Incoming! New Imperial Guard Codex arrives this weekend

Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard Company Commander and Cammand Squad

Yes! A new Imperial Guard Codex is imminent, and it’s looking like it will be a cracker. The Codex releases are coming out thick and fast for Warhammer 40k 8th edition from Games Workshop. In this Codex we are expecting new rules for the Imperial Guard regiments. It is expected that the different regiments of renown are getting special rules. This will add colour and diversity to the Guard army. Notes about the Catachan and Mordian armies have been added to the Community website’s already. Other regiments will have notes posted during the week. Also buy: Discount Imperial Guard essentials from Element Games


Imperial Guard Tactics

Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard Armoured division

The Imperial Guard, or Astra Militarum is the front line of humanities desperate battle to survive in a very hostile universe. Oh yes the Space Marines think that they are the heroes and saviours of human kind, but they are few in number in relation to the vastness of space. The true saviours are the Astra Militarum, the Imperial Guard, the vast numbers of GI Joes putting boots on the ground, eating dirt, and paying the price in blood. In this section we will be looking at tactics for using the Imperial Guard armies in the Warhammer 40000 8th edition game. To understand these tactics you will need the basic rules and a copy (or regular access to) the Index: Imperium 2 rules Also see: WH40k 7th Ed Imperial Guard Tactics Also buy: Discount Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) from Wayland Games Also buy: Discount Index: Imperium 2 rule book from Element Games Astra Militarum General Tactics Playing Imperial Guard armies in Warhammer 40k can be great! You get loads of troops and some of the biggest guns in the game. You are never short of number when playing this army. The skill comes in when it comes time to co-ordinate…

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WH40k (7th Ed) Imperial Agents Tactics 

Over the years Games Workshop have created a number of auxiliary Imperial Forces that are not quite big enough to warrant their own Codex, but are too fun to play to drop completely. These include The Sisters of Battle, Assassins, The Legion of the Dammed, and Inquisition, amongst others. Recently Games Workshop have done the right thing by bringing all these factions in to one Codex, Codex: Imperial Agents. If you have been collecting Warhammer models for a while, or you have one of the boxed games that have these units in, you will want this updated Codex with the latest rules and updates. Imperial Agents General Tactics The Imperial Agents are not designed as a stand alone army. This does not mean that you cannot use them on their own. It’s just how they are designed, so let’s have a look at this first. Imperial Agent Factions Cult Mechanicus: Mechanics with optional labotomised heavy weapons. Aeronautical Imperialis: Fire power on the wing and good for fast troop transportation too. Adeptus Astra Telepathica: Imperial Psykers that come singularly or as brotherhood of psychers. Adepta Sororitas: Guard in Power Armour, or low point Marines? Make of them what you will. They…

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Imperial Guard Heavy Support under the spotlight

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Leman Russ Battle Tank

Time to get back to the keyboard and update the some strategy and tactic pages. This week I have been updating the Imperial Guard Heavy Support Tactics. The Heavy Support section is where you will find all the tanks and mobile artillery options for the Imperial Guard army, so expect to find lots Guard Tank Tactics! Also see: Warhammer 40k Tank Tactics


Imperial Guard Heavy Support Tactics

Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard Basilisk

In this section we will be looking at the tactics for the Imperial Guard Heavy Supports choices. > Also see the 40k Tanks tactic page General Imperial Guard Heavy Support Tactics With all the infantry heavy weapons moved to the Troops section, the Imperial Guard heavy support choices are left with the tanks and gun batteries – and a lot of them too. Not only does the new Imperial Guard Codex list a lot of new variations, or borrowed Forge World tank variations, but now you can have many more tanks in a standard army because you can field a squadron of tanks as a single heavy support choice. This means that you could field up to three squadrons of three tanks per army, that adds up to 9 tanks on the table! (points permitting) in a battle forged army. Leman Russ Tank Squadron Tactics A Leman Russ tank squadron is made up form one to three of the Leman Russ battle tank variations. Seven variations are listed in the codex, and you can mix and match then in your squadrons. Leman Russ Tanks have the Tank (Heavy) status. This means that they cannot move during the shooting phase (going…

