AoS Order Tactics

Warhammer Fantasy Empire General

As the armies of the Free Peoples ranked up their armour and pikes gleaming in  the light of the morning sun the Orruks jeered from the woodlands obscene gestures about the how short their teeth where. And so the battle was set. The forces of Order with their regimented order and cannons against the pure brutal forces of Destruction.

In Warhammer Age of Sigmar the available forces are split in to four main divisions.These are Order, Chaos, Death, and Destruction. In this section we will be looking at the forces of Order and their tactics.

The Forces of Order include the Human Free Peoples forces and the Stormcast; Elves ( now called Aelf); Dwarfs (now called Duardin); Dark Elves ( for some reason, and also Aelf ); and Lizard Men. If you are planning an army it would be quite reasonable to take models from any of these factions in the same force.

How to use the Age of Sigmar Order units together?

The forces of order have a number of different armies to select units from. So which ones do you take, and how do you get them all working together?

The first point to realize if you are collecting models to play, and not just to look pretty, is that you have access to more special rules if the armies are all of the same type. This usually starts with the General who may have command abilities that affect his kin, but not other units from other Order armies.