AoS Chaos Daemon Tzeentch Lord of Change

The Tzeentch Lord of Change is the post potent of the Tzeentch Daemon Lords. However the Lord of Change skills is not in close combat, but through the the manipulation of magic.

Tzeentch Lord of Change General Tactics

The Lord of Change makes for a natural general if you are fielding a Tzeentch army. His command ability ‘Beacon of Sorcery’ means that Tzeentch Daemon Wizards in the area ( including himself) can cast and dispel spells easier with a +1 bonus. This bonus can be used in conjunction with other bonuses like familiars and Arcane Ruins. Think about this for a moment. Spell casting on 2d6 means that the lowest roll is 2, plus 1 for a familiar,  plus 1 for arcane ruins, plus 1 for the Lord of Change’s skills, means that the Tzeentch wizards will automatically pass difficulty 5 spells and difficulty 10 spells will pass most of the time.

The Lord of Change can fly too. This gives him a 10″ move. You can use this range to cast the Lord of Change’s influences where it is needed most, and gives him a good chance to run away if he is threatened by larger forces.

Tzeentch Lord of Change and Magic

Apart from the Lord of Change’s Command ability, he is also a powerful wizard in his own right. The Lord of Change can cast two spells in his turn and dispel two spells too. By default Change has fault the Lord the two basic spells plus his own signature spell ‘Infernal Gateway’. I say by default because the Lord of Change has a chance to steal spells that he unbinds.

Tzeentch Lord of Change – Spell Thief

In the abilities section we see that the Lord of Change can steal spells. Be aware that ‘stealing’ is not the right word as the original caster does not loose the spell taken, so plagiarising the spells may be more accurate!

What happens is that if the Lord of Change dispels a spell on a roll of 9+ ( after modifications) then he learns that spell and can use it later in the game. A roll of 9+ is usually well above average so it should not happen often, however if he evoked his command ability ‘Beacon of Sorcery’ in his last command phase then you get a +1 to dispel rolls. In addition if you can get any other bonuses to the roll that will help too.

In addition to the bonuses the Lord of change has an extra card up his sleeve, his ‘Mastery of Magic’ ability means that you can change the lower dice roll to match the higher one. So if you roll a 2 and a 6 you can change the 2 and have a double 6! This means that you have a 27 in 36 chance ( 75% ) of rolling 8+.

This ability to take use wizards spells may affect with spells your opponent uses. If he uses mystic shield or other spells that affect his own troops then you will not get a chance to steal it. If he uses Arcane Bolts on you then you have this spell already so no change there. And lastly, if he uses spells over 18″ away from your Lord of Change, then you will not be able to steal those either.

Where can I get a Tzeentch Lord of Change?

At the moment you can only buy the Tzeentch Lord of Change from the Games Workshop website.