AoS Aelf Ellyrian Reavers Tactics

On this page we will look at the Aelf Ellyrian Ravers and the Elllyian Ravers Tactics.

The Ellyrian Ravers are good all round units. They are fast , they have bows for ranged attacks, and they have spears for close assault. The down side is that they are not specialists in any one area. This means that the Ellyian Ravers make better support units rather than core units.

Another use for the Ellyrian Ravers is to dash down the flanks to grab objectives or hit a weak rear area.

Ellyrian Riders Strength and Weapons

The Ellyrian Riders have an array of weapond that allows them to have a more tactical, all round role.

The first weapon to get use to is the Reaver Bow. This gives the Ellyrian Riders a chance to take on units from a distance without getting in to combat. This is useful if the target unit is much bigger and one that will likely kill you off in combat. Think monsters, war machines, and big mobs.

The reaver cavelry bow has a 16″ range. This means that you may just be in charge range of slower units (5″ move plus 12“ charge), but usually you will be safe at full range, if there is table space. Otherwise it would be.wise to keep some obsticals or front line troops between the Ellyrian Riders and heavy hitting enemy units.

The Reaver Bow will wound 25% or 1 in 4 times per shot before saves. This means that you should get 1 wound for every 2 riders if you are within 3″ of the enemy (ie. in close combat). However if you are not in combat each rider can make 3 attacks per shoting round so you can expect 1.5 wounds for 2 riders. Not a great number, but should nudge the ballance of power if used correctly.

The other weapons the Ellyrian Riders have is the Starwood Spear, and the horses attacks. The Starwood Spear is a 2″ melee weapon so you can reach over smaller models and still wound.

Where can I buy Aelf Ellyrian Riders?

Ellyrian Ravers came in the Warhammer Fantasy v8 box set Island of Blood box set so you can pick them up cheaply on eBay. At the moment (Feb 2017) Games Workshop have re-released these models in a box set called Spire of Dawn. This is likly to be a short ‘splash release’, so if you want one, get your order in quick!