AoS Bloodletters of Khorne Tactics

The Bloodletters of Khorne are the core troop units for the Khorne Daemon Army. In this post we will look at the Bloodletters and tactics you can use in Age of Sigmar games.

General Bloodletters Tactics

As mentioned in the introduction Bloodletters are the core Khorne Daemon army, however you do not need to have a full Khorne army to field Bloodletters is Age of Sigmar games. Bloodletters work well with any Chaos Grand Army army.

Bloodltter’s Weapons

Bloodletters are purely close combat units. As such they have no shooting weapons, instead they have close combat great swords. As usual their great swords have one attack,average chance of hitting, and +1 rend. The rend will help when attacking units with tougher armour.

Special Ability – Decapitating Blow

To improve the Khorne Bloodletters character and monster killing ability, any hit rolls of 6 or more (after any modifiers), those hits become mortal wounds.