Eldar Fast Attack Tactics

General Eldar Fast Attack Tactics

Warhammer Eldar ViperIn this section we will be looking at the Eldar Fast Attack options and their tactics.

The fast attack options give the Eldar army the speed and flexibility to back up the specialist Elite units.

Shining Spears

These jet bike riders can flank the enemy army to spear weaker rear units like heavy weapon squads.

Warp Spiders

Swooping Hawks

Viper Squadron

The Eldar Vipers are like the Space Marine Land Speeder. The Eldar Viper can carry a selection of support weapons.

The best use of a Viper is close support for your foot troops, specially the Guardians that may be attacking or needing to defend a strategic location. It is also very good at running hit and run sorties if an enemy taget becomes exposed.

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