AoS Chaos Lord Tactics

AoS Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount

General Chaos Lord Tactics

The Chaos Lord is a very capable fighter in the Age of Sigmar games. Placing him on a Daemonic mount gives him speed, extra toughness, and some extra attacks.

AoS Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount

AoS Chaos Lord on Daemonic MountA Chaos Lord can ride a Daemonic Mount. In this post we will have a look at the Chaos Lords abilities and the tactics you can use in the Age of Sigmar games.


Mounted Chaos Lord Ability – Eye of the Gods

This special rule means that if your Chaos Lord kills a Monster or Hero you get extra wounds on a roll of 2+. This is one roll per kill, so if he kills multiple Heroes and Monsters per turn you could get multiple wound bonuses.

To get the bonus the Chaos Lord needs to take the last wound. If you have other units in the assault don’t kill off your target. Use the other units to take out any extra units that your opponent has in the combat so that your Chaos Lord can get a clear shot at the target.

Marks of Chaos

The Chaos Lord can align with one of the four gods of chaos. You do not have to pick a chaos god, however if you do then the Chaos Lord gets bonuses.. If you don’t pick a god then you don’t get any benefit, so you might as well pick one.

Mark of Khorne Ability

If the Chaos Lord takes the Mark of Khorne then you can re-roll roll of 1 when hitting with your Warhammer. The horse hooves do not get this bonus. This bonus can be useful, however given a choice you may find the other marks are more useful.

Mark of Nurgle Ability

Chaos Lords with the mark of Nurgle get an extra wound. This does give the Lord extra survivability. Worth taking if you favour the Nurgle god.

Mark of Tzeentch Ability

Tzeentch Chaos Lords get to re-roll failed saves. These are normal saves and not mortal wound ignore rolls. It is still worth having though. This ability is even better if you have Mystic Shield cast on you or if you are in cover ( or both ).

Mark of Slaanesh Ability

The Mark of Slaanesh special rule can be very useful. With this mark the Chaos Lord can move, run, and charge in to assault in the same turn. This make it easier to pick and choose targets to assault.

Chaos Runeshields

The Chaos Lord gets the same Chaos Runeshields that the Chaos Warriors have. That means that the Chaos Lords get a 5+ save against Mortal Wounds.

Mounted Chaos Lord Weapons

The Chaos Lord does not get an option to choose different weapons, you get a Warhammer and that is it. If you have remodelled your Chaos Lord to have a different weapon, just use the Warhammer stats for that weapon.

The Cursed Warhammer gets 4 attacks a round. This is less than the Chaos Lord on foot gets. This is because the mounted Chaos Lord only has 1 weapon. This more than made up by having the Runeshield. The four attacks do have a good chance of hitting, wounding, and causing damage ( 44.44% chance of wounding, -1 rend, 2 damage ).

The Warhorse does get 3 attacks with the usual chance ot hit and wound, so well worth remembering.

The conclusion is that the mounted Chaos Lord is good in a fight, but be careful not to take on too much in one fight. He is good but not all powerful. Have a unit of Chaos Knights to accompany your Chaos Lord as a bodyguard.