Tau Troop Tactics

Warhammer 40k Tau Fire WarriorThe Troop choices are the backbone of the Tau army. You need troop units to capture objectives. The Tau Codex only offers two options when it comes to Troop choices, the Tau Fire Warriors, and the Kroot Carnivore Squad.

Tau Fire Warrior Team Tactics

Warhammer 40k Tau Fire WarriorThe Tau Fire Warriors have some of the best basic weapons in the game. With a massive 30″ range and S5, these weapons give the opponant something to think about if they want to rush your lines.

Fire Warriors are good value for their points cost. For 9 points per warrior you get the a 4+ save and the 30″ S5 basic weapon mentioned earlier. If you compare this to the 10 points per model that the Imperial Guard infantry man costs you can see my point.

The weak spot with the Tau Fire Warrior is when it comes to close combat. With stats of WS2 and I2, you can see that the Tau will fall like flies. So the core stratagem you will need to employ will be to shoot the enemy down before they get in to assault range.

Kroot Squad Tactics

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