Chaos Space Marine Tactics

Warhammer 40k Khorne Berzerker Chaos Space Marine

In the age of the Great Heresy a full half measure of the Space Marine armies where corrupted by Chaos these corrupted Space Marines becomes the Heretic Astartes, or Chaos Space Marines! The 2017 Space Marine Codex has arrived! Armed with the new codex I will be updating these pages with all the new Codex loveliness! On this page we will have a look at the Chaos Space Marines and their tactics. Also see: Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Tactics Also see: Coming soon, Chaos Daemon Tactics Also buy: Discount Chaos Space Marine Codex and Miniatures from Element Games General Chaos Space Marine Tactics The Chaos Space Marines are not just your vanilla Marines in spiky suits. There are a number of differences that make a huge difference to how they play. Many players that are new to the Chaos Space Marines see the army as a close combat specific army. The reason for this is that there are a lot of close combat units available, specially for the popular Khorne themed army ( see Marks of Chaos below ). Remember that the Chaos Space Marines are only half of the Chaos army. Much like the Imperium Space Marines have the…

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WH40k Chaos Space Marine Black Legion Tactics

If you have been playing Chaos Space Marines for a while and you are looking to add a bit more character to your army then you may be interested in the Black Legion Black Legion Codex Supplement that adds extra rules for the Chaos Space Marines that follow Abaddon the Despoiler and the Sons of Horus (a Chaos Space Marine army and not some Heavy Metal pop group!). The rule for the Black Legion come from the Codex Supplement: Black Legion. You can buy this from the Black Libaray to download, or from online stores like Element Games. You will need the full Codex Space Marines to use this supplement, so make sure you have a copy of that first, or easy access to a copy! What’s in the Codex Supplement? In the Black Legion supplement you get : Black Legion special rules. Chaos Space Marine Artifacts for the Black Legion. Black Legion Warlord Traits 7 Black Legion formations 8 Black Legion themed Missions Black Legion Tactical Objectives Chaos Artifacts of the Black Legion The Black Legion supplement comes with rules and points for 6 Black Legion artifacts. You do not need to limit yourself to these artifacts if you…

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Great 4 Handed game highlights armies strengths and weaknesess

On Saturday we had a great game of Warhammer with 2 Chaos forces ( Chaos Space Marine and Daemons of Tzeentch) face 2 forces of Order (Using AoS) armies of Space Marines and Tau. Richard and I had a quick pre-game match to get use to our new armies. Ghks was the first time I have played Chaos Daemons in 40k so I was flipping back and forth through the Codex getting use to the Daemon Special Rules. Richard also got to grips with the raft of new weapons availible to the Tau since the last Codex. In the afternoon Lee and Mark arrived for the main battle royal. Lee brought Space Marines with him and Mark had Chaos Space Marines. This is what Richard had suggested would be the case so no big surprises there. As Richard and Lee where long time 40k comrades and because it made a better match to the background fluff Richard and Lee teamed up as the forces of order against Mark and I who where the new comers championing  the forces of Chaos. My first surprise was when I saw the army that Mark brought. As we where playing 1000 points per player…

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Chaos Space Marine Tactics Updated

Having spent a good few weeks updating the Tyranid Tactics and adding new and improved Tyranid Pics on the website it is now time to update the Chaos Space Marine Tactics for the 7th Edition of Warhammer 40000. At the moment the Chaos Space Marine Pages are short of decent pics. With this in mind I have a marathon painting session in progress painting Chaos Space Marines that you will be able to see soon!


40k Supplementary Rules

From time to time Games Workshop release supplementary rules for Warhammer 40000. You do not need these rules to play 40k, but if you have been playing a while they add some alternatives to the game to keep it interesting. Also see: Warhammer 40k Kill Teams. Kill Teams is a skirmish game using the full Warhammer 40k rules with a small  200 points force. It’s great if you are short on time or want to try out a new squad type. Also see: Warhammer 40k Cities of Death. Cities of Death is an add-on to the full Warhammer 40k rules that adds extra rules and scenarios for fighting in cities and built up battlegrounds. Also see: Warhammer 40k Planet Strike. Planet Strike adds rules to simulate the first few days of land fall when an invading force tries to get a foot hold on a new planet. These games can be really brutal and are some time over on 2 rounds. Be prepared to add plenty of house rules here. Also see: Warhammer 40k Spearhead. This is a great rules expansion for tread heads and tanks fanatics. 40k Spearhead adds rules for full tank formations and tank on Tank battles….

