Tyranid Tactics

If you have ever wanted to side with the alien in the ‘Alien’ film series, or you just like the thought of playing giant monsters rampaging across the gaming table, eating everything in sight, then the Tyranid army is for you! Also see: Warhammer 40000 7th edition tactics Also buy: Discount Index: Xenos 2 rule book from Element Games General Tyranid Tactics Tyranids are, on the whole, a close combat army. The sooner you get your Tyranids in to assault the better. There are exceptions to this rule. Some larger creatures have shooting weapons as well as close combat weapons, and some are dedicated artillery, but on the whole these are support creatures to your main assault. While you are rampaging across the table you will be on the receiving end of a lot of gun fire. Do your best to start the game as close to the enemy as possible. Also do your best to hug and cover. This will help to get as many of your Tyranids in to the fight as possible. Tyranid Abilities There are a couple of general rules that cover all, or just about all of the Tyranid units. One is Instinctive Behaviour’ and the…

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WH40k Genestealer Cults are Back!

Genestealer Cult Acolytes

Yes the original Tyranid army ‘Genetealer Cults’ are back and they are bigger and sneakier than ever. As the vanguard of the Tyranid collective, Genestealers hide on floating space hulks and stowing away on unsuspecting commercial scavenging space craft. When these salvage ships land on a populated planet the Genestealers slip off the space craft and slip in to the dark recesses of the spaceport. From these dark recesses the Genestealers hypnotize those at the lower edges of society, infecting them with the Genestealer DNA. The of spring of these thralls are the Hybrids that become the core of the insurgent army that will disrupt the defence forces just as the Tyranid main force arrives. I have added a new Genestealer Cults Tactic page with loads of hints and tips. Also see: Genestealer Cult Tactics Also buy: Discount Genestealer Cults from Wayland Games  


Tyranid Genestealer Cults Tactics

Warhammer 40k Genestealer Magus Psyker

The Boys are back in town! Tyranid Genestealer Cults are back! If you know me you may know that I started playing Warhammer 40k with the original Space Hulk boxed game in the mists of history so the re-appearance of Genestealer Cults brings a sense of joy. Anyway, on with the important bit, the Genestealer Cult Tactics! As always, these notes are written with the expectation that you have access to the Codex: Genestealer Cults book and the main WH40k rules. Also buy: Discount Codex: Genestealer Cults from Wayland Games Also buy: Discount Warhammer 40k rule books from Wayland Games What are Genestealer Cults? Before the Tyranids existed as a WH40k army Games Workshop released a board game based on 40k ( as they do from time to time ) called ‘Space Hulk’. The first variant of Space Hulk had two expansion sets. One called ‘Deathwing’ ( introducing the Dark Angel first company ) and one called ‘ Genestealer ‘ that introduced Genestealer Cults to the 40k universe. Warhammer.Wikia has a detailed page on the history the of Space Hulk game. Over time this army sported off the Tyranid army that has mainly superseded them. Now with a new boxed…

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Tyranid Sporocyst Tactics

The Tyranid Sporocyst in a new addition to the Warhammer 40000 Tyranid army. Its rules can be found in White Dwarf weekly no. 41. You can download this from the Black Library site ( for £2.49 ) here. General Tyranid Sporocyst Tactics The Tyranid Sporocyst’s rules are not well written, leaving some big holes it the rules that you maybe able to exploit, or need to agree house rules with your opponent before battle commences. These rule holes come from the fact that the Tyranid Sporocyst is half Monstrous creature  and half fortification. For example the rule for firing the weaponry is written as if the Sporocyst is a fortification with automated weapons. However the creature is listed as a Heavy Support Monstrous Creature. This means that when the rules say: “Each weapon on this model automatically fires at the nearest enemy unit within range and line of sight” We are expecting that each weapon has a different firing arch. However as Monstrous Creature have 360 degree fire arch for all their weapons, so all the weapons  should be shooting at the same target. I highly recommend that you agree with our opponent if the weapons  have a fire arch…

