Tyranid Tyrannocyte Tactics

At last! The Tyranids have some kind of transport, or in this case a Drop-pod option. This gives the Tyranids a chance to get up the gaming table quickly!

General Tyannocyte Tactics

Tyrannocyte are like Drop-Pods. They come in using the Deep Strike rules, but the scatter distance is reduced to ensure that they land safely, like the Space Marine Drop Pod does. This means that you will not have to roll against the Deep-Strike mishap table. Be aware though that scattering may land you i a space where your brood or Monstrous Creature can not disembark. If you land in a confined area your cargo may be destroyed on arrival! So Tactic One – Choose your landing zone carefully!

Once the Tyranid Tyrannocyte has landed and unloaded it’s cargo it’s usefulness does not stop there. Armed with 5 Tyranid shooting weapons the Tyrannocyte can move around firing at any enemy units it can sence. The firing of the weapons is not totally under your control as the Tyrannocyte uses a special ‘instinctive fire’ rule that it shares with the Tyranid Sporecyst creature.

What is the best Tyranid for the Tyrannocyte to carry?

This does depend on the mission, the terrain,and enemy that you are facing. So the more you can find out about an up coming game before you create your army list the better. Option two is to creat several army lists each one covering a different game possibility and pull out the best army list at the last moment.

The next point to consider when selecting what creature or brood to drop in is that when the Monstrous Creature or brood disembarks they will be able to shoot or run, but not move or assault.

Tyrannocyte and S10 Weapons

Most Tyranid Monstrous creatures are Toughness 6 so that Strength 10 weapons will not kill them, however this is not the case for the Tyrannocyte. This means that you will be advised to look out for Demolisher and Earth Shaker cannons. There are other S10 weapons, but as these two are  large blast markers and the Tyrannocyte is a large target and difficult to miss. So beware!