AoS Duardin Tactics

Warhanner Dwalf or AoS Duradin Warden King

Duardin are dwarfs, squat but sturdy. Many are miners, some are engineers, They are slower than most armies, but they can take damage and then dish it out themselves. In this section we will have a look at the Duardin and Duardin Tactics.

General Duardin Tactics

Duardin are slow but tough. This means that if you need to capture objectives, don’t hesitate, run for the objective from your first turn. This may mean that you may reach the objective before the end of the battle and be the target for war machines, archers and all. Don’t be too bothered about this as the Duardin’s toughness should allow you to shrug this damage off.

Duardin Disspossessed

The Gunline Strategy

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Cannon

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Cannon

Duardin have a major advantage over most AoS armies and that they have easy access to hand guns and powerful war machines. These ranged weapons mean that you can form a defensive line and wait for the opposition to come to you, pelting them with lead, stone, and crossbow bolts as they approach.

When it comes to Duardin warmachines having an engineer to hand will improve the warmachines accuracy.  Note that an engineer can be within 1 inch of several warmachines at the same time. Create a triangle of warmachines and place the engineer in the center of them.

What? No Wizards?

The Age of Sigmar Duardin follow the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Dwalf story line in that Duardin ( and the Dwalfs before them ) have no wizards. What they have are runes that ward off magical effects 1 in 3 times. I highly recommend having as many units cary rune banners as you can. The more wizards you are facing the better.

Duardin can also have a Rune Lord in thier army. Rune Lords can not cast spells like wizards, but can dispell magic like a wizard. See the Duardin Rune Lord section for more details.