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What Secret Tactics Will You Find?

Pre-heresy Dark Angel Space Marine

Warhammer 40k Dark Angel in pre-heresy colours

Over the years last 30+ years that have been playing wargames and studying wargame tactics I have accumulated a wealth of tactics. You will find these tactics in these pages.

Be prepared to dig around the site to find these gems. But when you have these gems be prepared to spring your new master strategies on your helpless opponents (manic laughing in the background)!

Table Top Wargames vs. Board Games

Table Top Wargames are different to board games because you have much more flexibility in the movements and strategy compared to board games. The other main difference is that table top wargames have pieces of scenery to play around. These scenery pieces could be make-shift, like a pile of books representing hills and buildings, up to very realistic set-ups much like you may see on a model train setup.

Tactics Vs. Strategy

There is a difference between tactics and strategy, and not many people know what it is.

Tactics deal with the abilities of different types of each troop and vehicle. When to use each type and the best configurations for particular situation.

Strategy deal with how to win games as a whole. How to use all your army together, for example the art of sacrificing a squad to win a battle.

This site covers both these aspects. The Army Lists will lead you each army squad by squad discussing the pros and cons of each. The General Strategy section leads you through the most common strategies pointing the way for you to create your own cunning plots and manoeuvres.

Trade Marks

Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar are trade marks of Games Workshop. We respect all their trade marks, copyrights and hard work creating the games we enjoy.

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Genestealer Cult Acolytes

WH40k Genestealer Cults are Back!

Yes the original Tyranid army ‘Genetealer Cults’ are back and they are bigger and sneakier than ever. As the vanguard of the Tyranid collective, Genestealers hide on floating space hulks and stowing away on unsuspecting commercial scavenging space craft. When these salvage ships land on a populated planet the Genestealers slip off the space craft and slip in to the dark recesses of the spaceport. From these dark recesses the Genestealers hypnotize those at the lower edges of society, infecting them with the Genestealer DNA. The of spring of these thralls are the Hybrids that become the core of the insurgent army that will disrupt the defence forces just as the Tyranid main force arrives. I have added a new Genestealer Cults Tactic page with loads of hints and tips. Also see: Genestealer Cult Tactics Also buy: Discount Genestealer Cults from Wayland Games  

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Warhammer 40k Genestealer Magus Psyker

Tyranid Genestealer Cults Tactics

The Boys are back in town! Tyranid Genestealer Cults are back! If you know me you may know that I started playing Warhammer 40k with the original Space Hulk boxed game in the mists of history so the re-appearance of Genestealer Cults brings a sense of joy. Anyway, on with the important bit, the Genestealer Cult Tactics! As always, these notes are written with the expectation that you have access to the Codex: Genestealer Cults book and the main WH40k rules. Also buy: Discount Codex: Genestealer Cults from Wayland Games Also buy: Discount Warhammer 40k rule books from Wayland Games What are Genestealer Cults? Before the Tyranids existed as a WH40k army Games Workshop released a board game based on 40k ( as they do from time to time ) called ‘Space Hulk’. The first variant of Space Hulk had two expansion sets. One called ‘Deathwing’ ( introducing the Dark Angel first company ) and one called ‘ Genestealer ‘ that introduced Genestealer Cults to the 40k universe. Warhammer.Wikia has a detailed page on the history the of Space Hulk game. Over time this army sported off the Tyranid army that has mainly superseded them. Now with a new boxed…

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Warhammer Chaos Daemon Soul Grinder found in WH40k, 8th ed, and Age of Sigmar

AoS Soul Grinder Tactics

AoS Soul Grinder Tactics The AoS Soul Grinder is a model that was created for the Warhammer 40k Chaos Daemon army but has been imported in to the Warhammer 8th edition and Age of Sigmar games. The Soul Grinder is quite a monster. It has 16 wounds, a bravery score of 10 and an arsenal of missile and melee weapons. It is fast too. Unwounded the Soul Grinder can move 12″ plus the usual D6 inch run if you want to too. On top of this the Soul Grinder gets a special rule with one of it’s melee weapons you get a 1 in 6 chance to cause 6 mortal wounds to a Hero or Monster that you are in close combat with. You will want to be sure that fielding the Soul Grinder will not disrupt the balance of the game. It’s one thing to use a powerful model to win a battle, but if the games are too one sided you will find that no one will want to play with you! So what is the best roll for the Soul Grinder? Well it looks like an army in one model. There is a lot to be said…

