AoS Orruk Great Shaman Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz

 AoS Orruk Great Shaman and Orc Great Shaman tactics in Age of Sigmar.

AoS Orruk Great Shamans are the wizards of the Ork or Orruk army. They draw energy from frenzied Orruk Boys around them and focus it in to magic energy. Be warned though, Great Shaman magic can be unpredictable. If there’s too much wild energy the Great Shamans head may explode! ( don’t worry the head exploding bit did not get in to the Age of Sigmar rules ).

Orruk Great Shaman Magic

AoS Great Shamans can cast one spell in your hero phase. This spell could be one of the two basic spells in the main rules, or the Orurk Shamans own spell ‘Gaze of Mork’.

Mork is one of the two Orruk gods. The other is Gork.Mork is the Orruk god of cunning, but knowing this does not help in the game. It’s just part of the back story.

The Gaze of Mork spell can be very powerful, but a bit erratic. First off, it only has a cast value of 6 which is fairly easy to cast. The second bonus is that you can target up to 3 different enemy units ( you can not target the same unit twice), and these target units can be up to 20″ away. This means you can target enemy wizards from outside the unbind range. Do beware though, the amount of damage could range from no damage up to D3 mortal wounds.

Orruk Great Shaman Waaargh Energy

As I mentioned at the beginning Orruk Great Shaman’s feed off the energy emitted by frenzied Orruk Boys. This is represented by this special rule. If the Orruk Great Shaman is within 8″ of 20 Orruks then the Great Shaman gets +1 to his magic roll. This can be improved further if the Great Shaman is near Arcane scenery too.