crossbowmen, a cavalry army can be created by fielding Knightly Orders. Ususally a mix of these tactics are used to allow the maximum flexibility. The is specially true if you do not know what army you will be playing.




Knightly Orders




Free Company

Empire Special Unit Tactics




Great Cannon

The Empire Great Cannon is the largest cannon in the game. It has a range of 5 feet, so you will be able to reach anything on the table that you can see.


The Mortar is another war machine option available to you. It works like a stone thrower but it has a reduced range and damage. What to do get is a 5″ blast marker and -1 armour save.

Empire Rare Unit Tactics

Flagellant Warband

Helbaster Volley Gun

The Helbaster Volley Gun is a more extreme version of the Dwarf Organ Gun. You roll the artillery dice 3 times to find the number of shots. This means that you have 3 chances to roll a misfire or a 50% chance. The up side is that you could get 30 x S5 shots off.

Fielding a volley gun is a big gamble, but it can pay off big too.

Helstorm Rocket Battery

Steam Tank

The Steam Tank is loosely based on the Leonardo Da Vinci drawings. Of coarse Leonardo did not know about steam, so his was peddle powered!

The Steam tank can be temperamental. They are great to start with, but as they take wounds, generating steam to move and shoot increasingly damages the tank further.

The Steam Tank is tough but strength 3 and 4 weapons and wound it on 6’s.


8th Ed Fantasy Battles Close Combat Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz

Mastering the close combat phase in Warhammer 8th edition Fantasy Battles can be seen in 3 phases. The first phase is to learn the basic mechanics of the close combat phase. The rule book does a very good job of leading you through the close combat rules, so I recommend that you read and practice this as a first step. The second phase of becoming a master of close combat in Warhammer 8th edition, is to become a master of how to assault different army formations to get the best results. The third and last phase is knowing how to arrange your units to avoid all the pitfalls that you have discovered as you where mastering how to assault your opponents formations. For this reason I will be concentrating on the second phase of mastering the close combat phase here.

Start at the End

This may seem odd. But once you have mastered the basics of the close combat phase, the best way to formulate strategies to use in the close combat phase, is to start with how you would like the combat to conclude and then work backwards planning different ways you can reach your goal or goals.

The Panic Test

In a pefect close combat, the best possible result to cause a panic test on as many units as possible by wiping out a unit in 6″ (15cm) of lots of other units. The easiest way to achieve this is to hit a relatively small unit with a much larger one. This will give you the best chance of wiping the enemy squad in a total annihilation.

Another option is to assault with two units at the same time. This will apply the greatest pressure to the enemies weakest spot. If you have read Sun Tzu’s art of war, you will see that this follows one of his main principles.

If you can not wipe out a unit, causing a unit to flee is almost as good as this will cause other enemy units in 6″ to need a panic test too. The difference is that the fleeing unit has a chance to rally later.

Choosing the Right Target

Now we know the outcome that we want, you can look around for a good target unit. We have already covered that the unit must be small enough to give a good chance at annihilation, and that it should be in 6″ of other units, and positioned so that if you do annihalate the unit, you will over run in to a second soft target.

There are other considerations too. For example, if the near by units are unbreakable then this tactic will not be effective. Also you will need to bear in mind army special rules too. For example Orcs do not panic if Goblins are annihilated or caused to flee. In this case you are better off targeting an Orc unit as annihilating one of these will cause both Orc and Goblin units to flee.

Another consideration is if the target unit is behind cover of defending a building. In this case annihilating the unit will be tough to do.  Catching units in the open is frequent enough to aim for easier pickings.

This size of the target unit is a concideration too. If you are aiming for anniliation there can not be more wounds left in the target than you have attacks. So a unit 5 across the first rank that has one hand weapon and a unit leader can usually expect to have 11 attacks (5 from the first rank, 5 supporting attacks from the second rank and an additional attack from the unit leader). So even if all 11 attacks hit, wound, and are not saved, you will not be able to wipe out an enemy unit of 12+ without help. If you start to factor in the relative weapon skill, strength vs toughness, and probable armour saves you will be able to work out what size of units you can take on or how much help you will need.