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Chaos Space Marine Heavy Support Tactics

The Chaos Space Marine army us configured to work better as a close combat army. However this does not have to be true. And even if you are playing a close combat army, having some heavy fire power to clear the route in is always useful. Most heavy support options have big guns so they do not have to get so close to the enemy to do dammage. Unlike most other armies the Chaos Heavy support nomally have some close combat ability too. This means that the Chaos Space Marine Heavy Support can move up the table during the game giving troops some close support fire power, or leave them sitting on objectives knowing that if one of the opponent squads turn up to take the objective then you don’t have to give it up without a fight! Chaos Havoc Space Marine Tactics Havocs are regular Chaos Space Marines that have a special fondness for heavy and special weapons. Unlike the Imperial Space Marine Heavy Weapon squads the Chaos Space Marine Havocs can be configured to have either a heavy weapon role or a close support role by arming the Chaos Havocs with special weapons. Remembrr that all Havocs have…

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Chaos Space Marine Fast Attack Tactics

The 2012 Chaos Space Marine Codex has added a few new options to the Fast Attack section. This means that you have plenty of choices. This is good as the Chaos army does tend to like fighting close up, and the faster you can get there the better! The Fast Attack units are getting more important with the 7th Edition of the 40k rules. The Maelstrom of War missions and the tactical objectives are forcing armies to move around the table a whole lot more during the game. This means that the army with fast, hard hitting units will prevail over gun line armies that ruled the roost in the 5th and 6th edition of Warhammer 40k. If you have not considered adding fast units to your army before, then now is the time to start! Chaos Bikers The Chaos Space Marine Bikers are very similar to their Imperial Space Marine brethren. By that I mean that they are small unit that can move around the game table quickly if they have the space to move. Two Chaos Bikers can take special weapons. This means that the Chaos Space Marine Bikers are useful to attack weak spots in your opponents lines and disrupt…

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Chaos Space Marine Troop Tactics

Troops are the hart and life blood of an army. The main way that this manifests in Warhammer 40k is that usually only troop units can capture and control objectives. This means that you have to have enough troop units at the end of the game to control the objectives, or else all you hard work is in vain! The Chaos Space Marine army has 2 troop choices as standard, the Chaos Space Marine units and the Chaos Cultists. These 2 options are often expanded to include one of the Elite unit types depending on the HQ choice that you pick. Chaos Space Marines The Chaos Space Marines are the Chaos corrupted version of the Imperial Space Marine. This means that if you are familiar with the standard Space Marines then you will be able to adapt to the Chaos Space Marines quickly. Know no Fear? Oh yes they do! The main difference that you will come across if you are moving across from the Imperial Space Marines to the Chaos Space Marines is that you loose the ‘ And they know no Fear’ special rule. In practical terms this may mean that you will need to take more pinning…

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Chaos Space Marine Elite Tactics

There is no doubt about it, with the Chaos Space Marine army you do have a good selection of Elite choices to choose from. It is very easy to max out the Elite spots on your army list. But be careful, it is the Troop choices that win the games and not the Elite units. The solution to this a careful selection of your HQ choice as the right HQ selection can make selective Elite units available as Troop units too. Chaos Chosen Space Marine Tactics The Chosen Chaos Space Marines are similar to the Codex Space Marine Veteran Squads. They can come in relatively small squads of 5 Chosen Marines and if you upgrade one of the Chosen Marines to a Chosen Champion, then all 5 Chosen Marines can be given special weapons. Arming a 5 man Chosen Chaos Space Marine squad with special Weapons means that you have a very hard hitting but expensive unit. This means that you need to have a plan for your Chosen Marines. If you can do this when you are building your army list, please all the better! Chaos Possessed Space Marine Tactics Possessed Chaos Space Marines are Chosen Chaos Space Marines…

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Chaos Space Marine HQ Tactics

The Chaos Space Marine Army benefits from having a strong leader, and the Chaos army list has a number to choose from. Be careful here though, many of these HQ choices can cost a packet in points. You will want to make sure that you do no spend more that 25% of your points on HQ choices, otherwise you may find that you do not have enough points left for an army to back up your hero. Named HQ Characters The Chaos Marine army has a number of special characters that you can choose from. Be careful of the points cost for these characters. One man alone will not win the game for you, specially when they can not claim objectives. Abaddon The Despoiler Abaddon The Despoiler is the most powerful of the Chaos Space Marine special characters, and has the highest points cost. Abaddon is a one man army, but he costs more than the points you pay for a Chaos Land Raider. This means that for every turn that Abaddon is not doing something then you have a sizeable section of your army redundant. This in turn means that you will need to get Abaddon on to the…

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