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Over the years last 30+ years that have been playing wargames and studying wargame tactics I have accumulated a wealth of tactics. You will find these tactics in these pages.

Be prepared to dig around the site to find these gems. But when you have these gems be prepared to spring your new master strategies on your helpless opponents (manic laughing in the background)!

Table Top Wargames vs. Board Games

Table Top Wargames are different to board games because you have much more flexibility in the movements and strategy compared to board games. The other main difference is that table top wargames have pieces of scenery to play around. These scenery pieces could be make-shift, like a pile of books representing hills and buildings, up to very realistic set-ups much like you may see on a model train setup.

Tactics Vs. Strategy

There is a difference between tactics and strategy, and not many people know what it is.
Tactics deal with the abilities of different types of each troop and vehicle. When to use each type and the best configurations for particular situation.

Strategy deal with how to win games as a whole. How to use all your army together, for example the art of sacrificing a squad to win a battle.

This site covers both these aspects. The Army Lists will lead you each army squad by squad discussing the pros and cons of each. The General Strategy section leads you through the most common strategies pointing the way for you to create your own cunning plots and manoeuvres.

Trade Marks

Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, are trade marks of Games Workshop. We respect all their trade marks, copyrights and hard work creating the games we enjoy.

What's Here

  • Warhammer 40k
    Warhammer 40k is the futuristic version of popular Warhammer science fiction table top war-game. Between the three Games Workshop games Warhammer 40k is probably easiest (least complex rules).
  • Warhammer Fantasy
    Warhammer Fantasy  wargame is set in a fantasy setting of wizards, dragons, and mythical creatures. Warhammer Fantasy has more rules than the Sci-fi version so it appeals to the more mature player. The races available are similar to 40K with approximately 15 different armies available to choose from.
  • Other Wargames
    In this section we will be looking at wargames where we do not have enough content to warrant there own sections.
  • Wargame Extras
    Extra features available on the Wargame Tactics site.
Date What Was Added
12 Feb Updated the General Tyranid Tactics for the new 2014 Codex.
30 Jan Updated the Tyranid Fast Attack Tactics page.
28 Jan Recalculated the Termagant weapon minimax based on new Tyranid and Space Marine points costs.
16 Jan Updating the Tyranid Tervigon Tactics in line with the new Tyranid tactics.
14 Jan New Tyranid Codex has been released. So I have been busy updating the Tyranid General Tactics, and Tyranid HQ Tactics. More to come!
 7 Jan Added more notes for the Kill Team rules.
 5 Jan Adding more Tau Tactics, mainly Tau Fast Attack and Tau Heavy Support tactics.
 1 Jan 2014

Happy New Year for 2014!
Also added Chaplain Cassius Space Marine HQ Tactics.
Also updated Fallen Dark Angel Cyphers Tactics from rules released on the Black Library website.

30 Dec Games Workshop have released some very interesting ebook publications on their Black Library site. The first of these that I have been looking at is the Kill Team Rules.
20 Dec Added Tau Heavy Support tactics for the 2013 codex.
19 Dec Started adding Tau HQ tactics for the new 2013 Tau Codex.
10 Dec Added Tyranid Ravener Tactics
05 Dec Updating the Tyranid Hive Tyrant tactics for the 6th edition Rulebook.
28 Nov Added more Tyranid Tervigon tactics. See how you can use this monster on your battle field!
18 Nov Changed the web page theme to one that is more readable. Tidied up some of the formatting too.
10 Nov More Legion of the Damned tactics.
08 Nov Added Legion of the Damned tactics.
07 Nov Updated the Comments. Now you can leave comments without needing to create an account.
Please note that your comments will be checked before they are posted!
06 Nov I have been tidying up the website, specially the 40k sections. There have been a number of corrections and additional notes scattered through out the site.
18 Oct Added tactics for Chief Librarian Tigurius
08 Oct

Added Dark Angel Ravenwing Tactics, for those who have a need for speed!

30 Sep Updating Space Marine Tactics With the release of the 2013 Space Marine Codex!
30 Jul Added notes on how to win with the Tyranid Army in the 6th Edition Rules.
And yes it can be done!
23 Jun Added a selection of tactics for the Dark Angel Elite Units and Dark Angel Deathwing tactics.
19 Jun Added Dark Angel Deathwing Knights
15 May Added Possessed Chaos Space Marine Tactics
29 Apr As the new Tau Codex has bee released, I have started to rewrite the 2013 Tau Codex Tactics.
21 Mar Updated the Dark Vengeance Mission: Secure the Helbtute mission to have a game map and more details.
15 Mar Added Dark Angel Chaplain Tactics
Added Dark Angel Ravenwing Support Squadron Tactics.
Added Dark Vengeance Mission: Secure the Helbrute
09 Mar Added Avatars of War : Deathmatch Arena review
07 Mar Added Dark Angel Fast Attack Ravenwing Attack Bike Squadron Tactics
25 Feb Added Dark Angel Assault Squad Tactics

> Also See: Website Update History for what was new.