AoS Destruction Grot Moonclan Shaman

Moonclan Grot Shamans are wizards and mushroom lover. As they are goblins they are not strong on their own. The first rule of battling with Grot is that you need numbers!

Strength and Weapons

Ok, don’t think that you will put up much of a fight in combat. If you do hit with your Moon Staff then it will do D3 damage. The Moon Staff does have a 2″ reach. You can use this reach to make sure there is a line of Grots between your Shaman and the attackers.

Moonclan Shaman Abilities

Ok, so if they are not great in combat so why take them? For the magic of course! And Moonclan Shamans are quite good at magic too. They can cast one spell and dispel another spell a turn.However the Shaman can take a magic mushroom each Hero Phase. If he does there is a 5 in 6 chance that you can add 2 to your casting roll. You need to decide if you want to take the mushrooms and roll for their results before you roll to cast your spell. On the whole it is worth the risk.

Moonclan Shaman Signature Spell: Curse of the Bad Moon

This spell is much like Arcane Bolt with a casting value of 8 (instead of 5) but if it is successful you can pick a second unit within 6″ of the first unit and on  a roll of 4+ that unit gets D3 mortal wounds too. This means that it makes sense to pick a target unit that is close to a second one that you want to wound too.