Space Marine HQ Tactics

Warhammer 40k Dark Angel Chaplain Asmodai

If you are creating a standard ‘Battle Forged’ army you will need a HQ squad. Even if you a creating an unordered army list then you will find that adding a HQ choice or two will add extra skills to your army that you will find very useful. In this section we will look at the Head Quarter choices available to the Space Marine army. It is highly recommended to have at least one Space Marine HQ unit for each game you play. There are very occasional times where you may come across low point scenarios where you do not need a HQ, but for the most part you can guarantee that you need one. As you will be needing a HQ unit for virtually every, it is highly recommended that you get to know the few HQ choices that you have available in detail. As usual you will need the Space marine Codex and a copy of the core rules. Also see: WH40k 7th Ed Character Tactics Also buy: Discount Space Marine Codex from Element Games Where are the command squads? Command Squads are now in the Elite units section. This does mean that your HQ  characters are not…

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Space Marine Tactics

Pre-heresy Dark Angel Space Marine

Space Marines! Heroes of the Imperium and genetically modified super soldiers. However you will find that you are often outnumbered. This means that tactical cunning is imperative. read this tactica to find out how to get the most from your Space marines. Space Marines are the easiest army for a new player to learn. They are very flexible in their tactics. For example a standard tactical team can fulfil the roles of infantry, support and assault. The downside of this flexibility is that Space Marines tend to be out numbered by enemy troops. When you play using Space Marines you are saying that quality is better than quantity! Space Marine General Tactics looks at tactics and strategies that work for all the Space Marines Chapters. Chapters that have different codex’s may find these pages useful. Also see: 40k Space Marine HQ Tactics Also see: 40k Space Marine Elite Tactics Also see: 40k Space Marine Troop Tactics Also see: 40k Space Marine Fast Attack Tactics Also see: 40k Space Marine Heavy Support Tactics Also see: 40k Dark Angel Space Marine Tactics Also buy: Discount Space Marine Codex From Element Games   General Space Marine Advice Due to the ‘all round’ nature…

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