AOS Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon Tactics

AoS Chaos Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon Battery

Warlock Skeetch screeched with pure delight as his new creation rolled out of the workshop. He had harnessed the green energy from a warpstone to create a bolt of lightning that will fry anything in its path. “Behold the Warp Lightning Cannon!”

The assembled throng gasped in awe at the new contraption as Skeetch’s assistants swung the spot lamp  lights on to the prized exhibit. “This weapon will rip through our enemies and bring glory to Clan Skryre, and the riches that follow!” Turning to his assistants, “light it up!”

There was a crackle from the warpstone as it changed from a dull green glow to an ever brighter intensity, then all of a sudden lightning shot out at the first row of spectators, followed almost immediately by a colossal bang and plumbs of smoke.

The crowd laughed and jeered at the ineffectual light and smog show. “Wait, wait!” Skeetch pleaded as the throng slipped in to the tunnels, “It works, just let me try again!” But it was too late, his chance had passed and there will be no glory. At least not today.

The Warp Lightning Cannon is an artillery unit created by Clan Skryre to even the odds when fighting monsters and behemoths that inhabit the realms of Age of Sigmar. They are hilariously unpredictable, but when they do work well they can be game winners! Read on to find out why all Skaven armies should have one!

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How Skaven Warp Lightning Cannons Work

Warp Lightning Cannons are 24″ weapons with 1 shot per turn, but can cause up to 6 mortal wounds per turn. You don’t need to roll to hit.

What you do is:

  1. Pick a target within 24″ and in line of sight. Remember you can measure distances before picking your target.
  2. Roll a dice for power. You want a nice low score for this roll.  Keep this dice to one side for reference.
  3. Roll 6 more dice. Each time you roll equal or higher than the power dice you inflict a mortal wound.

Statistically you should get 3 mortal rounds per turn. However because there are two rounds of dice rolls the results will vary wildly resulting with zero to six mortal wounds a round.

The only way to even out this variance would be to have two or three Warp Lightning Cannons working together. If you do this then one machine should balance out any poor results from the other. Do be sure to target units big enough to make all the mortal wounds count. An unused wound is a useful as a miss!

Warp Lightning Cannon Movement And Placement

Warp Lightning Cannons have a 24″ range. This means that they need to be close to the front line to be in range of your targets.Usually just behind any 18″ range wizards. However the Warp Lightning Cannon only has a 3″ movement, so you will not be able to run away from trouble!

The best place to set up your Warp Cannon is just behind an objective that your opponent will be going for ( check the mission objectives ). This should bring your opponent to you and negate the need to run around the table looking for targets!

There are many units that can assault more than the Warp Cannons 24″ range. Because of this I highly recommend giving the Warp Cannon a bodyguard unit to protect your precious artillery. At the very least have units in the area that can be moved in for support.

Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon and Pitched Battles

The Warp Lightning Cannon is a Skaven unit so it can easily be added to Skaven or Chaos Grand Aliance armies. At 180 points the lightning cannon will take up a chunk of your points allowance. Also it`s effectiveness is very random.