General 40k Tactics

In this section we will be looking at the general Warhammer 40k tactics that spans all the Warhammer 40k armies. Mission tactics; Chapter Approved rules; City Fight Tactics; Tactics for Assault Squads, Independent Characters, Deep Strike Troops, Infiltrators, Tanks, and tactics for Fast Attack units can all be found in this

Above all – Get the Warhammer 40k Rulebook!

If there is one piece of advice it is that you need to have, or have access to the Warhammer 40k  Rulebook. not only do you need access to the Rulebook, but you need to read the rules section, and get very familiar with it.

Apart from the main rules, the hard back Warhammer 40k Rulebook also has descriptions on the different armies that you will find in the 40k game. Have a look through the descriptions. Each army has as different style of play. On the whole the armies are well balanced, so no single army is totally better than another.

What you are looking for is to pick which army most excites you, or looks like it will match your playing style. For example, is your playing style aggressive, or tactical. Do you like fielding large units, or do you prefer smaller elitist armies?

Once you have picked the army you like the best, you will need the Codex Rulebook for the army that you are playing. And armed with this, you are ready to start picking which models you are waning in your force to build your Galactic dominating army.

Another options if you are starting out with Warhammer 40k, is to start with the ‘ Dark Vengeance ‘ box set. This is a starter set from Games Workshop that has all the rules, measures, dice, and a starter set of miniatures to get you going. You can buy the Dark Vengeance box from Wayland Games (currently with 25% off)

Colour Schemes

The colour scheme that you chose for your army may have an affect on the games outcome. This is because you are playing against a real person, and people are subject to psychological influence.


Demonstration of the advantage of using camo colours for your models

Demonstration of the advantage of using camo colours for your models

It is possible to camouflage you models so that the opposing player ‘forgets’ about a squad or model.

In this image, you will see that the model in traditional Dark Angel Green stands out much more than the one painted in Goblin green.

Please be careful that you do not hide the models from yourself too. I have played opponents that have cleverly hidden Eldar snipers in the woods and then forgot to use them as he did not see them on the table. A stripe of colour on the back of the model or the model’s base may be best as the models are usually facing forward.

Scary Colours

Warhammer 40k Tyranid Genestealer Broodlord and Genestealer Brood

A Tyranid Genestealer Patriarch ( Brood Lord ) and Genestealers

Another option is to paint your models in a scary colours. This is a snap from my mobile phone of an Apocalypse game you can see that I am using bright reds, purple and bone colours. I can report that the opposition where well scared!

Black and Yellow are often used as warning colours too. You do need to be careful with this combination as many gaming tables have a black theme, so this combination quickly becomes camouflage.

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