AoS Destruction Tactics

Orc / Orruk Shaman and Bor Boyz

Some times you just want to make destruction for the fun of it! If that is you then your in the right place my lad! Come join the screaming Orruks, the back stabbin Gotts, and the ale guzzeling Giants! The forces of destruction are neither good nor evil. Forces of destruction are just out to party!

In this section we will have a look at tactics for the forces of Destruction in the Age of Sigmar games.

The forces of destruction consists of  Orcs & Goblins; Ogres; and destructive monsters. It is quite reasonable to have units from any of these factions in the save army. It is also reasonable to have units in a army of Good or Evil.

Other Destruction Factions

There are other destruction factions that I have not written tactics for yet. These include:

  • Ogre Kingdoms, including Beast Claw Riders, Gutbusters, and Firebellies.
  • Troggoths Trolls

Additional General’s Handbook Rules

If you form an army with just units with the Destruction key word and you are playing a game using the General’s Handbook extra rules then your units gain a Battle Trait, and the General gains an extra Command Trait. Also 1 Hero character (if you have one) can take an Artefact of Destruction. You do need to write down or otherwise indicate which model has what artefact so your opponent knows that you haven’t changed your mind part way through the game.