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Tyranid Tyrannocyte Tactics

At last! The Tyranids have some kind of transport, or in this case a Drop-pod option. This gives the Tyranids a chance to get up the gaming table quickly! General Tyannocyte Tactics Tyrannocyte are like Drop-Pods. They come in using the Deep Strike rules, but the scatter distance is reduced to ensure that they land safely, like the Space Marine Drop Pod does. This means that you will not have to roll against the Deep-Strike mishap table. Be aware though that scattering may land you i a space where your brood or Monstrous Creature can not disembark. If you land in a confined area your cargo may be destroyed on arrival! So Tactic One – Choose your landing zone carefully! Once the Tyranid Tyrannocyte has landed and unloaded it’s cargo it’s usefulness does not stop there. Armed with 5 Tyranid shooting weapons the Tyrannocyte can move around firing at any enemy units it can sence. The firing of the weapons is not totally under your control as the Tyrannocyte uses a special ‘instinctive fire’ rule that it shares with the Tyranid Sporecyst creature. What is the best Tyranid for the Tyrannocyte to carry? This does depend on the mission, the…

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Tyranid Tyrannofex Tactics

The Tyranid Tyrannofex is huge! And at 200 points, it will really bite in to your army list’s points! Games Worksop have recently released the new Tyranid Tyrannofex model. The Tyranid Tyrannofex comes in a box that allows you to either build a Tyranid Tervigon or Tyranid Tyrannofex. As the creatures are so similar it is no surprise that the stats are similar to each other. Tyranid Tyrannofex Strength and Weapons The Tyranid Tyrannofex is a walking gun platform. This means that the Tyranid Tyrannofex has some big shooting weapons, however despite it’s size the Tyranid Tyrannofex is not as strong as the Tyranid Carnifex. Stinger  Salvo The Tyranid Tyrannofex comes with the Stinger Salvo ‘free’. This is a A4 S5 weapon, however it has a 18″ range. The best use for the weapon is often as a deterrent against assaulting troops. Acid Spray The Acid Spray is the default main weapon for the Tyranid Tyrannofex.  It is a S6 Torrent weapon so it can shoot a 12″. If you have used a torrent weapon before what you do is find a target within 12″ and place the flamer over the target in any direction. However the thin end of…

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Tyranid Carnifex Tactics

Carnifex Warhammer 40k Tyranid Heavy Support option

How to use the Tyranid Carnifex to maximum efficiency in a Warhammer 40000 game! The Tyranid Carnifex is one of the Iconic models in the Tyranid army. Now you can have three per brood, but the point cost has risen. Also See: Warhammer 40k Monstrous Creature Tactics Also buy: Discount Tyranid Carnifex Broods from Element Games The Tyranid Carnifex and the Hive Mind The Tyranid Carnifex Leadership is not particularly high. This means that it is risky to have the Tyranid Carnifex out side of Hive Mind zone. One tactic here is to place the Tyranid Carnifex in front of your Tyranid Hive Tyrant. This gives the Tyranid Hive Tyrant some solid cover, and it allows you have a solid core for your Tyranid army that you can surround with your smaller Tyranid creatures. Tyranid Carnifex Special Rules The Tyranid Carnifex comes with a few special rules. Fearless The Tyranid Carnifex get the ‘Fearless’ special rule. This gives you some advantages if the Tyranid Carnifex strays outside of the Hive Mind controlled area. Living Battering Ram One of the weaknesses of the Tyranid Carnifex is that they have a low initiative score. This special rule gets the Tyranid Carnifex an…

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Tyranid Heavy Support Tactics

Warhammer 40k Tyranid Tyrannofex

In this section we will look at Tyranid Heavy Support choices and their tactics. Heavy support for a Tyranid army generally means bigger scarier monsters that can rip tanks and larger enemy creatures apart with ease. General Tyranid Heavy Support Tactics The Tyranid Heavy Support is there to crack those tougher nuts! Tanks and other monstrous creatures should be prime targets for your Tyranid Heavy Support. Keep in mind that other Monstrous Creatures may be even tougher than you are, so you may want to gang up with other units to be sure to take down your target. Tyranid Heavy Support choices are generally slower than the other Tyranid units. That said, they can still run during the shooting phase, and their shooting weapons are assault weapons. This means they are still fairly quick. Tyranid Heavy Support creatures do not get invulnerable saves. This means that you will want to use whatever cover you can find to protect your expensive strategic troops from Melta weapons and sniper rifles. Also see: Tyranid Carnifex Tactics Also see: Tyranid Tyrannofex Tactics Also see: Warhammer 40k Monstrous Creature Tactics Also buy: Discount Tyranid Heavy Support from Element Games Tyranid Biovore Brood Tactics The Tyranid…

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