Space Marine Librarian Tactics

Warhammer 40000 Space Marine Librarian in terminator Armour

The Warhammer 40000 universe is full of beings with strange psychic powers. These are not dissimilar to the magic powers of the Age of Sigmar game, but a bit toned down. In AoS wizards are a ‘must have’, in WH40k they are a ‘nice to have’. In the Space Marine army these psykers are called Librarians.

Librarians are not super fighters in close combat. Their stats are similar to veteran sergeants rather than the Space Marine Captains or Chaplains. This means that you do not want to throw them in to close combat. Librarians work better as close support troops. Keep them near the action, but slightly back.

Space Marine Librarians and Psychic Powers

Space Marine Librarians are better than most as they can manifest 2 psychic powers each per turn. Remember that in point matched games you can only manifest any given psychic power once per turn for your whole army. If you have several Psykers think about which psyker will use which power. The exception to this once per turn rule is the Smite psychic power.

Space Marine Librarians come with psychic hoods as standard. These help the Librarian to Deny the Witch by adding +1 to his Deny the Witch rolls. This is not a massive bonus, however worth having.

There is a selection of 6 Librarian Psychic powers found on page 202 ‘Librarius Disciplne’. The psychic powers are:

  • Veil of Time: Can speed up Advancing and Charging units.
  • Might of Heroes: Buffs up a nearby model’s Strength, Toughness, and Attacks. This can be the Librarian himself.
  • Psychic Scourge: Use to target nearby enemy with low leadership to cause a mortal wound or three.
  • Fury of the Ancients: Causes mortal wounds to all enemy models in a straight line for a random distance. To be used when you are in a tight spot!
  • Psychic Fortress: Nearby unit automatically passes Moral Tests and saved Mortal Wounds from a psychic power on 4+.
  • Null Zone: Negates invulnerable save for all nearby enemy and nearby psykers have a hard time casting psychic powers.

Labrarian’s Armour

Like the Space Marine Captain, the Librarian can take a number of different armour options. Power armoured Librarians can be given a bike or jump packs too. Choose a configuration that will allow them to keep up with the forward troops. Giving then a bodyguard of Veteran Space Marines could be a good idea if you have the points spare. Librarians do not get an invulnerable save.

Librarian Weapons

This Librarian comes with a force stave and a bolt pistol. If you are playing your Librarian as a close support I would suggest upgrading the bolt pistol to a boltgun or a Combi-weapon. This will make the Librarian more useful in the shooting phase too.