AoS Chaos Sorcerer Lord Tactics

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Chaos Sorcerer Lord

In this post we will have a look at the Chaos Sorcerer Lord and how to use them in Age of Sigmar tactics.

General Chaos Sorcerer Lord Tactics

The Sorcerer Lord does have some close combat skills, but hand to hand combat is not the best use for the Sorcerer Lord. The main reason you would field the Sorcerer Lord is for his magic ability.

The Sorcerer Lord usually is on foot, but you can find models, or create models where the Sorcerer is mounted. If you can find or create a mounted Sorcerers then you will find them much more useful. The extra speed means that you can dash around the board supporting your front line troops where the support is needed most.

It doesn’t matter if your Sorcerer Lord is mounted or on foot he will need a bodyguard. If the Sorcerer Lord is mounted the bodyguard will need to keep up so a mounted bodyguard like a unit Chaos Knights. A unit of Chaos Warriors make for a good bodyguard for Sorcerers on foot.

A great use for the Sorcerer is to bolster the strength and toughness of you front line troops. There are 3 different ways that the Sorcerer can bolster your troops. I have detailed these bellow. The other use for any wizard it to be there to dispel any enemy magic.

Chaos Sorcerer Lord Abilities

Age of Sigmar Chaos WizardThe Chaos Sorcerer Lord has two special abilities, Oracular Vision and Mark of Chaos.

Oracular Visions

In the command phase you can pick a unit ( or the wizard ) and that unit can re-roll save rolls of 1. This can be for incoming shooting attacks or for close combat. It follows than that you pick a unit that is about to get thumped big style!

Note that this ability is not a command ability or a spell. This means that you can use this ability even if you cast a spell or if the Sorcerer is not your general.

Mark of Chaos

You can select a Mark of Chaos for your Sorcerer when you place him on the table. A Mark of Chaos shows that he is following one of the 4 Chaos Gods. This dos not have a direct effect on your Sorcerer , but there may be other rules in play that may have an effect. Examples may be Battle Plan, Time of War, or Scroll Rules from other units. Otherwise you may want to pick a mark of chaos just because it adds to the battle story line!


The best reason for adding a Sorcerer to your army is because you want access to magic. Sorcerers are Wizards so they can attempt to unbind one spell a turn and cast one spell in your command phase. The 3 spells that Sorcerers know by default are the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield spells and thier own signature spell Daemonic Power!

Daemonic Power

Daemonic Power has a casting value of 5. If cast a whole unit with one model within 18″ and within line of sight can re-roll rolls of 1 for hits, wounds, and saves. Note that if you RE-roll a 1 you just have to except that the gods are not flavouring you at the moment! However this spell us a big bonus to the affected unit. To make the most of this spell select a unit that will be shooting and assaulting this turn, or a unit where a little push will make a big difference! I am sure that you can think of situations where 1 or 2 extra wounds would have turned the game.

Chaos Familiars

One of the best add-ons to a Chaos Army with a Sorcerer you can add is a Chaos Familiar. Familiars are not useful by themselves, but they they do add one to any casting or unbinding rolls to any wizard within 6″. Note that having two familiars nearby does not improve the bonus. Plus one is the best you can get from your Familiars.

Arcane Scenery

If you are rolling for Mysterious Landscapes look out for Arcane Scenery. Being near Arcane Scenery adds 1 to casting and unbinding rolls. This is in addition to any bonuses from being near a Chaos Familiar or any other bonus.