Imperial Guard Elite Tactics

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Rattling Snipers sneak through the woodsIn this section we will be looking at the tactics for the Imperial Guard Elite choices.

The Elite section is where you will find the more unusual option that can add ‘Flavour’ to your army. Keep your over all tactics in mind when you are choosing Elite units, and don’t over do it. They can be expensive and you may need your point for regular troops.

Ogryn Squad Tactics

WArhammer 40k Imperial Guard Ogryn SquadThe Ogryn are the Imperial Guard’s answer to the Space Marine Terminators. By this I mean that they are larger, tougher and more tooled up for close quarter fighting that the regular troops (Ogryns in Space Hulk anyone?).

You can have 3 to 10 Ogryn in a squad. 6 Ogryns is if optimal as they can ride in a Chimera.

General Ogryn Tactics

Set the Ogryn squad so they can protect / assault the most dense cover. Ogryns work very well in city fight and jungle fight scenarios.

If the densest terrain is not in or touching your deployment area, consider taking a Chimera to ferry the Ogryn to the most strategic location.

Ripper Gun

The Ogryn Ripper Gun is perfectly suited to the close quarter fighting style of the Ogryn Squads.

Ogryn Special Rules


Ogryn take up more room in a vehicle. The positive side to this is that they get extra wounds, attacks and toughness over the normal Imperial Guard trooper.

Furious Charge

The Imperial Guard Ogryn get the ‘Furious Charge’ special rule. This is only an advantage if the Ogryn charge the enemy. Do what you can to make sure that the Ogryn charge in to close combat, even if you have to sacrifice a guard unit to slow the enemy down.


The Ogryn have the ‘Stubborn’ special rule. This makes up for their low leadership score, but don’t bank on it!

Ratling Squad Tactics

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Rattling Snipers sneak through the woodsRatlings are snipers. They need somewhere to stay that has a good fields of sight.

Ratlings have a slightly improved BS score over the normal guardsman. This will mean that they hit 66% of the time, so you will not need so many to hit your targets.

The Imperial Guard Ratlings are armed with sniper rifles. The Sniper rifles wound on a 4+ regardless of toughness. This means that you are far better going for tougher opponents, ie a T3 Gaunt and a T9 Carnifex both wound on 4+ !

Ratlings have an improved initiative score, but with a low strength and toughness, I do not recommend these as assault troops!

Special Rules

The Ratlings have a Infiltrate and Stealth special rules that will help placing them in a good position.

Psyker Battle Squad Tactics

The Psyker Battle Squad is a new option for the 2009 codex.

Storm Trooper Squad Tactics

The Storm Troopers are elite Imperial Guard troops.


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