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The Minora Chronicles : The Mage Wars – Chapter 1 – The War Council

King Kurtis was sitting at the round table with all his war advisers. The situation was dark, and the atmosphere was very tense. “The war with the Klan has been under-way for years and wore out each of our countries. Every day our warriors repulse the assaults from their army of Chaos Warriors and Daemons along our borders, but our military is unable to have a decisive victory. This stalemate has led to the deterioration of our nerves. The soldiers are nervous and begin to be ungovernable. Our traiding links are being harassed and caravans are being raided. Today, in this room, we should study a winning strategy, and able to end the war with the Klan.” The man who had spoken was Hayno, the army chief of the King. Hayno was a veteran, his whole life had been marked by battles and wars and was the best soldier of the kingdom. Kurtis knew that if Hayno, had described that situation, that corresponded to reality. Hayno had the entire body full of scars, and was proud to show them as war trophies, he had no fear and refused defeat, but he was also very smart and knew the difference between…

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