AoS Daemon Prince Tactics

Warhammer Chaos Lord with Wings

AoS Daemon Prince Tactics

Daemon Princes come in different configurations. Some with wings, some with axes and some with swords.

By default Daemon Princes are not aligned to any one god of chaos. There is an option to select a chaos god for your Daemon Prince at the start of the game. On the whole no one option is better than another. The choice to keep your Daemon Prince undivided of to follow one of the chaos gods will depend more on your style of play and the story line than the Daemon Princes abilities.

Wings and Flying

If you have a chance to model your Daemon Prince, I highly recommend adding wings. Wings allows you to move at 12″ a turn and have the fly special rule too.


The Daemon Prince can be aligned to on of the four gods of chaos, or choose to be unaligned. Your choice will determine what special rules the Daemon Prince has. You may want to select a chaos god ( or no god ) based on the special rule you get, or you may want to choose a god based on some special rule that other models have.

Unaligned Chaos Special Ability – Cursed Soul-Eater

The cursed Soul-Eater special rule allows the Daemon Prince to heal wounds on it’s self if it kills some one that turn. By kill you need to take the last wound if the model had several wounds. So the tactic here would be to have other units whittle down characters wounds so that the Daemon Prince can finish them off. Also note that you only repair one wond or one D3 roll per turn, no matter how many characters the Daemon Prince kills. With this in mind you may want to spread out your kills if you can!!

Khorne Special Ability – Veins of liquid fire

Khorne Daemon Princes get +1 to the hit rolls. This is always useful specially as they have 7 attacks. Not much in the way of tactics here. Get in to assault, and kill stuff!

Nurgle Special Ability – Bloated with Disease

Nurgle Daemon Princes get a 3+ save instead of the usual 4+. This is useful because you get the benefit on on the way in to combat from missile weapons ( but not Mortal Wounds ). Because the Nurgle Daemon Prince can soak up damage you could hide more vulnerable units behind him.

Slaanesh Special Ability – Impossibly Quick

This special rule allows the Slaanesh Daemon Prince to pile in out of order, if you are in the right place at the right time. The trick here then is to be in the right time. Use the Slaanesh Daemon Prince as a support  unit for your other assault units. This does mean that the Daemon Prince needs to keep up with the other units. Watch the movement speeds.

Tzeentch Special Ability – Nimbus of Magical Lights

In my mind the Tzeentch special rule is the most powerful of the lot. However I am very pro Tzeentch anyway. The reason that I think that upgrading the Daemon Prince to a wizard is so good is that it gives him ranged Mortal Wound Arcane Bolt tacks, or you can toughen up your saves, or a unit near by, or you could summon up other daemons. What’s more you can do this while zipping around the table at 12″ a turn ( with wings ). The Tzeentch Daemon Prince is truly a great all-round fighter!