Avatars of War – Arena Death Match

AoW Death Match Arena Rulebook

Arena Death match is an arena based fantasy miniature game based in the Avatars of War game system.

In this game you take control of a small band of mixed race characters. Avatar have created a number of figures with Character sheets that you can purchase separately, or you can use other 28mm figures like the Games Workshop fantasy figures.

The rules have been well thought out. If it was not for the forward in the Rulebook I would not have known that this was the first game that this company had produced.

I was attracted to this game as I was wanting a D10 dice based game that would act as an aid with teaching simple maths stats. This game fits the bill nicely as it is moderately simple and cheap to start as you only need a few figures each and does not need a large tale area to play on 2 foot square to 3 foot square is ample. It’s also fun to play!

You can buy the rule book from Element Games for £17.99 + shipping. They have a number of the Avatars of War figures at very attractive prices too available too. Note that you will need about a dozen 10 sided dice to play this game. If you are a role game player you may have these already, otherwise I recommend that you add some dice to your order when you but the Rulebook.

All in all the Arena Deathmatch game was fun to play and did not take a full day to play. I highly recommend this game if you have an hour or two to fill instead of watching the TV.