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Age of Sigmar Giant Gargant

AoS Gargant Tactical

How to use Gargants in Age of Sigmar Games Gargants or ‘Aleguzzlers’ are Giants. All giants are monsters too. Gargants appear in several armies so if you play Chaos, Orcs, Ogors, then they can be a flexible addition to your model collection. Chaos Gargants do not have the ‘Chaos’ keyword, however it is quite reasonable to have a Chaos Gargant as part of a Chaos army. Gargants are monsters but they are not invulnerable. Like most monsters they start dropping in speed and hitting power as they take on wounds. You only have to take.2 wounds before the giant starts slowing down. > Also buy: Discount AoS Giants from Wayland Games Special Rule – Drunken Swagger I am glad to see that the unstable nature of giants has made the transition from Warhammer 8th edition to Age of Sigmar. In AoS this is captured in the ‘Drunken ‘Swagger’ special rule. Basically on the roll of a double when charging the giant falls over. This could potentially squash friendly units near by. The cure fir this is to give the giant a wide birth before you let them charge in! Special Rule – Stuff’Em In Me Bag This is a great…

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Warhammer AoS Tzeench Herald on Burning Chariot

AoS Herald of Tzeentch Tactics

General AoS Herald of Tzeentch Tactics Azan the Arcane and Herald of Tzeentch gazed over the green skin horde menacingly. “You will know the power of Tzeentch today and kneel before your new god!” With that Azan bellowed his incantation and a host of Tzeentch daemons materialised in response to his call! The Herald of Tzeentch is a Daemon, Hero, Wizard. He has access to the two basic spells and his own ‘Blue Fire of Tzeentch’ too.His close combat skills are not great, but he does get a shooting attack using ‘Magical Flames’. The other main feature is that the Herald of Tzeentch is riding a Disc of Tzeentch. This means that he has great speed and the fly special rule. This in turn means that you can zip him around the gaming table offering magical support where ever you need it. The Herald of Tzeentch Model Games Workshop have recently recreated the Herald of Tzeentch model, and I have to say that they have done an excellent job! The detail of the new model is stunning and makes for a worthy figure head for a daemon army. When building the model there are areas that are visible but hard…

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Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook – How it changes the game

The Generals Handbook has been out for a month at the time of writing and it has added new ways of playing Age of Sigmar, some of these are very familiar to veteran players! Pitched Battles The most important introduction, or reintroduction, of the ‘pitched battle’ point based games. Assigning points to units, and having a maximum points limit for a battle has been the best way of being sure that if you win or loose, that it is because of  your skills and not because the models on the table are hopelessly out matched. Just a note at this point to say that no points system is perfect. You will always get players that say certain units are under or over priced as far as point goes. They usually be the players that jeer st other players for playing ‘cheesy unbalanced’ armies. Don’t listen to them.  Points are there to give the best level playing field as possible. In the Generals Handbook Games Workshop have kept the rules as simple as possible. Building on the four pages of original rules, the General Handbook adds another four pages, plus a few tables listing the current units and their points costs….

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Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

AoS Daemon Prince Tactics

AoS Daemon Prince Tactics Daemon Princes come in different configurations. Some with wings, some with axes and some with swords. By default Daemon Princes are not aligned to any one god of chaos. There is an option to select a chaos god for your Daemon Prince at the start of the game. On the whole no one option is better than another. The choice to keep your Daemon Prince undivided of to follow one of the chaos gods will depend more on your style of play and the story line than the Daemon Princes abilities. Wings and Flying If you have a chance to model your Daemon Prince, I highly recommend adding wings. Wings allows you to move at 12″ a turn and have the fly special rule too. Abilities The Daemon Prince can be aligned to on of the four gods of chaos, or choose to be unaligned. Your choice will determine what special rules the Daemon Prince has. You may want to select a chaos god ( or no god ) based on the special rule you get, or you may want to choose a god based on some special rule that other models have. Unaligned Chaos Special…

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