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Imperial Guard Fast Attack Tactics

In this section we will be looking at the Imperial Guard Fast Attack units and their tactics. The Imperial Guard are not designed as a fast attack army, their main strength in numbers and big guns. However Imperial Guard fast attack units come in hand when the big guns have broken the enemy and you need units to chase down the remnants Scout Sentinel Squadron Sentinels come in two types. The lighter Scout Sentinels and the heaver Armoured Sentinels. The lighter Scout Sentinels are designed to move forward and find the lay of the land. As such they are more lightly armoured be have some sneaky tactics. Sentinels as Scouts How good is this? a vehicle that has the scout special rule! This means that you get a special move at the start of the game, or they can be held in reserve to out flank! If you deploy them and use their special move. This could be used to tease the opponent, for example you place the sentinels where it draws your opponent to set up where he can shot at the sentinels, and then at the start of the game you move them in to cover, leaving your…

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Imperial Guard Troop Tactics

In this section we will look at the troop choices available to the Imperial Guard army and Imperial Guard Troop Tactics. Infantry Platoon The hart of the Imperial Guard army is the Infantry Platoon. The platoon system means that you can deploy a lot of troops and infantry heavy weapons (points permitting). It is very rare that you need to deploy more than two platoons. Platoon Command Squad An Infantry Platoon needs one command squad. Command squads can be configured in different ways. Some people like to configure the command squads with heavy weapons as a small heavy weapons team, and some configure the Command squad as an assault squad. As an assault squad it will not have enough grunt to dent most army’s but it could be useful as a counter assault squad if your guards get assaulted. First Rank fire, 2nd Rank Fire! This order allows the assigned squad to fire more shots. It only works for lasguns and not heavy weapons. This order will work best when used on large squad. It may be best to use this order with the new ‘Combine’ Imperial Guard special rule. Move! Move! MOVE! This allows the selected squad to roll…

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Imperial Guard Elite Tactics

In this section we will be looking at the tactics for the Imperial Guard Elite choices. The Elite section is where you will find the more unusual option that can add ‘Flavour’ to your army. Keep your over all tactics in mind when you are choosing Elite units, and don’t over do it. They can be expensive and you may need your point for regular troops. Ogryn Squad Tactics The Ogryn are the Imperial Guard’s answer to the Space Marine Terminators. By this I mean that they are larger, tougher and more tooled up for close quarter fighting that the regular troops (Ogryns in Space Hulk anyone?). You can have 3 to 10 Ogryn in a squad. 6 Ogryns is if optimal as they can ride in a Chimera. General Ogryn Tactics Set the Ogryn squad so they can protect / assault the most dense cover. Ogryns work very well in city fight and jungle fight scenarios. If the densest terrain is not in or touching your deployment area, consider taking a Chimera to ferry the Ogryn to the most strategic location. Ripper Gun The Ogryn Ripper Gun is perfectly suited to the close quarter fighting style of the Ogryn…

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Imperial Guard HQ Tactics

In this section we will be looking at the Imperial Guard HQ tactics. As usual, you will need a copy of the Codex to make best use of this information. General Imperial Guard HQ Tactics There are 3 basic Imperial Guard HQ choices, there is the Company Command Squad, the Lord Commissar, which Yarrick is an example, and the Tank Commander.  Both the Company Command Squad  and the Tank Commander take up a large number of points, so If you are wanting to write up an army list for a smaller game the Lord Commissar is a worthy choice. For more regular sized battles ( 1500 plus points ) the Company Command Squad is very flexible, and for largest Apocalypse sized games fielding a tank only regiment headed by a Tank Commander can be fun too. Company Command Squad Tactics The Company Command Squad is the standard Imperial Guard HQ choice. For the points the command squad is very good value. The Command Squad has a Ballistic Skill of 4. The means that they are as good as Space Marines at shooting. This being the case is worth wile tooling them up with better weapons. I highly recommend upgrading to…

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