Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Special Unit Tactics

Dwarf Hammerer Tactics

Dwarfs are tough, but these guys are tough in comparison to the other Dwarfs. That means that they are very tough!

Dwarf Cannon Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Cannon

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Cannon

Dwarf Cannons by default are standard cannons, and follow the cannon rules found in the main rule book.

Dwarf Cannons can be ‘upgraded’ with the use of runes. Because of the law of runes means that no two cannons have the same upgrades, it may be best to create some markers that you can place next to the cannons to remind yourself what upgrades you have given to which cannons. It will also assure your opponent that you are not switching upgrades part way through the battle.

Dwarf Bolt Thrower Tactics

Cannons are the popular choices as war machines, however their are other choices available, and the Dwarf Bolt Thrower is one of these.

Dwarf Miner Tactics

Dwarf miners have two main strengths, they have two handed weapons, and they have the ‘Underground Advance’ special rule. Together these abilities make miners great war machine hunters. Do be warned that your opponents will get wise to the Miners sneaky attacks quickly and leave some units to guard the war machines.

Dwarf Ironbreaker Tactics

Ironbreakers can take Runic Standards. Most of these standards add to the toughness or resilience of the unit. Considering that the Ironbreakers are a tough unit in the first place, these upgrades will make the Ironbreakers a formidable unit!

Dwarf Grudge Thowers

Grudge throwers are standard stone throwers. The way to improve the grudge throwers is to add runes and maybe a master engineers.

Master Engineer

One bonus of adding a master engineer to your grudge thrower is that you get to re-roll the artillery dice. This means that you are only half as likely to get a hit and misfire. As master engineers are characters they can hop from war machine to machine to make best use of his skills.


You can have up to thee runes per war machine. Each rune has its own points cost. Some of the engineers runes are specific to the grudge throwers.

Dwarf Slayers

In the Lord and Hero sections we saw the individual Dwarf Slayers. Here you have a chance to have a whole unit of theses screaming maniacs!

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