AoS Destruction Moonclan Grot Squigs, Mangler Squigs, and Squig Hoppers

Age of Sigma Night Goblin Squig Hoppers

‘Squigs’ or Squiggly Beasts are fungus based life forms that the Moonclan Grots use as beasts of Burden and some time food. Squids come in all sizes and a variety of shapes, however they all tend to be bipedal with a mean attitude.

In this article we will have a look at all the different Squids and how to use them in Age of Sigma games!

AoS Destruction Moonclan Grot Cave Squigs and Squig Hurders

AoS Desstruction Moonclan Grot Squig Hurders and Cave SquigsSquigs are cheap harassing units that can use to disrupted your opponents manoeuvres and ability to catch objects. They are not strong or tough so don’t expect them to delay the enemy long, but a well placed speed bump can make all the difference!

Oh for a Squig Hurder!

Squigs have quite a bite causing D3 wounds with -1 rend, however they only hit on a 5+ wounding on 3+. This means that you wound 22.22% of the time, or just over 1 in 5 times. The way to improve this is to have a Squig Hurder.

With a Squig Hurder within 5″ the chance of hitting comes down to 4+. This means that you will wound 33.33% of the time. That’s much better!

The other benefits of having a Squig Hurder near your Squigs is that they can push them into running and charging further by allowing you to re-roll run and charge rolls.

AoS Destruction Moonclan Grots Squig Hoppers

Age of Sigma Night Goblin Squig Hoppers

Age of Sigma. Every unit is a skirmishing unit!

Forget your Wolfs! Forget your Spiders! Squig Hopping is where the fun is! Oh yes and forget about using a weapon too. You may get the odd jab in with your slitta knife, but usually you will be hanging on to your Squig Hopper for grim life and letting it do all the damage!

Squig Hoppers are the cavalry of the Moonclan Grots.  They are fast, moving at an average of 7″ in the movement phase. But beware, the movement distance is random.

While most cavalry units rely on the rider to cause damage with the horse’s hoves just adding a bonus attack, but with the Squig Hoppers it’s Squig that causes most damage. However this does’nt effect in game tactics. So Squigs get 2 attacks normally with each with 33.33% chance of wounding, so 2 wounds for every 3 Squigs attacking before saves.

Squig Hoppers Ability – Boing! Boing! Boing!

More fun with Squig Hoppers come with the Boing Boing Boing Special Ability. This rule gives the Squig Hoppers 4 attacks in the first round of combat if you roll a double for the charge distance. So no bonus if you get assaulted, or if you stay it combat. Also remember that you can choose your target after you roll for charge distance. This means that you will know if you are about to get double attacks before you pick your target!

AoS Moonclan Grot Mangler Sqigs

AoS Destruction Moonclan Grots Mangeler SquigWhere riding Wolfs is fun, and riding hopping squigs is an extreme sport, then charging around on Mangler Squigs is just totally insane!

Mangler Squigs are enomouse cave squigs that take a number of the bravest or most stupid Night Goblins / Moonclan Grots prodding them in the right direction like a hurtelling commet.

General Moonclan Mangler Squigs Tactics

Mangler Squigs Are monsters, and as monsters thier abilities reduce as they take wounds. This means that you will want to get your Mangler Squigs in to combat as soon as possible. This should not be a problem as they start with a 3D6″ move. This works out at 3″ to 18″ move with an average of 10.5″.

All the Mangler Squigs weapons are melee weapons, so there are no reasons to hang back. If you don’t pile in then you won’t get value for points.

Another point is that in a Grot / Goblin only army you are a bit short on heavy hitting units. If you have a Mangler Squig it will stand out and be a target, but it also will be a bit hammer to crack some tough nuts. Just don’t get stuck fighting massed troop units that your other units could deal more efficiently.

Mangler squids have 10 wounds but only a 5+ save. This means that the Mangler Squids will loose wounds quickly, specially from shooting attacks. With this in mind aim for close combat troops. Fortunately your opponent will probably place these at the front of the army, maybe within first turn charge range!

Modelling Grot Mangler Squigs

Squigs are fairly easy to scratch build as they are balls with legs and teath!

If you don’t want to make your own Mangler Squigs, then Games Workshop do a very detailed dynamic model, however it is difficult to build. There’s one big mangler squig balanced precariously on tpp of another. If you are going to build the double decker mangler then you will need to get busy with some quality pinning! Another popular option is to split the double decker mangler in to two separate manglers. This is much easier, and you get two models for the price of one!