AoS Free Mission Battleplan Madcap Mushroom Dash

Legend had it that one day a year under the iron mountains there was a cavern where the most sort after mushrooms bloomed. Listing after these mushrooms where the Dwarfs of the iron mountains and the local night goblin warband. The thing is is that the mushrooms sprang up randomly around the cavern and then exploded in a cloud of spores very quickly. Anyone wanting to harvest the mushrooms had only minutes from the mushrooms blooming before they where gone. This mission baattleplan attempts to recreate the mayhem of the manic mushroom picking. Battleplan Setup and Rules To represent the random appearance and disappearance of the mushrooms, I suggest using a simplified version of the mission objectives found in Warhammer 40,000 7th edition. After you have set up the scenery, and before you select sides, take turns to place 6 markers on the table. These markers should be numbered 1 to 6.They should be no closer than 12″ from the table edge, and no closer then 6″ from another objective marker. Once the objectives have been laid down choose table sides using the rules in the Age of Sigmar rule sheet. Battleplan Objectives To represent the mushroom collection the players…

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AoS Duardin Tactics

Warhanner Dwalf or AoS Duradin Warden King

Duardin are dwarfs, squat but sturdy. Many are miners, some are engineers, They are slower than most armies, but they can take damage and then dish it out themselves. In this section we will have a look at the Duardin and Duardin Tactics. Also buy: Discount Dwarfs from Element Games General Duardin Tactics Duardin are slow but tough. This means that if you need to capture objectives, don’t hesitate, run for the objective from your first turn. This may mean that you may reach the objective before the end of the battle and be the target for war machines, archers and all. Don’t be too bothered about this as the Duardin’s toughness should allow you to shrug this damage off. The Gun-line Strategy Duardin have a major advantage over most AoS armies and that they have easy access to hand guns and powerful war machines. These ranged weapons mean that you can form a defensive line and wait for the opposition to come to you, pelting them with lead, stone, and crossbow bolts as they approach. When it comes to Duardin warmachines having an engineer to hand will improve the warmachines accuracy.  Note that an engineer can be within 1…

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