AoS Herald of Tzeentch Tactics

Warhammer AoS Tzeench Herald on Burning Chariot

General AoS Herald of Tzeentch Tactics

Azan the Arcane and Herald of Tzeentch gazed over the green skin horde menacingly. “You will know the power of Tzeentch today and kneel before your new god!” With that Azan bellowed his incantation and a host of Tzeentch daemons materialised in response to his call!

The Herald of Tzeentch is a Daemon, Hero, Wizard. He has access to the two basic spells and his own ‘Blue Fire of Tzeentch’ too.His close combat skills are not great, but he does get a shooting attack using ‘Magical Flames’. The other main feature is that the Herald of Tzeentch is riding a Disc of Tzeentch. This means that he has great speed and the fly special rule. This in turn means that you can zip him around the gaming table offering magical support where ever you need it.

The Herald of Tzeentch Model

Games Workshop have recently recreated the Herald of Tzeentch model, and I have to say that they have done an excellent job! The detail of the new model is stunning and makes for a worthy figure head for a daemon army.

When building the model there are areas that are visible but hard to paint once the model has been created. This means that you will want to build the disc and figure as separate sections, paint each section individually and then glue them together.

The Herald of Tzeentch model is detailed and very delicate. Be aware that you will want a quality storage case. This is specially true if you are playing games away from home and need to carry your models to games.

Summoning the Herald of Tzeentch

If you have one or more Chaos wizards in your army then have the ability to summon up a Herald of Tzeentch as their spell for that round.

The summon spell for a Herald of Tzeentch has a casting value of 5. This means that it is fairly easy to do and you can expect it to go off most of the time.

The Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot

Warhammer AoS Herald of Tzeentch on Burning ChariotAzan flew across the battlefield continually confounding the green skins chasing him and using his arcane skills to bolster the Tzeentch forces. Some he made more powerful and some he aided by smiting the green skins creating openings for the Tzeentch forces.

The Herald of Tzeentch can ride a burning chariot. This gives the Herald the fly special rule and 14″ a turn moment around the gaming table. The downside of this is that you may find it difficult to have a unit keep up with him as a bodyguard. There are stable units in the Chaos Daemons army if you want to organise bodyguards. Screamers of Tzeentch fill this role nicely. Otherwise have your Herald jump from unit to unit so that there is always some support to hand.

Burning Chariot Special Rule – Wake of Fire

Riding on a Burning Chariot gives you an extra attack called ‘Wake of Fire’. This attack comes in your movement phase. If you pass over one or more enemy units you can select one of these units and on a roll of 4+ you inflict D3 mortal wounds. Be careful when you plan your move. You want to make sure that you finish your move somewhere safe.

Notice that the Herald of Tzeentch on a Burning Chariot has a casting value of 9. This means that summoning the Herald will be much more difficult so you may want to start the game with the Herald on the table.

Screamers of Tzeentch Special Rule – Sky Sharks

The Screamers of Tzeentch pulling the get the Sky Shark special rule that regular Screamers of Tzeentch get,and as there are 2 Screamers you get 6 attacks. Note that they do not get the Skyshark special rule as this attack has been replaced by the ‘Wake of Fire’ special rule.