Close Combat Tactics

Defeating the Combat Reform

If you do not wipe out the target unit in one round then you and your opponent can make a combat reform. You can use this to broaden the width of your ranks to bring more troops in to an attacking formation, or narrow the ranks so you have more ranks which will give you the stead fast advantage, or negate the enemies chance to get the steadfast advantage.

However, it is to your benefit if the enemy unit is not able to reform specially if you have closed assault in to the sid or rear flank, or have your stronger unit assaulting in to the side or rear flank. To stop the enemy unit being able to reform, you need to assault the enemy unit from at least 2 directions. This could be the left flank and front, or better still a side flank and rear. This will leave the target unit with a much reduced fighting ability as you finish them off. Remember that blocking the enemies ability to reform will not stop your units reforming as long as there is not a second enemy unit counter assaulting you!

Close combat with a little help from your friends

If you are looking to annihilate a unit, and the main unit that you are sending in to the close combat may not be up to the job on their own, you have several options to help them out.

Close combat and strength in numbers

The first is to reform to give a wider front rank. For example if you are assaulting a unit that is 5 wide in the front rank, and you reform to have 7 models on the front rank, you will have all the attacks from 2 extra models on the front rank, and the supporting attacks from 2 models on the second rank, This usually raises your number of attacks from 11 to 15.

This will take a little planning as you will have to reform on an earlier turn than the turn that you initiate the assault. You can not usually reform and assault in the same turn. However remember that having a musician in the unit may allow you to do a fast reform and allow you to move in to an attacking position.

Close assault with the help of a second unit

The next option is to see if you can have either units moving in to close assault from another flank. This s the fortay of the chariots. Chariots are not good at initiating an assault, but the are good at causing impact hits on units in assault already. Heavy chavelry work in a similar fashion and can move across the battle table quickly to offer support from an unexpected direction.

Close Combat, bring in the Boss

Another option is to move a Hero or Lord in to the unit. Characters normally have more attacks, beater weapons, and better skills that will help slice through the numbers. Characters like Lords and Heroes can move from unit to unit to allow you to add the extra mussel where it is needed. However characters can be vulnerable out in the open, so do not leave these valuable assets exposed.

Close Combat, Bring in the Big Guns

The last way to get some help from your friends is to apply some heavy artillery against the target unit. This should thin the ranks so there are not so many models that need assaulting. The last chance to shoot at the unit will be the turn before you assault. This means that you will have to be careful that you do not give the plan away. If you do your opponent will have a turn in which he can attempt to spoil your scheme. Be careful not to use too much fire power here. You do not want to totally annihilate the target unit through shooting as this would mean that there would be nothing left to assault.

Magic can be classed in a similar way to artillery attacks here too. Your magic can be used to thin out the ranks, and it happens in the previous round so it could give the game away. However magic is different in that you have a selection of effects you can use. Direct damage spells are the obvious blunt force option, however there are a number of spells that will weaken or slow down the opponents target unit, or inhibit his supporting units to help, and there are other spells that will make your units faster or better so that they will cause more damage. I will cover these issues in the magic master class.

Close Combat Help from the Terrain

The lay of the land and obsticals can aid your assault too. First obstacles like buildings and walls can hinder the enemies supporting units from getting in to the fight. And secondly fighting from a higher level will aid your combat resolution if you do not wipe out the unit.

Close Combat Closing summary

In this Close combat master class for the Warhammer 8th edition we have seen that for the best results you need to do a bit of planning eith a result in mind, see a opportunity and then use tne whole army in a coordinated fashion to bring that desired result to fruition. Bearing in mind that your opponant will be trying to throught you plans at every turn, and kill you in to the bargain, you will see that this is no easy task. But that is where the fun is! With a bit of practise you will be able to take on more experienced players and one day declare that you are a Close Assault Phase Master!


General Warhammer Fantasy Tactics

AoS Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount
 In this section we will look at the tactics that apply to all the Warhammer 8th Edition Fantasy armies!


