Space Marine Fast Attack Tactics

In this section we will look at the Space Marine Fast Attack choices and the Fast Attack Tactics.

General Fast Attack Tactics

Warhammer 40k Fars Attack TacticsThe idea of the Fast Attack options is to get there fast! But get where?

Attack Weak Spots

The main advantage of fast attack squads, is that they can out run most other troops, and most vehicles. This means that Fast Attack squads are gear at attacking heavy weapon squads and sweeping behind tanks to hit their week points.

Support your Front Line Troops

By keeping your fast attack slight behind the front line troops, they are in a good position to counter attack. This works best when your tactics are holding a gun line.

Hold Strategic Points

Some times there is a strategic point in No-mans land that, if taken, will give the holder a great deal of leverage. Fast attack units are great at dashing forward to these strategic points, and holding them until heaver, slower, units can back them up.


Sometimes you have to waive a piece of bait if front of the enemy to get them to move in to a bigger trap. Fast attack units are great at this because they are high value units, that are often away from the main force, and (in a way that is good for you) they are able to get out of trouble as quick as they got in to in the first place!

Assault Squad Tactics

Space Marine unit with jet packsThe Assault Squad has what it takes to be the perfect Fast Attack option. They are fast, flexible, armed close combat weapons.

Assault Squads usually come with Jetpacks. However you can elect to drop the Jetpacks and load your Assault Squads in to Rhinos instead.

Special Rule: Deep Strike

Assault Squads with Jetpacks have the Deep Strike special rule. This means that you can bring them in as reserves and drop them in to the thick of the battle.

Remember that Deep Striking units can not assault on the turn that they turn up. This means that if you land them in the wrong place they could get a lot of incoming fire before they have a chance to assault, so be careful!

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Vanguard Veteran Squad

The Veteran squads are very similar to the Space Marine Assault Squads, but made from squads of veterans.

Land Speeder Squadron Tactics

Sapce Marine Landspeeder with Heavy Bolter and Assault CannonAs we have seen, fast attack troops do not have the luxury of heavy weapons. Special weapons sometimes do not have enough punch. It the situations where fast troops need heavy weapon support, the Land Speeder has the speed and punch to back them up.

Land Speeder Storm Tactics

The Land Speeder Storm is the ‘Black Hawk’ of the Space Marines. Designed to get your special ops troops in to strategic locations. This could be any of the roles above.

The Special ops troops in this case are 5 Space Marine Scouts. This means that you not have enough mussel to tack on an army, but you will have the speed and equipment to do assassination runs if an enemy General is caught out in the open!

Space Marine Bike Squad Tactics

Space Marine Bike Squads have three thing going in there favour, they are fast, they are though, and they have fire power. Space Marine Bike Squads are expensive though. This means that you will not have many of them available, and this means that you will need to plan how to use them for maximum effect.

Space Marine Bikes work well in games where there is a lot of space in the table. Apocalypse games on big tables with a moderate number of models is a good example of this. The space allows the Space Marine Bike Squads to move about at speed.

Attack Bike Squad Tactics

Space Marine Attack Bike Squads are noticeably more expensive than a regular bike squads, but they carry a lot more fire power.

As the main weapon is has a longer range you do not need to get so close to the action. A better choice would be to hold back and move around seeking any vulnerabilities that may open up as the game flows. For example has the HQ character or heavy support units left themselves exposed from one angle? Has a tactical location been abandoned unexpectedly? If you see situations like this, this could be a good time for the Attack bike to jump in and give a kidney punch that could swing the game.

Attack Bike Strengths and Weapons

The Space Marine Attack Bike has two shooting weapons, a twin-linked bolter and a heavy weapon. The heavy weapon can be either a Heavy Bolter, or a Multi-Melter. You will need to pick which weapon you are going to use before you pick your army list, and probably when you decide how to build the model.

Scout Bike Squad Tactics

Instead of scaling up a bike squad to be an Attack Bikes, you can down scale them to be Space Marine Scout Bike Squads. For the cheaper points cost, you loose a degree of fire power accuracy, and weapon skill. You do gain the scouts ability to infiltrate and scout.

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