The Minora Chronicles : The Mage Wars – Chapter 1 – The War Council

King Kurtis was sitting at the round table with all his war advisers. The situation was dark, and the atmosphere was very tense.

“The war with the Klan has been under-way for years and wore out each of our countries. Every day our warriors repulse the assaults from their army of Chaos Warriors and Daemons along our borders, but our military is unable to have a decisive victory.

This stalemate has led to the deterioration of our nerves. The soldiers are nervous and begin to be ungovernable. Our traiding links are being harassed and caravans are being raided. Today, in this room, we should study a winning strategy, and able to end the war with the Klan.”

AoS Human Freepeoples General on foot woth 2 handed weaponThe man who had spoken was Hayno, the army chief of the King.

Hayno was a veteran, his whole life had been marked by battles and wars and was the best soldier of the kingdom. Kurtis knew that if Hayno, had described that situation, that corresponded to reality.

Hayno had the entire body full of scars, and was proud to show them as war trophies, he had no fear and refused defeat, but he was also very smart and knew the difference between a courageous action and a suicide assault. Hayno does not attack if he was not sure of winning, and if he declared that the soldiers were ungovernable, then the situation was more dangerous than expected.

All other men at the table were the ministers of King Kurtis, but everyone knew that the only ones who could actually decide something were King Kurtis, Hayno and Prince Martinez, the king’s son and heir to the throne.

Warhammer Fantasy Empire GeneralPrince Martinez was the opposite of his father. King Kurtis was old and tired, fat and thoughtful. Kurtis was an intelligent and thoughtful man, his whole kingdom was based on strategies, on finding shortcuts and smart solutions to all conflicts. All his action was studied in detail, with all the pros and all the cons.

Prince Marinez however, was muscular, ready for action and very rash on his decisions. Martinez followed his instinct, he was brave and was not stupid, but he was too impulsive, and many battles had been lost for his attack, brave, but stupid. The Klan knew Martinez and tried to provoke him in every possible way, and often the strategy was successful.

“I think we should attack this night. I am tired of waiting, and even my soldiers are bored. We can not waste any more time killing some marauders or lesser daemons every day. Our army must come out en-mass from our forts, and attack the camp of the Klan. We must kill them all. This is the best strategy. I can organize everything in a day, I just need an order! ” said Martinez, looking his father straight in the eye.

“Prince, it’s not so easy. The warriors of the Klan are not stupid and know how to fight very well. An attack like this could take them by surprise, but they would know how to defend themselves very well. I think we should study all the information we have collected the Klan leaders, their numbers, and their distribution to understand the secret of their abilities. In my entire, life, I have never seen anything like their warriors, they have no fear of dying!” said Hayno.

The hatred between him and Martinez was public knowledge, the Prince considered Hayno an old wreck of another era, and Hayno found Martinez, a child who loved to play the war, unwieldy and incapable. Hayno hoped to die before seeing Martinez on the Kingdom throne.

“You’ve always been opposed to all my initiatives, Hayno. You must understand one thing, which your time is over, and now it’s my time. I take the decisions, and I know how to win this war. The Klan uses black magic to enhance his soldiers, it is evident, and only old fool like you can not understand it.

The daemons of the Klan who die are resurrected by their mages, this is why, they are not afraid to die. Moreover, the Wizards of the Klan can create more daemons out of nowhere, and warriors and maunders flock to the Klan’s cause, this explains why the army kills many, and they keep coming back. You lose time to study this information, and, I’ve understood you, stupid old man.” said Prince Martinez.

Hayno was livid; his hand was near the hilt of his sword. All the ministers were holding their breath, Hayno was a great warrior and could kill Martinez in a second if he wanted to.

King Kurtis finally spoke, breaking the tension. “Martinez has hit the heart of the discussion. We do not know anything about the Klan; we do not know who their leaders are, what they want and why they attack us. We are aware that they use black magic. Well, then let’s use magic to aid us too. If our soldiers are not afraid to die, we will play on equal terms. Our goal will be to kill their mages. In this way we will destroy the best weapon of the Klan.”

“Well! That speaks correctly, father. At last, you have found the courage to act!” Martinez said.

That was a defeat for Hayno, who tried to reason with King Kurtis. “King, the magic is uncontrollable, we could evoke great catastrophes, and events over which we have no control.”

“Ridiculous! An expert mages can control everything.” said Martinez.

“It is not true, and you know it!” responded Hayno.

The two men came face to face, their heads touching. Martinez smiled, challenging Hayno to strike first.

Kurtis spoke again. “Stop, this bickering! It offend me. Hayno, you will remain here to defend the city as you always have. Marinez, your mission is to find the best Battle Mages of the kingdom. Find them fast, every second counts!”

“Yes, father, I was expecting this order for a long time. I have battle mages on call that will awake the elements and bring down a rain of lightning that will destroy the Klan once and for all. I will ride today and bring the best battle mages back to the city in time for the great feast!”

Martinez came out quickly from the room. For Hayno looked like a child, happy to have had a new toy. The young Prince did not know to play in very dangerous territory.

Hayno bowed his head, for a moment he thought about rebellion, then his soldier’s instincts took over his pride. “Aye, my King. Long live to the  Kingdom.” and he thought, “This is the beginning of the end.”

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Chaos Sorcerer LordFar away in the forbidden lands Morag glotes over his scouring bowl, “I can see you, and know exactly where you will be going. Krigor, ready fast riders, we need to set a trap!”


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There is a difference between tactics and strategy, and not many people know what it is.

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