AoS Free Mission Battleplan Madcap Mushroom Dash

Age of Sigma Night Goblin Squig HoppersLegend had it that one day a year under the iron mountains there was a cavern where the most sort after mushrooms bloomed. Listing after these mushrooms where the Dwarfs of the iron mountains and the local night goblin warband. The thing is is that the mushrooms sprang up randomly around the cavern and then exploded in a cloud of spores very quickly. Anyone wanting to harvest the mushrooms had only minutes from the mushrooms blooming before they where gone.

This mission baattleplan attempts to recreate the mayhem of the manic mushroom picking.

Battleplan Setup and Rules

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Thunderers

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Thunderers

To represent the random appearance and disappearance of the mushrooms, I suggest using a simplified version of the mission objectives found in Warhammer 40,000 7th edition.

  • After you have set up the scenery, and before you select sides, take turns to place 6 markers on the table. These markers should be numbered 1 to 6.They should be no closer than 12″ from the table edge, and no closer then 6″ from another objective marker.

Once the objectives have been laid down choose table sides using the rules in the Age of Sigmar rule sheet.

Battleplan Objectives

To represent the mushroom collection the players need to get a unit to where the mushrooms have popped up and collect them before enemy units squash them under their boots.

  • At the beginning of each player’s turn, at the beginning of the command phase, roll a dice. If the player controls the marker matching the dice roll they get 1 victory point.
  • To control an objective marker you must have a unit touching the objective marker and no enemy units can be touching it ( uncontested ).

The player with the most victory points after 6 turns wins.