Warhammer Fantasy Empire GeneralLeadership is very important in Warhammer Fantasy. The main source of leadership will be from your Lords and Heroes. Keep these characters near the center of your army. This is specially true if you are fielding an army that generally has a low leadership score.

Movement and Placement

The next most important skill is manoeuvring your forces so they are in the right place at the right time.

Magic Tactics

Magic is a major part of the Warhammer Fantasy Armies battles.

One thing to be aware of, is that there is a lot more magic dice in the 2010 rules. Now you get 2D6 magic dice per turn. This means that you could have anywhere between 2 and 12 magic dice, with an average of 7.

The Role of Magic Users

The magicians have three roles, they can cast spells that protect or enhance your forces, they can cast spells that damage the enemy forces, and they can dispel your opponents spells.

How many dice?

More dice you roll the higher you chances are of you rolling a miscast. Also rolling too many will reduce the number me dice for other spells. He you roll too few dice then you will fail to cast and end the magic phase. I suggest the best number me dice to roll is enough for the average to cover the cast plus one.

Remember the average roll of a single dice is 3.5. We will round this down to 3. The average of 2 dice is 7, of 3 is 10 rounded down, of 4 is 14 etc. So for a level 2 wizard to cast a 16+ spell you need to roll a minimum of 14 (16-2), so 4 dice plus 1 (5 dice) should cover it most times. If it is important to get the spell off, add an extra dice (6 in this example).

War Machines

Not being out done by magic, science has created war machines that can be just as devastating as spells.

Where to Place Your War Machines

War machines tend to be long-range and need line of sight (the operators need to be able to see the target). This means that placing them where you can see the greatest amount of the table. A hill will do perfectly. If no hills are available, then you want to place your war machine where they can see as much of the table as possible between the buildings and woodlands and all.

The exception from the line of sight is for guess weapons. Guess weapons do not need line of sight. So you can place them out of sight from enemy artillery.

Measure Before You Decide

In 8th Edition Warhammer rules you can measure the distances before you pick a target. As this is allowed, then you are highly recommended to do so.

Bolt Thrower War Machines

Bolt Thrower War Machines are huge great bows and arrows! They have a good range and, if they are well placed, should be able to cover most of the table.

Cannon War Machines

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Cannon

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Cannon

Cannons are used by the realms of men and Dwarfs. The lob a heavy cannon ball that land and then bounce forward. The damage they cause is the line between the first impact and the cannon balls final resting place.

Fire Thrower War Machines

Not all the Warhammer war machines are long ranged. You will come across war machines that have a range of 24″ or less. These are infantry support weapons and are designed the be placed on, or just behind, your front line.

Deciding on the first landing spot

These days you able to pre-measure the distance that the cannon ball lands and this makes the use of the cannons so much easier to use. Basically it takes the guess work out of using the cannons. The usual process is to pick a valid target and call out how many inched that you  want the cannon ball  to land at. As you Would be able to pre measure the distance the opponents usually will not bother that you have not pinpointed the exact location and allow you  to move straight on to rolling the artillery dice. this does speed up game play too.

Stone Thrower War Machines

Stone Thower war machines have one of the longest ranges, and they have a large impact area, which is great against large targets (as measured in surface area ), and can be effective against monstrous creatures with a lucky roll of the dice!

Gun lines

Closely linked the use of War Machines is the tactic of the gun line. This tactic is basically to have a wall of fire power and wait for the enemy to come to you, and hope that you can kill enough of they through shooting before they get in to close combat.

Dwarf players are known to use this tactic, but other armies like High Elves, with their longbows, are known to use this tactic too.

Close Combat Tactics

If you have a unit who are in close combat with two or more enemy units, you will find that some models have a choice of target. If one of there targets have a lower initiative, it is usually better to target this unit as it will reduce the number of returned blows. Concentrate on striking at the weakest unit. This will maximize the number of kills for the combat resolution.

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Creating Regiment Bases

Regiment Bases are neat a way to manage a large number of models in a unit. In the following video I will show you how you can make simple regiment bases that will slot in to movement trays.

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