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Dark Angel Space Marine Tactics

The Dark Angels are a dark and forbidding Chapter of the Emporium. They where the first chapter to be created and they have a terrible secret that they absolutely must hide. A result of this the Dark Angels display traits not seen in other chapters. The main one is their legendary stubbornness.

When you face a Dark Angel force you know that they will fight to the last man. This army is perfect for the more calculating clinical player. Because of this the Dark Angels are considered as boring by the more flamboyant players. Do not be put off by this, if you keep an even head then you will win more games than all the other chapters put together.

These pages are based on the 2013 Dark Angel Codex and the 6th edition of the Warhammer 40k rules.
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Using the 2013 Codes it is possible to field a force made completely from the 1st Company ' Deathwing ' and a force made purely from the 2nd company 'Ravenwing'. I have added dedicated sections for each of these special forces.

  • Dark Angel HQ Tactics
    The Dark Angel HQ and command give the Dark Angel army it's legendary stubborness. This means that you will need to select the HQ choices with extra care. In this section we will look at the Dark Angel HQ, and the Dark Angel HQ tactics.
  • Dark Angel Elite Tactics
    The Dark Angel Elite section is where you will find the tough and the specialist units. The Tough units are the Dark Angel Deathwing terminators, and the Dreadnoughts. The specialist units are the scouts, the techmarines and the veteran squads that can be configured in a number of different options. This this section we will look at the Dark Angel Elite Units, and the Dark Angel Elite Tactics.
  • Dark Angel Troop Tactics
    In this section we will look ad the Dark Angel Space Marine Troop choices and the Dark Angel Tactical Unit Space Marine tactics.
  • Dark Angel Fast Attack Tactics
    When opportunities arrise you need fast units that can take advantage of them. In the Dark Angel Space Marine Army thisis where the Fast Attack units step in. In this section we will look at the Warhammer 40k Dark Angel Space Marine Fast Attack choices and thier tactics
  • Dark Angel Heavy Support Tactics
    In this section we will look at the Dark Angel Space Marine Heavy Support, and the Dark Angel Heavy Support tactics.
  • Dark Angel Deathwing Tactics
    Have you ever fancied having a Warhammer 40k army that comprises of Terminators? Well with the Dark Angel army you can. The Deathwing are armed with heavy weapons and wearing the ultra tough Terminator armour, and fearless, these Space Marines are tough. But you do not get many troops for your points. In this section we will look at the Dark Angel Deathwing, and theDark Angel Deathwing Tactics.
  • Dark Angel Ravenwing Tactics
    In this Section we will look at the Dark Angel Ravenwing, and the Dark Angel Ravenwing Tactics.
  • Fallen Angel Cypher Tactics
    The Fallen Angel Cypher, the Dark Angel that got away. Cypher is known as the leader of the Fallen Dark Angels. Here you can find his rules and the tactical notes on how to use him.
  • Dark Angel 2006 Codex Tactics
    Tactics for the Warhammer 40k Dark Angel Space Marine using the 2006 Codex for players using this version of the rules.

General Warhammer 40k
Dark Angel General Tactics

An army is not just a collection of individual units. To get the best results you will need to know how to use different combinations of units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses,a dn how the use them together to build an unstoppable force.

Codex Overview

The 2013 Codex sees the Dark Angel Scouts move back to being troop choices. This is partly because there are a number of new units added to the Elite section. Do not let this fool you though. The Dark Angel chapter more than any other Space Marine chapter rely on the Space Marine Tactical units as the core of the army.

The Hunt For The Fallen

The Dark Angels feature in new Warhammer 40k box set along with a Chaos Space Marine army. It is no surprise then that the new Dark Angel Codex includes a number of special rules that give you an advantage if you are fignting a Chaos Space Marine army. The most obvious of these is that most of the HQ have the Prefered Enemy ( Chaos Space Marines ) special rule.

Legendary Stubbornness

Warhammer 40k Dark Angel Tactical MarineDark Angel Space Marines have always been famous for their stubbornness. In the 2013 Codex you will find that have the Stubborn or Fearless special rule in addition to the ' They Know No Fear ' special rule. The bonus of this stubbornness is that the Dark Angels will fight to the last man. This means that the Dark Angel Space Marine will kill more of the enemy other model than the other Space Marine Chapters will. This is specially noticeable if you use the Combat Squads option for you Tactical squads. When you are using Combat squads, the units are reduced to 5 men units. When you have smaller units that the Dark Angle Stubbornness really starts to show. However the downside is that they will not back down from close combat even when there is no hope of winning.

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