Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

AoS Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch Tactics

Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch Tactics

Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

A Chaos Prince makes for a great Cohort of Tzeentch leader.

The Daemon Prince ErfAn stepped out of the mist and on to solid ground. Sniffing the air ErfAn thought to himself “Yes this will be a good place to wave mischief for the Lord of Fate”. Letting out a blood curdling cry he called forth the Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch. In reply Tzeentch Daemons came flooding through from the mists behind him. “Yes the presence of Tzeentch is strong here. We will cause much mischief!”

The Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch is a Force Organization for Tzeentch in Age of Sigmar games. In this post we will have a look at the tactics you can use when playing a Cohort of Tzeentch organization.

You can find the rules for the Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch in the Age of Sigmar app available for Apple and Android devices. If you have an Apple or Android device I highly recommend installing this free app!

What units make up a Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch?

The Cohort of Tzeentch consists of heroes, troop units and fast units. Together they make up a useful core force that can be used in a Chaos Grand Alliance army.

Possible units for the Cohort Organization are:

What abilities do the Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch have?

In addition to the abilities that individual units have on their warscrolls, The Cohorts of Tzeentch units get two further abilities. Note that other Tzeentch units on the table that are not specifically with the Cohort do not get these abilities.

The Great Sorcerer’s Boon

The power of Tzeentch is washing over the Cohort during the game. This allows each ‘Wizards’ unit in the Cohort to cast one extra spell in your hero phase. This means that most units will be casting two spells a turn.

Note that the Boon does not grant extra unbinding attempts Tis means most units will only be able to attempt one unbinding per enemies hero phase.

The Vagaries of Fate

‘Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water….’

The trickster Tzeentch strikes again! Just as the last model from the Cohort is removed you get a chance to set the whole organization back on the table again! Ok, there is only a 1 in 6 (16.666%) chance that this will happen, but the despair that this will cause in your opponent if it does happen will be priceless.

How to use the Cohort of Tzeentch in a battle

The Cohort of Tzeentch can be used as stand alone army or as a core or sub-set of a larger force. If you do use a Cohort of Tzeentch within a larger force make sure that your opponent can easily distinguish the Cohort units from other units in your army.

Regardless of the composition of your army, the main strength of the Cohort formation is magic. At least 5 unit from this force organization can cast spells, and each of these get to cast an extra spell in each of your hero phases. That is a lot of spells! As most spells have an 18″ range there is no need to rush on to hand to hand combat. For this reason I would recommend holding back as long as possible.

So what spells should you weave? Well if you have none cohort assault units, beef them up with Mystic Shield spells and send them in to the enemy. Otherwise summoning other Daemon units is always popular ( OK not popular with your opponents, but that’s the point!). If you are running a Cohort of Tzeentch as a stand alone army, blast the enemy forces with Arcane Bolts and the Herald’s Tzeentch’s Firestorm spell. The idea is to ‘soften up’ the enemy before they can get in assault with you. Once the enemy units have been decimated, use the Screamers and clean up!