40k Supplementary Rules

Space Marines dfend a power plant in a Planet Strike gameFrom time to time Games Workshop release supplementary rules for Warhammer 40000. You do not need these rules to play 40k, but if you have been playing a while they add some alternatives to the game to keep it interesting.

  • Also see: Warhammer 40k Kill Teams. Kill Teams is a skirmish game using the full Warhammer 40k rules with a small  200 points force. It’s great if you are short on time or want to try out a new squad type.
  • Also see: Warhammer 40k Cities of Death. Cities of Death is an add-on to the full Warhammer 40k rules that adds extra rules and scenarios for fighting in cities and built up battlegrounds.
  • Also see: Warhammer 40k Planet Strike. Planet Strike adds rules to simulate the first few days of land fall when an invading force tries to get a foot hold on a new planet. These games can be really brutal and are some time over on 2 rounds. Be prepared to add plenty of house rules here.
  • Also see: Warhammer 40k Spearhead. This is a great rules expansion for tread heads and tanks fanatics. 40k Spearhead adds rules for full tank formations and tank on Tank battles. I hope that you have a good sized gaming board to accommodate these battles!