AoS Gargant Tactics

Age of Sigmar Giant Gargant

How to use Gargants in Age of Sigmar Games

Gargants or ‘Aleguzzlers’ are Giants. All giants are monsters too. Gargants appear in several armies so if you play Chaos, Orcs, Ogors, then they can be a flexible addition to your model collection.

Chaos Gargants do not have the ‘Chaos’ keyword, however it is quite reasonable to have a Chaos Gargant as part of a Chaos army.

Gargants are monsters but they are not invulnerable. Like most monsters they start dropping in speed and hitting power as they take on wounds. You only have to take.2 wounds before the giant starts slowing down.

Special Rule – Drunken Swagger

I am glad to see that the unstable nature of giants has made the transition from Warhammer 8th edition to Age of Sigmar. In AoS this is captured in the ‘Drunken ‘Swagger’ special rule. Basically on the roll of a double when charging the giant falls over. This could potentially squash friendly units near by. The cure fir this is to give the giant a wide birth before you let them charge in!

Special Rule – Stuff’Em In Me Bag

This is a great rule to use if you are in hand to hand combat with lots of little creatures ( Chaos Warriors and smaller ). Basically just before you make your normal attacks you see if you can grab a model and take it out of play ( treat it as a combat casualty ). You can do this both in your turn and your opponents turn if you are still in combat. Bag Stuffed casualties count for battle shock too.

The best bit about this rule is that you get to choose who gets stuffed! The model chosen has to be in 1″, but as giants are so big there will be plenty of choice. The natural choice will be to pick the boss man of which ever unit is attacking you. If the chosen model has 1 wound normally ( not the number of wounds left after taking damage ) then you have 4 in 6 chance of Stuffing them. If the model starts with 2 wounds then you will stuff them half the time ( 3 in 6 chance ). Models with 3 wounds will only get stuffed occasionally ( 1 in 6 times ).

YouTube video featuring an AoS Gargant