AoS Duardin Thunderers & Duardin Quarrellers Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Thunderers

“Present, Aim, Fire!” Bormore shouted to his musketeers. Another clean volley ripped though the approaching daemon horde. Some where turning tail (or tails he thought) and running. “Load” he shouted, one more volley should do the trick, “Present, Aim, Fire!” “There they go lads!” A cheer went up from the ranks. “Don’t drop your guard yet, there’s more to come!”

General Duardin Thunderers Tactics

Thunderers are often the core of the Duardin army. Duardin are not fast so being able to knock out the enemy from a distance is an advantage. Thunderers can often be seen working in conjunction with Cannons.

The main reason to take a unit of Thunderers is for their main weapon, the Duardin Handgun. This is a musket type weapon with 16″ range, regular ( 4+,3+) chance of hitting, and a very useful -1 rend.

So where does this leave your tactics. Well I recommend getting your Thunderers somewhere that your enemy wants and form a gun line. When your opponents come for you shoot, and shoot again. Once the opposition has been thinned out enough have your Warriors close in and finish them off.

General Duardin Quarrellers Tactics

Quarrellers have all the same qualities that the Thunderers have with exception to the weapons they use. The Duardin Crossbows have 4″ longer range than the Thunderer Handguns, but they loose the -1 rend and 4+ to wound instead of 3+.

Are Runic Icon Bearers Worth It?

Oh yes! If you have a Runic Banner in your unit of Thunderers or Quarrellers then they can ignore spells 2 in 6 ( 33.33%) of the time.