Tyranid Tyrannofex Tactics

Warhammer 40k Tyranid Tyrannofex

A Tyranid Tyrannofex with Acid Spray.

The Tyranid Tyrannofex is huge! And at 200 points, it will really bite in to your army list’s points!

Games Worksop have recently released the new Tyranid Tyrannofex model. The Tyranid Tyrannofex comes in a box that allows you to either build a Tyranid Tervigon or Tyranid Tyrannofex. As the creatures are so similar it is no surprise that the stats are similar to each other.

Tyranid Tyrannofex Strength and Weapons

The Tyranid Tyrannofex is a walking gun platform. This means that the Tyranid Tyrannofex has some big shooting weapons, however despite it’s size the Tyranid Tyrannofex is not as strong as the Tyranid Carnifex.

Stinger  Salvo

The Tyranid Tyrannofex comes with the Stinger Salvo ‘free’. This is a A4 S5 weapon, however it has a 18″ range. The best use for the weapon is often as a deterrent against assaulting troops.

Acid Spray

The Acid Spray is the default main weapon for the Tyranid Tyrannofex.  It is a S6 Torrent weapon so it can shoot a 12″.

If you have used a torrent weapon before what you do is find a target within 12″ and place the flamer over the target in any direction. However the thin end of the template must be closer to the Tyrannofex than the larger end. A bit of practice with this will help identify the different ways you can do this.

Fleshborer Hive

The Fleshborer Hive is the cheapest upgraded option and gives you an A20 (!) S4 18″ weapon. With the Tyrannofex BS4 you can expect half of these to hit. However 18″ is not a great range for a shooting weapon. Also the AP4 will mean that many opponents  will get saves. If you can not assault or wipe out your opponent then you can expect to be assaulted in the next turn. Fleshborer Hives do make an awesome over-watch weapon though.

Rapture Cannon

The Rapture Cannon was created for the Tyrannofex and is the best weapon option available for it. Armed with the Rapture Cannon, the Tyrannofex makes an excellent anti-tank gun platform. The 48″ range means that it can keep some distance between its self and the enemy, while the A2 S1l0 punch is enough to peirce the toughest armour.

Tyranid Tyrannofex Toughness and Biomorphs

The Tyranid Tyrannofex is T6, so like the other Tyranid monstrous S10 weapons will not instant kill the Tyranid Tyrannofex. You do have to be aware of other weapons that have the instant kill special rules, as these will slay your Tyranid Tyrannofex with one slice as these are often close combat weapons.

The Tyranid Tyrannofexs are not invulnerable though. Because they are creatures, they will be vulnerable to sniper fire, as Sniper wound on a 4+ regardless of toughness.

The Tyrannofex and the Hive Mind

For all it’s size, the Tyranid Tyrannofex is not a Synapse creature! Its Ld8 score will mean that the Tyrannofex will make most of it’s instinctive behaviour tests, but for the best results you will need to keep it within hive mind range.

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