Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Rare Unit Tactics

As with most armies, the rare units are where the weird and wonderful options are. In thi section we will have a look at the Dwarf Rare unit choices and the the Dwarf Rare unit tactics

Dwarf Organ Gun

Didma rubbed the rune of firing extra hard for luck. He had every faith in old bessy, but the extra luck would not go amiss. Landing the four barrels he looked over at Binma who had been keeping an eye on the battlefield for the best targets. “She’s all yours. Time to do pay back those green skins for the insulting graffiti drawn on burks passage”. Binma humphed and swang Bessy to face the Goblins charging across the grand hall. BANG. 

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Organ Gun

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Organ Gun

Dwarf Organ Guns are great because you do not add the artillery dice to the range. This means that they are much more accurate.

You opponents will know that the organ gun needs to be avoided. This will mean that they will set up over 24″ away and try and slip around the organ gun to assault your forces. You can use this trait to your advantage. Remember, whenever you can predict your opponent’s moves, you can create a tactic to exploit it!

Dwarf Flame Cannon

I have never used one of these in a game as I am very sceptical on their abilities.

Dwarf Gyrocopter

Dwarfs do not have cavalry or Flying dragons. The Gyrocopter is the fasted unit they have, and very useful it is too!

The Gyrocopter has some very useful characteristics, it is small, fast, highly manoeuvrable, and it has a flamer template weapon! This means that the Gyrocopter can be a pain for the enemy, you can keep out of line of site and cause quite a few wounds on massed light troops (Goblins?).

Dogs of War

There was a ‘Dogs of War’ army book. This has now disappeared, but there is one army that is still a ‘Dogs of War’ choice – the Ogre’s!

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