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Warhammer Fantasy
Warriors Of Chaos

The Warriors of Chaos are the real bad boys of the Warhammer v8 universe. The Orcs and Scaven think that they are bad but they are only on the edge of the corruption that the Chaos Wariors thrive in.

In this section we will look at how you can use a few highly trained troops to best hords of lesser creatures. As usual you will need a copy of the Warhammer Fantasy 8th. edition rule book and a copy of the latest Warriors of Chaos Army Book.

General Warriors of Chaos Tactics

The Chaos Warriors are tough, hit hard, and a wear have a number of special rules that make them very tough to beat. However the high stats come with a high points costs, so you will not have many models on the table and you can expect to massively out numbered.

  • Warriors of Chaos Lords Tactics
    The Lords choices in the Warriors of Chaos army are the biggest toughest fighters of the Warriors of Chaos army.
  • Warriors of Chaos Core Units Tactics
    Warriros of Chaos core units are the rank and file troops of the Warriors of Chaos army. As these are the core of your army, knowing now to use them is crittical.
  • Warriors of Chaos Special Units
    The Warriors of Chaos Special Units are the specialists of the Warriors of Chaos army. They will not win the game alone, but if you want a job done, these are the choices you need in your army list.
  • Warriors of Chaos Rare Unit Tactics
    The Warriors of Chaos Rare Units are where you will find the heavy hitters of the Warroir of Chaos army. The biggest of these are the Chaos Giants, but other chaotic choices are available too!